Grant's Challenge

I believe that every life has a purpose. Grant is proof of that. His tiny footprints have left a mark in a world he never even got to experience.
Losing someone you love changes the way you look at life. It’s amazing how fast materiel accoutrements fade away. Your priorities change in an instant and you realize that life is short, uncertain, painful and hard. But there is another side of loss, which consists of the beautiful things you discover about other people. The kindnesses of strangers, the warmth and compassion of people you may only see once in your life but remember forever, the unexpected friendships that rise from the ashes. And ultimately the choice that you have to live your life more fully, more kindly and more compassionately.

Grant’s Challenge is an outgrowth of our blanket collection program—a simple concept that anyone can embrace. It is the challenge to reach out to those around you with kindness and love. To realign your priorities and spend more time and energy on what really matters in life. To treat others with compassion, dignity and respect.
When Grant died, I determined to become a better person to honor him. I also determined to reach out to other parents in my situation. At the time, I didn’t know what I would do, just that I had to do something. Ultimately, Grant’s Gift was formed and while I truly wish our blankets would sit unused in hospitals forever I know that sadly they will cradle many precious, wanted and prayed for children like my son. 


As a mother, I believe that all my children have taught me something. But I have learned the most about life from the son who I will never get to spend this life with. Grant's life mattered; it had a purpose and good has come from his existence.

If a tiny baby who never walked among us can do so much good what can we—the living—ultimately accomplish for those around us? This is Grant’s Challenge and I believe its ripple effect can be profound. Join me in making this world a better place one kindness at a time!


-Heather Wheeler