Book and Package Versions

This Grassmann algebra project
has been a part-time project dating from my doctoral thesis in the area in 1978. In October 2001 I published an incomplete book draft "Grassmann Algebra: Exploring applications of extended vector algebra with Mathematica" on my university home page. The computations in this draft were done with early versions of Mathematica and draft versions of the GrassmannAlgebra package. In February 2007 I moved my home page to, but no changes were made to the drafts.

The 200th anniversary of Grassmann's birth in April 1809 prompted me to release, in 2009, the book and package project in the state it was at that time.

This site, valid as of 2009, is a heritage site expressly maintained to support the Mathematica versions and explorations prior to the publication of Grassmann Algebra Volume 1 in 2012, now available in print form on Amazon.

The current support site for the book Grassmann Algebra Volume 1, (and eventually Volume 2) is the new site grassmannalgebra.comFrom you can explore Volume 1 in detail and download the latest version of the GrassmannAlgebra package. You can also download a GrassmannCalculus package. Both work with the latest versions of Mathematica.

Precedence claims The publication of the original draft on the web on October 25, 2001 establishes claim to precedence for any new or original previously unpublished results it may have contained. Subsequent drafts also establish claim to precedence for any subsequent results. Any reference to elements of this work should follow standard journal publication practice.