Grant's Family


On February 4, 2007 our second son, Grant, was stillborn. It was a devastating loss for our family and has changed our lives forever. There are no words to describe the pain and heartache that come from losing a child. It is something that never goes away no matter how many years pass.


We created Grant’s Gift as a way to honor our son’s memory and to reach out to other parents who are suffering through this incomprehensible loss. While we know that nothing can take away the sorrow of losing a child, the goal of Grant’s Gift is to provide parents with beautiful blankets to remember their babies by.


As parents, we have also been blessed with two other children. Gavin was three when Grant died and the loss of his baby brother impacted him tremendously. Even now, he talks about Grant nearly every day. About 15 months after we lost Grant, we welcomed our third son, Graden, into the world. His cry was the sweetest music on earth!


Despite the fact that Grant is not physically here with us, he is very much a part of our family. We speak of him often, celebrate his birthday each year and have created special holiday traditions to remember him by. He is in our hearts always and we miss him every day. We love you sweet baby!


-Heather and Kevin Wheeler, Founders of Grant's Gift