All students gain a passion for science, technology, engineering, the arts and math, and are creatively engaged in STEAM-focused education.


Enhance academic achievement at Grant K-8 School with emphasis on science, math, engineering, the arts and technology.

Ongoing Goals

  • Create and maintain an ongoing funding source for the STEM coordinator in order to innovate hands-on Science and Technology practicum (up to $35,000 annually).
  • Inject existing STEM programs with funding (Science Olympiad, Greater Science and Engineering Fair, Mad Science, etc. - $10,000 annually).
  • Support the development of updated curricula for three main science levels that augment existing studies and support next generation studies for grades K-8.
  • Design clubs and programs for traditionally underserved populations.
  • Create and support programs to help maintain and increase Math scores in the top ten percentile for grades 3-8.
  • Create and support programs to help maintain and increase Science scores in the top ten percent for grades 5 and 7.

Draft - Meeting Minutes - 1/23/2017

posted Feb 26, 2018, 9:12 PM by Jill Baltan   [ updated Feb 26, 2018, 9:17 PM ]

January 23rd 2018 / 5:30 PM / Grant K8 



Members present:  Kathy Lorden, Laura More, Clint Daniels, Maggie Boyd, Viveca Hess, Linda Kennedy, Kristin Boyd, Jill Baltan, Fiona Case

Regrets: Petya McLaughlin, Holly Wright, Julie Morgan

5:35 pm - Call to order


Opening remarks:

Jill: Several Foundation board members will term out at the end of this school year. All Board members should help to recruit volunteers for available board positions:  President, Treasurer, Vice President and Imagine Campaign chair or co-chairs will be needed next year.

Principal’s Report – Kathy

·      Kathy spoke about how the school is organized instructionally. She discussed the Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). PLCs are grade level or subject area teacher teams that meet regularly to discuss appropriate English language arts and math curriculum, assessment, instruction, teacher development and leadership areas.  This will support students working towards mastery of standards in common core. Instructional leadership team this year is all teachers.

·      Parents were asked to complete parent survey to report their observations of what is already happening at Grant, new thoughts, ideas and hopes for Grant. They are still receiving this information if anyone from the Foundation would like to provide feedback.

·      Jogathon assemblies are occurring twice a week leading up to the February 8th event.

·      Anne Anthony and Kathy have discussed a plan to schedule regular school-wide assemblies. They need to present the idea to staff for discussion, consideration and planning.


Science Committee update – Fiona – early because she needed to leave

·      Family Science Night was a great success; it was well attended and they received lots of enthusiastic feedback. Involving several STEM partners was particularly successful:  ThoughtSTEM, ID Tech, MakingSTEM.

·      2018 California Science Education Conference will provide the most valuable professional development opportunities this year.

·      Science committee is currently identifying and purchasing supplemental supplies and equipment for life sciences.

·      Committee is coordinating with teachers and parent volunteers to provide hands on engineering design experiences for every grade level. Some grade levels require more support than others. Committee is identifying ways to make sure all grades receiving this important part of the NGSS requirement.  

Treasurer’s Report – Clint


·      Imagine Campaign 2017-2018 as of 1/22/18:  $64,172

·      Mission Hills 5K Income:  $10,428

·      Aberdeen Trust grant:  $5,000

EXPENSES, summary:

·      Mission Hills 5K Expenses  $570.00

·      Total Imagine Campaign  $1,036

·      Science Committee: $2,504

·      Scholarships $771

·      Total Expenses $4,342


Remaining donations to be received from recurring Imagine donors:  $6,525.

Capital Campaign - Jill

·      Garden relocation initiative continues – Jim Gates was told by DSA that the planned garden structure is located in the emergency disbursement area – so the structure has to be moved or the disbursement area has to be moved. Jim created a new plan that moves the structure 3 feet and moves the disbursement area. It has been submitted to the school district PM and they are now waiting to hear if it is accepted. RNT, the original architect, will also need to change their drawing.

·      Lara hopes that the new garden will be in place for the May 12th Mission Hills garden walk.

Grant 5K - Kristin

·       Have about 200 registrations

·       $17,000 pledged from sponsors

·       Have new sponsors this year, including Morgan Stanley and Rx bar.

·       Katy Pinon and Petya McLaughlin are organizing the after party & Janet Worthy is organizing the race volunteers.

Imagine Campaign – Linda/Jill

·       The Wine and Arts soiree is being organized. Wine and art soiree is the primary incentive for the $1000 donors. Looking for venues.

·       Considering this year’s appreciation for all donors. Everyone agreed sending thank-you cards is a thoughtful appreciation.

New Business 

·       Allocation of extra Imagine funds

o   Music program

Music program has requested funds to purchase percussion instruments.

o   Viveca motioned to allocate $1200. Kristin seconded. No discussion. Vote was unanimous. Voted by Maggie, Linda, Laura, Kristin, Viveca and Jill.

·      Briefly discussed allocation of other Imagine funds. Discussed creating a new advisory class – perhaps a robotics competition. Viveca knows a program and will do research. Foundation will work with PTA and Kathy to identify how the money can be spent – targeting STEAM focused programs.


