The Program:

* Our curriculum is developed by colleges, industry leaders and prominent employers who identify the skills needed in college and the workplace.

* Learn how to design, produce and print projects from T-Shirts to Posters and even billboards.

* Learn how to create, produce and reproduce visual graphics.

What We Do: 

* T-Shirts

* Posters 

* Brochures 

* Multi-Medi

* Webpage Design

Mission Statement
"My core belief is that students are the end users and their satisfaction with their overall educational experience is our primary mission. Our singular goal is to meet their satisfaction/success and to produce graduates with the knowledge and skills to be productive citizens of our world."-William Webb

"Graphic Design Printing and Visual Art, or Graphics, as it's called by the students, is based off of student input with the direction and guidance of Mr. Webb. The outcome is great work by the students that they can be proud of." 
-Ryan McBurney (professional student) 

Feel free to look at some of the student work by clicking the link in the side bar menu.