Graphic Details Symposium: Talking About Jewish Women and Comics
February 26, 2012 at the Yeshiva University Museum in New York City
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Ruth Orkin: Girls Reading Comics, New York City, 1947

Symposium Schedule


9:00 Registration; meet and greet

9:45 Introduction Sarah Lightman (University of Glasgow) and Rachel Lazin (Yeshiva     University Museum)


SESSION ONE, 10:00 - 11:30


Panel I: The Sequential and the Scriptural

Chair: Karen Green (Columbia University Libraries)

Rebecca Levi (University of Virginia), “Image as Midrash: Text, Gender, Representation and Interpretation in The Comic Torah

Sharon Rosenzweig (The Comic Torah) and Andrea Kantrowitz (Teacher’s College, Columbia

                        University), “First We Do, Then We Understand: How God Became a Woman”


Panel II: Picturing the Body

Chair: Sasha Semach (Yeshiva University Museum)

Tahneer Oksman (CUNY Graduate Center), “Self-Creation in the Comics of Vanessa Davis”

Fabio Mourilhe (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), “The Graphic Memory of Aline Kominsky Crumb”

Jennifer Glaser (University of Cincinnati), “Graphic Inheritances: Jewish Women Comic Artists and the Jewish Body”

Joanne Leonard (University of Michigan), “Miscarriage made visual:  Diane Noomin's Baby Talk and Joanne Leonard's Journal


11:30 - 11.45 COFFEE BREAK (coffee/tea and light refreshments will be provided)


SESSION TWO, 11:45 - 1:15


Panel III: Drawing in Yiddish: A Schmooze with the Artists

Chair: Alisa Braun (Jewish Theological Seminary)

Leela Corman (Unterzakhn)

Liana Fink (Six Points Fellow)


Panel IV: Between Diary and Memoir: Forming Comic Identities

Chair: Michael Green (Hershey Medical Center, Penn State University)

Natalie Pendergast (University of Toronto), “The ‘Outlaw’ Genre: Erasing the Line Between Form and Content in Ariel Schrag’s Comic Chronicles”

Heike Bauer (Birbeck College, University of London), “Graphic Lesbian Contiuum: Ilana Zeffren”

Judy Batalion (Writer and Performer, NYC and London), “The Comedy of Confession”

Evelyn Tauben (Independent Curator and Writer, Toronto)Mi Yimtza? Finding Jewish Identity

Through Women’s Autobiographical Art”


1:15 - 2:00 LUNCH (not provided)


SESSION THREE, 2:00 - 3:30


Panel V: Scrutinizing Israel: Travelers, Tourists, and Citizens

Chair: Amy Feinstein (Independent Scholar, New York City)

Maya Balakirsky Katz (Touro College), “Drawing Israel: Friedel Stern on the Sabra”

Maya Barzilai (University of Michigan), “Reframing the Holy Land: The ‘Adventures’ of

Jewish Women Cartoonists in Israel”


Panel VI: Trauma, Memory, and the Imaginary, Part I

Chair: Bella Brodzki (Sarah Lawrence College)

Ariela Freedman (Concordia University), “Charlotte Salomon: Graphic Artist”

Maeve Thompson-Starkey (University of Cambridge), “Bernice Eisenstein's I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors: Autobiographical Hybridity – the Possibilities of the Multinarrative”

Christopher Couch (University of Massachusetts at Amherst), “American Widow and Urban

Identity: Grief, Memory, and the Fabric of Multicultural New York”

Maya Hajdu (Concordia University), "Fragmented Memories in the Graphic Novel: Works by Miriam Katin, Bernice Eisenstein, and Miriam Libicki”


3:30 – 4:00 Viewing of Graphic Details Exhibition in Gallery


4:00 – 6:00 Artists in Conversation (two artist roundtables open to the public)

Introduction by Dan Friedman (The Jewish Daily Forward)


ROUNDTABLE I (4:00 – 5:00)


Trauma, Memory, and the Imaginary, Part II: An Artist Roundtable

Chair: Sarah Lightman (Graphic Details Curator, University of Glasgow)

Sarah Leavitt (Tangles)

Caryn Leschen (Aunt Violet Productions)

Janice Shapiro (Bummer)


ROUNDTABLE II  (5:00 – 6:00)


A Conversation with Artists from the Graphic Details Exhibit

Chair: Michael Kaminer (Graphic Details Curator, The Jewish Daily Forward)

Sarah Lightman (Dumped Before Valentine’s)

Miss Lasko Gross (A Mess Of Everything, Escape From “Special”)

Diane Noomin ( Twisted Sisters, Glitz-2-Go)

Corinne Pearlman (Playing The Jewish Card)

Ariel Schrag (Potential, Awkward, Definition, Likewise)

Lauren Weinstein (Inside Vineyland, Girl Stories)

Miriam Katin (We Are On Our Own)