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Tactical Assault Review by Majestic

This mod would have to be one of the most enjoyable mods I have played in recent years, I don't always get a chance to download mods as I am too busy making my own, so when Yacuzza gave me the file to upload onto MSFC it was only right to give it a play so I could give it a credible review. This is a multiplayer demo of Tactical Assault, so single player isn't supported and from what I understand the full version is not single player compatible either but really who needs it. This mod is both graphically and gameplay wise spectacular.

The first thing you will notice is a complete overhaul of the main menu, gone are most of the menu options from stock and replaced with new and graphically impressive replacements, I rather like the multiplayer and single player replacements. All the graphics for the options and game set up screens have also been overhauled. A bit too bright for the tastes of this reviewer but a very nice TNG LCARS replacement to the simple grey that came originally with the game.

You will notice this demo only has four races:


It's refreshing to see mods coming out with the Federation not being the first race to be completed. Many may not be as happy as I am with this but please bear in mind it's a demo and the Federation will follow in future releases of the mod so please be patient.

Upon starting a game the GUI's will just hit you, simply the best I have seen in Armada, they are in one word stunning. You will also notice the Midnight package is fully incorporated into this mod.

I found the building and gameplay a little show for my tastes, and I did find in a recent game that the AI is building shipyards before the player can giving them an edge later in the game when they are swarming fleets and wiping the player out without a second thought. The Cardassian AI is very aggressive, in the first game I played (AI Medium) they not only wiped me almost completely out three times but also annihilated the Borg. For anyone who is interested, the Ai is by Achilles so it's quite a challenge and while easy is manageable, medium really has you struggling to simply survive. Don't even ask me about hard as I haven't had the nerve to try it out.

All new weapon graphics added with new sounds are included in the mod. Each race also has their own feel when it comes to gameplay, something I found missing in stock. Research is also rather important, with prototypes of the larger more powerful vessels required and so they need to be protected if you plan on producing more vessels of that class later in game. I found the restrict limit on all units in game a bit annoying personally, but it gives the added bonus of forcing those players who build enormous fleets to attack earlier than they would. Also the Dominion unit sounds come from the series and are a little long and drawn out at times.

For all of you out there who don't like installing mods manually, Yacuzza has even done that for you with an auto installer. It has to be the best installer I have seen in an Armada mod and has a nice video playing while you install. A note of warning, the mod installs a couple of scripts before the mod, these are for the updated space objects found in the mod and they do take a little time to install depending on your system. Took me about ten minutes.

It was a very smooth game frame wise and I even played it on my external hard drive with no frame rate problems. The models are great too, some of the best in the community and many I am using in my own MSFC Mod as well. Graphics are flawless and gameplay for the most part is great. For a demo there are few things you will find wrong with the mod so I for one am looking forward to the full version. That being said please keep in mind it's a demo and there will be a few things not quite right and don't forget to give Yacuzza some feedback on the demo and I strongly recommend a download as I said earlier on it's one of the best mods I have played in recent years.


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