Grantsburg School District: Curriculum

2015-16 Supporting Documents for Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment

There is a page for each curriculum area to document and provide resources for the work.  The outcomes of the work will also be documented.  Click the link of the left side to find your curriculum area.

Required fields for curriculum maps:

1.  Clearly identify the Skills in the Learning Objectives field - remove content listings (skills should begin with a verb – needs to measurable:  what students will do to demonstrate their learning)

2.  Identify # of days- use 160 for full year; use 80 for half year – USE DAYS not Weeks

3.  Identify essential vocabulary that students must know/understand to understand the concept

4.  Essential Questions – NOT YES/NO questions or factual questions- needs to be open ended

Questions that probe for deeper meaning and set the stage for further questioning

foster the development of critical thinking skills and higher order capabilities such

as; problem solving, and the understanding of complex systems. A good essential

question is the principle component of designing inquiry-based learning – the

typical 'Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?' of a course of study.

5.  Assessment - clearly identify the assessment being used or if paper/pencil test, identify the primary learning outcome(s) being assessed.

6.  Standards-Clarify or ADD

  • Identify the Primary standards – those being ASSESSED (for WI Academic Standards that only identify Gr. 4, 8, 10); 
  • MS/HS - will have to add Disciplinary Literacy Standards (found in Add Common Core Standard section);  These are the reading  standards and are divided for Gr. 6-8; 9-10 and 11-12