Open Table

·       None




Meeting Minutes 11/28/2017

posted Jan 8, 2018, 9:38 PM by Petya McLaughlin   [ updated Jan 22, 2018, 10:59 PM by Jill Baltan ]

28 Nov 2017 / 5:30 PM / Grant K8 Auditorium 



Present: Jill Baltan, Linda Kennedy, Clint Daniels, Viveca Hess, Fiona Case, Petya McLaughlin, Laura More, Kathy Lorden, , Holly Wright and Karen Swortz

Regrets: Julie Morgan , Kristin Boyd, Maggie Boyd

5:30 pm Call to order 

Opening remarks

·        Introduction of new member – Karen Swortz

Introduction to all members of the foundation and the foundation mission: To support and supplement the STEAM programs

·        October minutes: Reviewed. Corrections needed on Ice Cream Party that Imagine Campaign gave to classes with 75% participation. Clint will send revisions of the financial data on the minutes. Motion to approve by Fiona Case, 2nd by Clint Daniels. Motion was adopted unanimously.


Principle Kathy Lorden Update:

·        Music Program

o   From Ms. Valeska re: Music Program 4th and 5th Grade Band/Orchestra. There is no full set of percussion instruments. Students need to share. Total estimated cost around $2300. Parents of children playing percussion instruments contributed $870.

o   Julie Morgan would like to add line item on the budget and Qualcomm will match the contribution.  

o   Motion for adding the line item by Viveca. 2nd by Linda. Conversation about having the PTA to partner towards the end or the year/next year and keep this expense with the foundation for this year. Motion approved unanimously.

·        Second science lesson went to sixth grade – team teaching

·        Need for Tech Support at the school for hour of coding as well as tech support/teaching instructor

·        Introduction of coding in addition to science

PTA Update from Holly:

·        Update from the PTA Board Meeting

o   Potential $50Mil budget deficit

o   PTA Council: How to elect the PTA board members

o   Committee was created and Holly joined the committee

·        Ms. Sarah Ekedal (Art program)

o   PTA pays her:  PTA to revisit her contract and reimburse for her school art project related expenses

·        Email form Lara re: Capital Campaign to have the check from Garden Club and start the garden relocation

·        Revisit morning Assembly after the winter break

·        Laura suggested to have the Imagine Campaign thermometer updated with the actual funds raised

Treasurer’s Report – Clint

·      IMAGINE balance: $61,625

Imagine Campaign Update – Linda

·        Ice cream party was a success

·        Grant Gala to be Feb 23rd at Coastera

·        Wine and Arts soiree to be in January for $1,000 donors

Science Update – Fiona

·      Science night was a success

·      Engineering Challenge school wide is being planned for later this year.

·      Update the science equipment provided by the district

·     Goal to bring coding in all classes

Mission Hills 5K Update – Jill

·        Goal this year is 800 participants

·        47 registered to date

New Member – Karen Swortz

·      Vote in Motion

·      Motion Approved

Meeting Adjourn

Next Meeting Jan 23, 2018

Meeting Minutes 10/16/2017

posted Jan 8, 2018, 8:41 PM by Petya McLaughlin

16 Oct 2017 / 5:30 PM / Grant K8 Auditorium 



Members present: Jill Baltan, Linda Kennedy, Kristin Boyd, Clint Daniels, Viveca Hess, Fiona Case, Maggie Boyd, Petya McLaughlin  

Regrets: Julie Morgan , Holly Wright, Laura More, Kathy Lorden

5:30 pm Call to order 

Opening remarks

September minutes: Not reviewed 

Scholarship Report – Maggie

·      There were 7 scholarships for girls STEM afterschool program awarded. 6 paid 100% by the foundation and 1 split 50/50 between the foundation and the vendor

·      Cost was $614.50

·      Proposal to coordinate with Ms. Banks to identify to reach out to parents and students 

·      Proposal to have Single Application to all afterschool programs

·      Proposal to try to reach out not only to girls who are interested in STEM but also to girls who have potential but are not openly interested in learning more.



Treasurer’s Report – Clint

·      Checks for science trip reimbursement $2,155 – given to Fiona to distribute

·      IMAGINE balance: $59,937.92.

·      $403 in PayPal/Square fees

·      $406.08 pavers checks

Kristin motioned to amend the Capital Budget expense for pavers. Maggie seconded. Motion adopted.

Imagine Campaign – Linda

·      Ice cream party scheduled for 1st week of November

·      Participation: 24 of 20 of elementary classes reached the goal. 75% participated

·      13 classes won – will have ice cream party. On Friday the winners will be announced

·      Proposal to add a bike to the rewards - tabled

 New Member – Fiona Case

·      Vote in Motion

·      Kristin motioned, Linda seconded. Motion Approved

Parent-Teacher Science Committee Update – Fiona Case


  • Parent-teacher committee met 10/3/17. Minutes are available on google-docs.
  • 4 assemblies have been organized from the League of Extraordinary Scientists:
  • 7th grade will go to the Qualcomm Think-a-bit lab on Tue. Oct.24
  • Rebecca Wassem (2nd grade), Monica Spingola (1st grade) and Elena Banks (Science coordinator) attended the 2017 California Science Education Conference in Sacramento this last weekend (supported by Foundation/Science Committee). The 2018 event is in Pasadena, November 30 - December 2
  • Upcoming event: Family Science Night, Thursday November 9th. Significant event – as large as Halloween carnival. Looking for volunteers.
  • Upcoming event: Hour of Code/  Computer Science Education Week December 4-10. Middle-schoolers (Coach K advisory group and possibly Christine Baldwin’s advisory group) will be trained by Norm Heske and Tim Kerssen  and will then help in lower grades classrooms.
  • Committee is waiting for Kathy Lorden to facilitate teacher buy-in before moving on our plans to create an engineering docent program (template from the art-docent program), meanwhile committee members are volunteering in the classroom on an ad-hoc basis (using engineering tools purchased by foundation/science committee)

Open Table: discussed Music program. Percussion instruments needed. Tabled

Meeting Adjourn

Meeting Minutes 13 September 2017

posted Jan 8, 2018, 8:34 PM by Petya McLaughlin

Meeting called to order at 5:00pm by meeting chair Jill Baltan.

