Young Explorers

The FP7 FET Young Explorers programme aims at capturing the creative potential of young researchers by fostering their leadership and participation in collaborative research projects targeting first-ever, exploratory, multi-disciplinary research. A FET Young Explorer project must be led by a young researcher, and the leadership by young researchers of all work packages is also required. No more than six years should have elapsed between the award of a Ph.D. (or equivalent) for each such young researcher and the date of submission of the short proposal.

All of the Young Explorers in the GRAPHENICS consortium are high-potential researchers who have built up a strong track-record already in the early stage of their research careers (see short CVs in the section “Partners”). In addition, they can rely on the extensive expertise of the world-renowned research groups which they are part of. Since these high-potential researchers will take up all responsibilities in the GRAPHENICS project, the project will contribute to their early independence and as such empower the next generation of European science and technology leaders.

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