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Pixel Fury Design is a full-service graphic design firm located in Seattle. We work very close with our clients from concept thru completion in developing marketing strategies for their business that will translate into market presence and increased profits.

Pixel Fury Design’s areas of expertise are Print Design, Logo Design, Web design and Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Pixel Fury Design’s founding partners are Howard Snyder and Chris Gibson. Chris has an extensive background in project management with several years of experience with Mackie Designs in Seattle. Howard was born and raised in Mexico City but has lived and studied in Mexico, Germany, Spain and the USA. He has over 19 years of experience as a designer working with many companies and in many fields.For more information call us at +1 206-2271699.

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Logo Design

Pixel Fury Design is one of the leading graphic designers in the country and they have been progressing by leaps and bounds. We provide a whole host of services ranging from Logo Designing, Website Designing, Banner Designing etc. We have been providing the service of logo Design ever since we started our operations and with the passage of time we have got exceedingly efficient at it. We excel in designing eye-catching, attractive logos for our various clients depending on the business activities they are engaged in. Creativity and Innovation works hand in hand at Pixel Fury Design and we try to come up with apt, enchanting logos for our clients. A logo performs various functions for a business outfit and if chosen wisely does become an identity of the business house. Its importance cannot be overlooked as it plays a crucial role in terms of establishing your business and help your business grow exponentially. The concept of creating a complicated logo doesn’t hold true in today’s era. The logo must be understandable, concise, eye-catching and appealing. The Logo that we design portrays the core values of the organization for which it has been created. It becomes more than a symbol. It goes on to become an identity. Simplicity is the hallmark of our logo designs. We keep it simple and sublime. It is one of those features that will make your business establishment stand out in the market. The logos designed by us are unique and distinct. We don’t believe in the policy of one size fits all. In fact we work closely with our clients so that they get to choose what suits them the best and that has made us one of the best logo designers in the country.

Graphic Design Seattle

Website Design

In this fast changing world, perhaps change is the only constant. We here at Pixel Fury Design, focus on innovative ways to carry out and perform our functions. Web designing has been one of our domains which we excel in. When it comes to website design, we do an in-depth analysis of the requirements and arrangements of our prestigious clients, as to what kind of firm they are, what they deal in and what kind of website design would suit them the best. We work in consonance and in coordination with our customers which enable us to assess what it is that they like the most. Website Designing requires special set of skills and if performed perfunctorily can ruin the underlying fabric of the business outfit. Ergo, we have got a specialized team of experts with remarkable expertise to perform the function of web designing. We offer a wide range of options to choose from and do not limit or restrict the array of designs for our prospective customers. The idea is to portray your business online in a professional and subtle manner which would bring more traffic on your website. The graphics, the content, the indentation, the font, everything comes into consideration when it comes to designing a fabulous website. The growth and development depends on the image your online portal projects to its customers and we know how important it is for you to expand your business and make it reach new heights. Pixel Fury Design is fast becoming the most preferred website designers in the country and we strive hard to live up the expectation our clients.

Logo Design Seattle - Pixel Fury

Graphic Design

As opposed to contrary perception, Graphic is a broad term which comprises different levels of skills and expertise to produce the desired result. In order to infuse life into your website, we here at Pixel Fury Design make good use of Graphics to enhance the appearance of your websites. Minute details are paid attention to while designing the graphics of a particular website. It’s imperative to stay informed of the latest technological advancements and tools and techniques so that we can provide nothing but the best to our esteemed clients. The designs we create are vivid and exemplary. The careful application of graphics projects the level of professionalism with which the site has been created. It’s important to draw the attention of visitors on a website and in order to make them revisit the website, the graphics and the designs should be crafted in a very appealing and attractive way. That’s what professionals at Pixel Fury Design strive to achieve day in and day out. The graphics we designs are clean, simple, and tidy and appeal to masses. The captions, the body of the website, borders, lines everything is borne in mind while we set out for work. We intend to provide our clients and customers with nothing but the best and therefore we ensure that our efforts do reflect the sincerity with which we have carried out the job. We go that extra mile in our endeavors to ensure that our customers get the top-notch products and services from us and they never have to regret their decision of joining hands with us.

Graphic Designer Seattle - Pixel Fury

Banner Design

In order to ensure guaranteed sales through your website, quality advertisement could prove to be just the thing for you. A quality banner could draw a lot of user traffic on your website given the fact that it is appealing and eye-catching. We here at Pixel Fury Design excel in designing colorful, vivid banners that can hold the attention of users visiting that portal for long. Banners do serve their purpose if they are created and designed in a pleasant and attractive way. It can add a great amount of value to your website as it could be used a tool of sales promotion for your products and services. There are various techniques that we employ when it comes to designing banners as a lot of things are to be taken into consideration such as the market size, the area of expertise or operations, the flow of traffic on a particular website etc. Constant Assessment and thorough analysis is what that sets us apart from the rest of the players in this field as we rigorously innovate to find out what suits our clients best. We work closely with our clients so that they get to choose from themselves from our myriad options and a variety of designs.