Members present:

Jill Baltan

Linda Kennedy

Julie Morgan

Viveca Hess

Petya McLaughlin

Maggie Boyd

Kristin Boyd

Laura More

Clint Daniels

Holly Wright

Members not present:


Reading of Agenda

Approval of Minutes


  1. Old Business

  2. Opening Remarks – Jill Baltan

  3. Motion to approve new members:

    1. Laura More - PTA

    2. Linda Kennedy - Volunteer

Motion carried: Julie Morgan, 2nd by Kristin Boyd

  1. Principle update – Principle Lorden: summary attached

  2. PTA report – Holly Wright

    1. Past meeting update

    2. Lazy Acres $2500 check

  3. Treasurer report and budget – Clint Daniels

  4. Committee Reports

    1. Imagine Campaign – Jill Baltan

    2. Scholarships/Girls STEM – Maggie Boyd

    3. Science – Jill Baltan

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Draft Meeting Minutes 06/01/2017

posted Jul 9, 2017, 10:23 AM by Nora Pencola   [ updated Jul 9, 2017, 1:32 PM ]

1 June 2017 / 5:45 PM / Grant K8 Teacher’s Lounge 



Members present:  Nora Pencola, Kristin Boyd, Jill Baltan, Clint Daniels, Dan Sakai, Viveca Hess  

Absent: Maggie Boyd 

Regrets: Julie Morgan , Kathy Lorden, , Leslie Jimenez, Stacey McReynolds

5:45 pm Call to order 

Opening remarks

Jill: It’s been a great year! Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and everything you’ve done for the Foundation!

Branding and grants:  Discussion regarding branding of Grant K-8, specifically why it’s important for pursuing additional grants the school could benefit from.  Need to identify some volunteers who could work on grants, as well as help get the website polished over the summer or early in the year.

Science Lab: The recently vacated space in the lower level of the main building could be used as a science lab staffed by volunteers similar to the Art-Docent program.

May minutes: Members present at the May meeting reviewed the draft minutes. 

Nora motioned  to adopt the minutes.  Clint seconded.  The motion was adopted with one abstention (Dan: not present at May meeting).

Principal’s Report – Kathy by email

·      The District is providing some money for teacher Professional Development next year, but previous requests for PD funding from the Foundation are not affected.

·      Kathy, Leslie Jimenez and Erica Segale will represent Grant at the Early Representation Conference (Note: please confirm name)with some additional support provided by the District.

·      The construction company will install pavers which will be replaced once engraved pavers are returned from the fabricator.

PTA Report - Dan

·      The PTA president spot remains open.

·      Volunteer committee heads are being determined.  Scheduling the return-to-school picnic is still up in the air due to the early start date (Aug 28) for classes.

·      The PTA passed a balanced budget.  Teacher stipends for supplies were raised to $250, funding to support teacher PD was added.

·      The number of new families entering Grant next year is not known, but we identified the desire to engage them early in the school year, perhaps using “sponsor” families as a means.


Treasurer’s Report – Clint

·      Income: $86,544.24 Foundation, $65,500 Capital Campaign

·      Expenses: $97,519.56

·      Net Operating Income: $54,524.68

·      Remaining balance:  The rolled over balance in the Foundation account is estimated to be ~$14,000K after known and estimated expenses from the year are paid.

·  Budget requests for next year exceed expected income by approximately $15K.  

·       Proposed Budget:

INCOME:                   Imagine Campaign:     $55K

                                    5K:                              $32K 

                                    Aberdeen:                    $  4K

            TOTAL INCOME:     $91K



PROGRAMS:             Imagine to PTA:          $50K (of $50K requested)

                                    Science Comm:           $10K (of $20K requested)

                                    Scholarships:               $  3K (of $3K requested)

                                    Capital                         -

                                    Math Transformation: $ 4K (of $9K requested)


OPERATIONS:          Office Supplies:          $ 0.2K

                                    Finance –Taxes/fees:   $ 0.5K

                                    Finance-Quickbooks   $ 0.3K

                                    Prof Services:              $ 0.5K



                                    Imagine:                      $ 4K

                                    Alumni:                       $ 0.5K

                                    Aberdeen:                    $ 0.1K

                                    5K:                              $18K

            TOTAL EXPENSES: $91.1K

Clint motioned to adopt the budget as above.  Nora seconded.  The motion was adopted unanimously.


Meeting Minutes 5/18/2017

posted May 28, 2017, 1:00 PM by Nora Pencola   [ updated Jul 9, 2017, 10:20 AM ]

18 May 2017 / 5:45 PM / Grant K8 Teacher’s Lounge



Members present:  Nora Pencola, Julie Morgan, Kristin Boyd, Jill Baltan, Dan Sakai, Leslie Jimenez, Stacey McReynolds

Absent: Viveca Hess 

Regrets: Clint Daniels, Kathy Lorden, Maggie Boyd

5:50 pm Call to order


Opening remarks:

Jill: The Garden Walk was a great success. The gardens were beautiful, but the event also had community involvement and music (Mr Martoccio’s band played).  I believe they met their expectations for ticket sales, so the estimate is that Grant would receive about $10,000 earmarked for the Gecko  Garden.

