!!!   Grassmann Algebra Volume 1: Foundations  is now available on Amazon   !!!
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Grassmann Algebra Volume 2: Applications  is currently in progress.
This website is yet to be updated to integrate with the new books.
March 2013

This is the companion site for the book
Grassmann Algebra: Exploring extended vector algebra with Mathematica
and for the Mathematica-based software package GrassmannAlgebra

From this site you will be able to
  • Download a free copy of the Grassmann Algebra book in .pdf format.
  • Download a free copy of the GrassmannAlgebra package in .zip format.
  • Stay informed of any updates to the book or package.
  • Provide feedback to me on any bugs you find in the book or package.
  • Check for known book errata and package bugs.
  • Get hints and see faqs for using the package.
  • (Eventually) link to where you can find a hardcopy of the book.
Caveat  The book and package are currently unfinished. See Book and Package Versions for details.

This site is a work in progress  Please let me know of any problems you encounter at the address below.

  Contact details

John Browne
grassmannalgebra at gmail dot com
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