Logo Design Seattle

Business Cards Designs

At Pixel Fury Design we believe that Business cards design are as important as the institution itself. Generally Business Cards look more or less the same. However we here at Pixel Fury Design make an earnest attempt to come up with unique, engaging business card designs that stand out and does the trick. The text is interested in a such a subtle sublime manner which is quite bewitching and the picture if placed, is so artistically placed that reinforces the messaged communicated by the text. It is important for the business card to have a refreshing look as there are dozens of business cards that have flooded the market. We specialize in designing business cards that attracts notice and attention. The rich texture, the bold style, the exquisite quality everything works in making your business card an identity in itself. The amount of innovation and creativity that goes into the business cards designs show how impeccable and distinct the organization itself is. A business card eventually reflects the standards of your organization. It can make all the difference if designed wisely and meticulously. We tend to put the right information on business cards and discard the flashy stuff. We keep it simple yet attractive, plain yet bold, and very attractive. The business purpose has to be clear for those who view it and the message it carries along with it. A business card just like any logo design or banner design is yet another promotional tool which can transform your business in ways more than one. We here at Pixel Fury Design ensure that your money and effort do not go in vain when it comes to designing quality business cards and we strive hard to live up the expectations of our privileged customers.

Brochure Designs

Any business organization that put into use brochures as a tool of aggressive marketing does realize that the brochures need to be effective and engaging. At Pixel Fury Design, we bring into play our best resources and talent to produce enticing, eye-catching, informative brochures for our clients as there are several elements that are needed to borne in mind while creating brochures. It’s the contemplation and implementation which we excel in and this is one of the many peculiar specializations which has given us a competitive edge over our rivals and competitors. We have got the most talented and finest professionals in the industry to carry out the job as they are well versed with the entire process of creating and designing brochures that match up the expectation and needs our promising clients and customers. The underlying objective is to achieve the desired, intended objective through effective brochure designs. We believe in adhering to an effective template as it brings a level of sophistication in the format of brochure. The color schemes are carefully chosen so that it doesn’t hamper the entire fabric of the brochure. We pay attention to even the minutest detail so that we are able to provide nothing but the best to our prestigious clients. We try to give a professional look to the brochures that we design depending on the business of our clients. We don’t believe in overdoing things and every effort is made to keep it simple, concise, coherent and clear.

Graphic Designer Seattle

Custom Paintings

Customizing paintings isn’t a rocket science. It is an art that is perfected through constant practice. Out of myriad varied services provides by us, Pixel Fury Design also offers the service of custom paintings which is not a child’s play. It calls for a lot of effort on the part of the person who customizes paintings. We have got some of the best professionals with extraordinary expertise and caliber to perform this task. It’s important to come up with something that is admired and appreciated by our clients. We put our best foot forward to provide our privileged customers and esteemed clients with nothing but the best. And same goes of custom paintings. Every little detail is paid attention to, and the work is performed in a very artistic and skillful manner. We seek perfection in whatever activity we take up and that is what that drives us in attaining excellence in our work and operations. Color variation, texture, width of the frame everything is taken into consideration when our guys set out for work. We always work closely with our clients to ensure that they get the best value for their money. As a matter of fact, here at Pixel Fury Design, our clients get to choose for themselves. It’s them who decide what suits them the best. We provide customized, tailor-made solutions to business ventures so that they thrive and prosper and attain greater heights. Nothing pleases us more than a satisfied customer.

Building Signs

Building signs is yet another service that is offered by Pixel Fury Design. There are various kinds of building signs and with the assistance of technology, they have become multi-dimensional, far more sophisticated and engaging and noticeable. Architectural signage and ADA signage are all part of our signs building process. We keep it simple, sublime, clear and coherent. We get rid of the flashy and over the top kind of stuff to bring out the best in the Signage. It serves as an important tool for enhancing your corporate identity in a very effective manner as it helps in associating with the customers certain characteristics of your organizations, products and services. Like everything else, it is yet another sales promotional tool which if implemented properly can boost the sales figure to sky high levels. The color combination, the texture, the style is what we care of the most and we try to keep it elegant and exemplary. These signs emphasize the company brands in innumerable ways. They have a functional importance as they project an image and convey the message to the customers which help them form an opinion and viewpoint about a particular business organization.

Graphic Design Seattle - Pixel Fury

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