April minutes: Members present at the April meeting reviewed the draft minutes.  Jill made several edits to the online draft; after brief discussion, no other edits were requested.

Stacey motioned  to adopt the minutes.  Kristin seconded.  The motion was adopted unanimously.

Principal’s Report – Kathy by email

·      Construction: The building is going to be ready to turn over to the district on time. Demolition of the bungalow classrooms will begin the week after school is over so the area can be prepared for moving the middle school classrooms. 

·      Garden/Pavers: The area will be prepared by mid-July for installation of all pavers for the project.

·      Professional Development/Math Transformations:
Math Transformations has submitted an invoice to the Foundation in the amount of $3,000 for services rendered. The Foundation agreed to fund an additional $4,500 for the remainder of this school year. This leaves an additional $1500 still allocated for this year. My previous request for $9,000 remains for next school year for professional development. Any funding for continued PD will be greatly appreciated.

·      Science Conferences:
Due to budget limitations for 2017-2018, if teachers attend conferences paid for by the Science Committee/Foundation that require them to be away during school days, the cost of the substitutes needs to be part of the funding of the conference because the school will not have resources to allot to these days. Each substitute teacher costs the school $200 a day.

·      Teaching Assignments for 2017-2018:
Erica Segale will be teaching 6th & 7th grade science and 6th grade math.
Dennice Rousey will be teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade English.
Michelle Lovern will be teaching kindergarten.
At this time there are no other changes, and hiring will take place later in the month or in June to fill vacancies. Some teachers still have lay-off notices that have not and may not be rescinded.

PTA Report - Dan

·      The Gala was very successful and raised approximately $21,000 net.

·      The PTA presented its budget (including an estimated $50K from the Foundation) last week to the membership with about a $2000 deficit,. However,  the budget will be updated with revised earnings based on the results of this year's gala. The deficit is expected to close.

·      SD PTA Council President is meeting later this week with Dan.  They're interested in how Grant PTA funds some positions at school.  Rules regarding funding (or enforcement of rules regarding funding) certain positions are changing in SD, although it's not expected to affect current or planned staffing at Grant.

·      PTA president position remains open for next year.



Treasurer’s Report – Jill

·      The Foundation members held a budget meeting on May 5 2017 to review the 2017-2018 spending priorities and expected revenue.  The top level takeaways were:

o    2017-18 budget asks: $90K ($50K-PTA, $20K-Sci Comm, $10K Math Transformations, $5K Scholarships, $5K Expenses).

o   2017-18 Funds (likely fundraising total):  $80K.  $55K Imagine, $20K -5K, $5K Scholarships

·      The annual budget shortfall based on planning numbers is ~$10K.  This year’s Imagine Campaign is running about $7K behind its goal of $55 and the 2017 5K raised ~$16K net.

·      Discussed prioritizing Science Committee request of $20K.  FOSS kits need updating and added “depth.” The NGSS standards will call for certain lessons to be taught in different years than is currently done.  A student studying a topic now in 2nd grade, may see that topic again in 3rd grade as a result of the new curriculum.  The Science Committee wants to develop additional content for the FOSS kits so students don’t simply repeat previous material and because the FOSS kits have not added anything new as part of NGSS implementation.

·      Professional Development for teachers is a priority, particularly “vertical alignment” to ensure coherent academic goals as students progress in grade.

·      The Foundation should consider pursuing additional grants.  To do this successfully, we need to identify who we are, what we’re doing, why we’re different and how we’ll measure progress.

·      Imagine Campaign and 5K need to build additional volunteer support.  Viveca and Desiree will be stepping down as IC chairs, although they will remain actively supporting the project.


Motion to allocate $50K to the PTA for the 2017-18 year made by Nora, Kristin seconded.  Motion was adopted unanimously.


ACTION: Further discussion is needed to resolve the remaining budget priorities.


Capital Campaign - Jill

·      Pavers had hoped to raise $20K, but  exceeded that goal to raise $25K.

·      A member of the Garden Club submitted a grant  request in the amount of $7500 to the county.  The “pitch” to the grant committee will take place June 12.

Grant 5K - Kristin

·       Next year’s 5K would fall on St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s unlikely we could obtain the logistics support, road closures etc. to support the race on that day.  One alternative is to hold the race in Feb.

Scholarships – Jill

·       2 scholarships were awarded for the spring session

·       Girl’s STEM class had a guest scientist visit by Skype from the Moss Landing Marine Lab.  The girls really enjoyed the presentation.

New Business 

·      Nora will be stepping down as Secretary following the June Foundation meeting.

·      ACTION: Volunteer positions that need filling for next year:  Foundation Secretary, Imagine Campaign chair/co-chairs, 5K co-chair, PTA President


Open Table




Meeting Minutes 4/20/2017

posted May 9, 2017, 7:06 AM by Nora Pencola   [ updated May 28, 2017, 12:38 PM ]

20 April 2017 / 6:00 PM / Grant K8 Teacher’s Lounge



Members present: Jill Baltan, Kathy Lorden,  Nora Pencola, Julie Morgan, Kristin Boyd,  Viveca Hess, Leslie Jimenez, Maggie Boyd        

Regrets: Dan Sakai, Clint Daniels

Absent: Stacey McReynolds

Visitor: Karen Coutts

6:05 pm Call to order


Opening remarks:

Jill: Welcome to Karen Couts, is a new Grant parent this year and parent to a 7th grader; she is also a board member of the Point Loma Foundation. Thanks for coming! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

March minutes:  One change was proposed and two revisions.  Julie motioned to adopt the March minutes with proposed modifications, Kristin seconded, motion is adopted by unanimous vote of members present at March meeting.

Principal’s Report – Kathy

·         PTA committed $4500 to funding Math Transformations through the end of the school year.  Kathy requests that the Foundation provide an additional $4500 to complete desired Math Transformation professional development endeavors for this year.

·         When might funding request for school year 2017-2018 be available?  Grant has been included in a grant from the San Diego Math Network that would facilitate collaboration with other school districts for teacher professional development at no cost to the school.  The benefits of this funding need to be considered before establishing a 2017-2018 funding amount.  A rough order of magnitude estimate may be available by the end of June 2017.

·         Jill and Clint met prior to the 20 April Foundation meeting to discuss available funding to support MT  requests.  The request of  $4500 is supportable under the current budget.

·         Nora made a motion that the Foundation provide support in the amount of $4500 for Math Transformations professional development.  Leslie seconded the motion.

o    Discussion: What are the goals of the MT professional development spending? Increased test scores are always the desired result, however in the short term, a more heuristic measure is appropriate.  More students are “getting it”.  The level of understanding of math concepts by students is more profound.

o    Kids are having more fun with learning standards, using games and collaborative learning techniques.

o    Payoffs of this investment can be expected into middle school

o    Student assessments are also becoming more challenging.  The reading component of math assessments is quite challenging. 

o    Conclusion:  It would be useful to provide a short brief to parents during the PTA meeting to communicate to them what benefits we expect to extract from the MT investment.

·         Present board members unanimously vote to provide the MT funding request of $4500

·         June Jubilee scheduled for Jun 6th

·         Will morning assemblies be re-established?  There is the perception that communication and sense of community are being negatively impacted by having no assemblies.  The desire to preserve the maximum time for teachers with students is a factor, as well perhaps too much total time commitment for the previous model.  It was agreed that improvements to the previous model could be made.  Kathy agreed to revisit the question again in June.


PTA Report - Dan (by email)

·         The Jog-a-thon has been wrapped up and final financial tallies are being completed.

·         Book Fair is May 8-12.

·         Next year’s PTA budget is expected on May 9th





Treasurer’s Report – Clint (by email)

·         Income -$133,800 year-to-date

·         Expenses  $41,186 year-to-date


Grant 5K - Kristin

·         No update


Capital Campaign - Information from Lara - presented by Jill

·         Garden Walk planning is going well.

·         Pavers have recently raised $2400


Science Committee – Leslie

·         The Science Committee did not meet in March, so funding request for 2017-2018 is pending.

·         This month, parent volunteers will be teaching engineering lessons they helped develop in collaboration with teachers.

Imagine Campaign – Viveca

·         The next event is the wine tasting on May 6 - $2000 donors receive 2 tickets for this event; Foundation will reimburse PTA. There were 6 donors at $2000 level.

·         Final push for donations for the Imagine Campaign will start in mid May.

·         Expenses for the year may be below budget.

Scholarships – Maggie

·         Girl’s STEM class started on 4/19 with 6 students (5 - 4th graders and 1 - 8th grader).

·          Two scholarships were awarded for yoga, one for clay munchkins.

New Business 

·         Karen Coutts: Karen provided an overview of the Point Loma Foundation and also provided an analysis of what makes Grant K8 unique from a grant writing perspective and spoke about identifying the grants that would be most applicable to Grant K8.  

o     The Point Loma Foundation (PLF)shares represents all schools that feed into the Point Loma High School, plus the PLHS itself

o    The PLF is about “vertical alignment”, providing continuity from elementary, middle to high school education.  They are not a fund raising body.

o    Focus on allowing teachers to work across schools in Professional Learning Communities (PLC).  They can gain efficiencies by letting schools that have funding share the results with other schools.

o    They communicate with parents to help them understand what might be important to kids and families in the coming years of their child’s education.

o    The PLF has 4 members from each school and meet the 1st Monday of the month.

·         Fundraising/Grant Writing

o    Grant has a diverse population, but is not a Title I school, so it would likely not be considered “underserved” from the point of view of funders.

o    Grant should develop a clear vision statement to communicate it’s focus

o    There are two county programs that might provide help with materials: The Community Enhancement Program and the CPPS Program by City Council

Open Table

·         None


Meeting Minutes 2017-03-12

posted Apr 12, 2017, 10:37 AM by Nora Pencola   [ updated May 7, 2017, 8:18 PM ]

12 March 2017 / 6:00 PM / Grant K8 Teacher’s Lounge



Members present:  Nora Pencola, Julie Morgan, Lara Gates,  Fiona Case,  Kristin Boyd,  Viveca Hess,  Jill Baltan, Dan Sakai,  Clint Daniels, Maggie Boyd

Regrets: Leslie Jimenez

Absent: Stacey McReynolds, Betsy Morris

Visitors: Fiona Case, briefing for Leslie Jimenez

6:10 pm Call to order


Opening remarks:

Jill: Congratulations to the 5K team!  The event was great and we appreciate all the tremendous effort of the volunteers in making the race run so smoothly.  Feedback from the community was positive and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the event. 

February minutes:  Those present at February meeting reported having reviewed the minutes.  No changes were proposed.   Dan motioned  to adopt the minutes with no changes.  Viveca seconded.  The motion was adopted with two abstentions  (members absent from February meeting).


Principal’s Report – None 



PTA Report - Dan

·         Sixth grade kids went to camp the week of 12 March.  The PTA typically ear-marks  money to subsidize the camp in parallel with fund raising by the students.  This year the students raised all the money they needed for camp, so PTA was able to reallocate those funds to Math Transformations.

·         Kathy Lorden had requested  up to $14,000 from PTA for Math Transformations through the end of the school year,  but the final amount may be somewhat less.

·         PTA checked into matching donations for Jog-a-thon and $3000 was received.

·          PTA president is the only leadership position that remains open for next school year.

·          Budget discussions will start in April. PTA requested teacher input as to additional requirements over and above this year's budget.  The Budget Committee will form after those inputs are received. 

·         $7000 has been allocated to Math Transformations by the PTA to date.

·         California School Dashboard provides reports which allow users to see performance metrics for school based on demographic breakouts.  Board members might find the data useful, although the roll-up is at a fairly high level.  Discussion of the dashboard data lead to the comment that the San Diego Unified School District is recommending closure of its audit office as a cost-saving measure.  The concern is that closure of the audit office may have adverse consequences to the way money is spent in the district.


Treasurer’s Report – Clint

·         Total Assets $123,275.47

·          Income $69,564.21

                        Grant 5K - Kristin

·         The 5K  had more participants than last year;  the total profits may be approximately the same.

·          Registration fees were about $16,000, sponsorships totaled approximately $20,000, expenses were $19-$20,000.

·         664 participants were involved this year; about 10% higher than last year’s 600 runners.

·          Lazy Acres provided the goody bags

·         After-party was a great success!  Everyone enjoyed the booths and the foam pit!


Capital Campaign - Lara

·         Many Capital Campaign  volunteers have had to resign due to other commitments.  The broader Capital Campaign for construction funds is on hold. Lara is stepping down from the Foundation.  No one from Capital Campaign is available to replace her at this time.

·          Grant listed phase 3 of the construction effort as a “play all day” project for the budget process.  This supports the joint use initiative which is important to emphasize to the Town Council.  They have earmarked, but not allocated, $7M as part of the joint use agreement with Grant.

·         Pavers will be installed this summer.  May 15 is the new deadline for purchase.

·          Kathy has invited Lara to tour the new building.  The construction schedule is delayed by approximately six months and Lara intends to ask the contractor to provide some additional services without additional cost( remove asphalt,  grade the site,  install utilities) to compensate for the delayed opening.


Science Committee – Fiona

·         The Committee is managing requests for materials to support science instruction for NGSS next year. The topic: life-sciences.   Material and equipment requirements will be collated and the committee will allocate funds. The following  year,  Earth sciences are introduced through NGSS.

·         Next year’s NGSS testing is pilot testing only.

·          Money remaining from engineering projects  is now being reallocated to teacher’s professional development


Imagine Campaign – Viveca

·         The campaign has raised ~$47,000 to date.

·         The next event is the wine tasting on May 6.  Tickets for the wine tasting, as well as Yearbooks, are included  with donation levels of $600 or more.

·         There is one final push for donations that the Imagine Campaign this school year.

Scholarships – Maggie

·         Three girl’s STEM scholarship applications were received for the spring term from about 25 teacher recommendations.

·         Two applications for general scholarships were received.

New Business 

·         Julie – Julie attended the Sally Ride STEAM Series breakfast. 

o     Their focus is “finding ways to impact education” with STEAM

o    Create  environments within schools and districts to get STEAM “equity” 

o    How to find meaningful work for students to learn from

o    Allow students to determine their strengths

o     Collaboration and professional development should go hand-in-hand

o     Shift in pedagogy to multidisciplinary techniques

o    There’s an alarming gap in numbers of women STEM professionals (engineers, computer scientists) since the 1980s when the number reached about 35%.  Now it's about 19%.

o     Can our new Science Garden be used as a collaborative space?

·         Point Loma Foundation

o     The Point Loma Foundation shares professional development costs among schools.

o    Enrollment stats for the cluster: 79% of neighborhood enrolls within cluster and 21% enroll at charter schools.

o    Grant Foundation could join the Point Loma Foundation according to the bylaws.  90% of Grant students attend PL High.


Open Table

·         Nora – The Foundation insurance policy will expire in May.  If any changes need to be made to the liability totals, please advise the Board by next month’s meeting.

·         Kristin – The Mission Hills Town Hall meeting has given the Grant Foundation a permanent slot on their quarterly meeting.  We should brainstorm ways to connect with the community through this opportunity.



Meeting Minutes 2-16-17

posted Mar 19, 2017, 5:25 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 7, 2017, 8:18 PM by Nora Pencola ]

16 February 2017 / 5:45 PM / Grant K8 Teacher’s Lounge



Members present:  Leslie Jimenez, Lara Gates, Dan Sakai, Kristin Boyd, Maggie Boyd, Jill Baltan, Viveca Hess, and Nora Pencola

Regrets: Kathy Lorden, Stacey McReynolds, Julie Morgan and Betsy Morris

5:55 pm Call to order


Opening remarks:

Jill: At PTA meeting on 2/14/17 Kathy Lorden addressed questions regarding the projected $124 million short fall in district budget for 2017-18, and district’s proposal to remove VP’s from schools like ours.

Kathy requested at the meeting that parents write letters of support for our VP, and make the case for why Grant should have a VP.

Jill asked all board members to write a letter if they haven’t already. Kathy requested that the letters be brought to the office and be submitted by 3/15/17.

January Minutes:

Everyone had a chance to review minutes. Kristin had a correction for the minutes.  There was an error regarding the 5k team holding a public meeting at Grant to answer the community’s questions regarding the 5k fun run.

Clint made a motion to approve the corrected minutes; Leslie seconded the motion. Minutes are passed.


Principal’s Report – Kathy

·         Kathy was not able to attend the meeting, but provided her principal’s report by email. Jill presented the report for the board to review.

·         The full text of the Math Transformations discussion is provided below to capture details relevant to assessing the Return on Investment from Foundation allocations to this program:

o    Math Transformations Math Transformations has provided professional development on three minimum days. Additionally, half-day and full-day grade span workshops have been held from which teachers have emerged ready to implement their learning the next day.

o    Here’s what Grant teachers are saying so far:

“The games are great for launching units.  When I get to certain units I will be able to implement them more appropriately.

Also, the idea of number talks and bringing that back to the lessons more than I already do is a great reminder of good teaching.”                  ­~1st Grade Teacher


“Math Transformations has been an excellent program. I truly appreciate contact with such focused and brilliant experts in the area of mathematics education. They have provided a bridge between our classrooms and the most current research in teaching math. Their insight and focus on the specific standards children are expected to know has guided our unit design. The assistance of Math Transformations has been invaluable in process of developing a math program of the caliber expected for our Grant K-8 students.

 Through the training provided by MT, my colleagues and I have developed a coherent and carefully sequenced series of math activities on the topic of fractions. We have, with the guidance of Math Transformations, created the curriculum we have needed all along.

 Please don't laugh when I say that this has actually helped me sleep better!”   ~4th Grade Teacher

“I feel like I truly understand what a Number Talk should look like now. I have been doing them on a regular basis and it seems like my students have really gained understanding of place value and their mental math has definitely improved. They have learned different strategies for computation because they get to hear other students' thinking. The speed at which they can compute mentally has also increased.

I have started using the daily number talk with my class after hearing the impact that mental math and number talks have on students. I found a blank ten-frame on Promethean Planet and started using it as a flip chart. Each day the kids have a new number in a ten-frame building from previous days. They talk about different ways they 'see' the number and I add their thinking directly to the chart. I like that it gets kids thinking about numbers mentally.

I also have started using the 'Four Strikes' game they taught us. We call it number snowman (instead of 'hangman' which has a negative connotation). I love the way it makes them reason through numbers and the number talk and reasoning it naturally enhances.”    ~
1st Grade Teacher

“As a special education teacher who teaches and is expected to know all subjects. Special education has historically always just had to adapt and modify the general education curriculum.  I have found the Math Transformation training to be so valuable.  I have already implemented games and strategies with my Special Education students.  I also support in the general education classrooms and it is helpful to know the strategies so I can help the teachers implement them with both general ed and special ed students. The students love it and the design of the curriculum modifications and lessons that have been differentiated to meet all levels of learning are incredibly valuable.  When I implemented one of the activities the other day I had every student in my class raising their hand wanting to answer. I haven't seen anything close to this level of math support in my teaching career which started in 1993.” ~Middle School Teacher

“I have been teaching a long time.  I was already on board with the idea of Common Core math a few years ago and have had to work hard not only to revise my math teaching methods, but to also "unlearn" the way I traditionally taught math.

I have participated in four training sessions with the Math Transformation coaches and I have been quite impressed, which is often difficult to do with an experienced (old) teacher.  They present the material so that not only will the students be engaged and have fun learning math and tackling difficult problems, but the teachers, for the first time, are learning how to present sequential, powerful, engaging lessons for their students.  This is the best training I have ever received in my 37 years of teaching!”    ~5th Grade Teacher

“Yesterday's workshop was extremely valuable. It should be called Demystifying Fractions!   Lots of hands-on activities that we could use immediately.  The three of us had our students make the fraction kits this morning.   The conversations the students were having with partners and whole group were very powerful with lots of "ah-ha" moments like we had yesterday in our workshop.  I honestly think that just the task of making the fraction kits and doing activities using the visuals for about an hour today, changed the student's negativity towards fractions (because they find fractions very difficult)  and their skills and mindset can only get better as they do more lessons using the fraction kits.  Visuals/manipulatives are imperative for a student's understanding and should be used whenever appropriate.”  ~5th Grade Teacher


Next Steps:

·         Aligning upcoming units to Common Core Math Standards, infusing rich tasks into lessons.

·         Determine how many teachers will be able to continue being trained:

§  $6,000 = 2 full days: 1 full day for middle school + 1 half-day for 2 elementary grade levels

§  $9,000 = 3 full days: 1 full day for middle school + 1 half-day for 4 elementary grade levels

§  $12,000 = 4 full days: 1 full day for middle school + 1 half-day for every elementary grade level

·         The Educator Effectiveness Grant will cover the substitute cost for all teachers to continue being trained. I have begun the process of getting MT approved by the District so I can pay them directly next year for continued work through structuring next year’s EEG differently.


·         Kathy requested that the Foundation determine how the upcoming 5K can potentially provide additional funds.


·         Construction Update:

o    After the elementary bungalows are demolished this summer, the area designated for the pavers will be prepared. That work should be complete in late July/early August.

o     Dates for the ribbon cutting are under consideration, perhaps the first day of school.


PTA Report - Dan

·         PTA members voted during the 2/14/17 general PTA meeting to allocate $4,000 to Math Transformations.  The PTA Board was able to identify funds in the budget that could be reallocated.  The PTA created a new line item in their STEAM budget for Math for this allocation, and possibly future allocations.

·         Appreciation gift.  Kristin motions, Lara seconds. Approved by unanimous vote.


Treasurer’s Report – Clint


·         Capital Campaign $45,350.00

·         Non Profit Income Donations  $300.00

·         Imagine Campaign 2016-2017  $44,456.30

·         Mission Hills 5K Income  $14,246.50

·         Total Non Profit Income  $59,002.80

·         Total Income $104,352.80

·         GROSS PROFIT $104,352.80


·         Capital Campaign Expenses  $14,000.00

·         Dues & Subscriptions $19.99

·         Mission Hills 5K Expenses  $570.00

·          Total Fundraising Events  $570.00

·         Imagine Campaign 2016 - $100.00

·         PayPal Fees $768.29

·         Square Fees  $239.19

·         Total Imagine Campaign 2016  $907.48

·          Miscellaneous $0.49

·         Scholarships $2,003.00

·         Stationery & Printing  $302.28

·         Taxes & Licenses  $20.00

·          Total Expenses $17,823.24



·         Interest Earned  $19.20

·         Miscellaneous Income  $0.49

·         Total Other Income $19.69


NET INCOME: $86,549.25


Capital Campaign - Lara

·         Garden relocation initiative is going well.

·         The Garden Club Walk has selected the gardens and secured advertising for the event.

·         Deadline to contribute to the Paver campaign  is April 15.

·         Joint use funding has been allocated ? – not sure of official status?

·         The Gecko Garden will be relocated in fall/winter of 2017.

·         The Capital Campaign initiative to raise money to be allocated to the 2nd/3rd phases of reconstruction has been put on hold for now.

Grant 5K - Kristin

·         Ms Rader will hand out medals for the kids after the race.

·         Partnering with the YMCA for the post-5K party. Theyre bringing materials from 4 summer camps, including robotics.

·         Still working on scheduling a DJ, John Snyder and John Ray were recommended.

·         The San Diego Union Tribune is running a story on the event.

·         Cindy Martin and Chris Ward will attend.

·         $19K  in sponsorship money has been pledged.

Science Committee – Leslie

·         The Committee is looking for teachers from each grade level to volunteer to attend the CA Science Teachers Conference

·         Members of the Science Committee are spending time in classrooms modeling teaching techniques based on kits the Committee provided to teachers.  Teachers are responding well to the kits and suggestions, but have expressed time constraints are an obstacle.  Hopefully some feedback will be available next month.

·         NGCS curriculum moved the grade at which certain topics are taught, meaning that some students are seeing a topic repeated from the previous year. 

Imagine Campaign – Viveca

·         The Wine and Arts soiree went very well.  Food, materials , art instruction and venue (Soul Care Barn) were all donated.

·         Yearbooks have been ordered for the $600+ Imagine Campaign donors.

·         Expenses to date are ~$2K against a total budget of $4K.

Scholarships – Maggie

·         Three scholarships were awarded for the winter session.

·         Applications for scholarships for the spring session are due no later than March 20th.

·         The all-girls STEM class will be offered again in the spring session.  The plan is to offer the class twice per year.  The spring class will have the same content as last falls, so a second cohort of students will be selected.

·         Maggie requested funds to mount construct a bulletin board organizer for flyers.

·         ACTION: Request permission for Kathy Lorden to install the bulletin board.

New Business 

·         None


Open Table

·         None





Meeting Minutes 1/12/17

posted Feb 2, 2017, 6:40 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 7, 2017, 8:19 PM by Nora Pencola ]

12 JANUARY 2017 / 6:00 PM / Teacher’s Lounge


1.       Call to Order – 6:00 @ 1/12/17 in teacher’s lounge

a.       Opening Remarks – Jill – 2 minutes

b.       Approval of Minutes – 5 minutes – 12/8/16


c.        Principal’s report – Kathy – 30 minutes

                                 i.            Common Core Math

1. Proposal to employ ‘Math Transformations’; see their website;

d.       PTA report – Dan – 5 minutes

e.        Treasurer report and budget – 10 minutes

a.       Income/Expenditure updates

f.        Other Committee reports – 25 minutes

ii.  Science Committee – Leslie

iii.  Imagine Campaign – Viveca

iv.  Mission Hills 5K – Kristin


(Kind of) New business

a.       Website development–– 10 minutes – all



Open Table


2.       Adjourn



Members present:  Stacy, Leslie, Nora, Dan, Jill, Kristin, Kathy, Julie 

Regrets: Lara, Clint, Maggie, Betsy and Viveca

Guest: Margaret Steinberg

6:12 pm Call to order

Opening remarks: One of the primary missions of the Foundation is to support STEAM instruction and learning at Grant.  It’s increasingly important in the world for children to get exposed to and gain proficiency in math and science at younger ages to spark their interest and help them gain mastery.  

Motion to adopt Meeting Minutes: Call for changes: None.

Motion: Leslie.   Seconded: Stacy.  Motion passes.

Principal’s Report – Kathy

·         Following last month’s discussion of seeking the services of Math Transformations (a math instruction consultant), Kathy reviewed proposals and finalized a request for funding from the Foundation for services.

·         Kathy provided a summary document to support the conversation and provide additional information (Grant teacher comments, customer testimonials).  The full text of the document is below.

·         Bottom line request for funding from the Foundation is a total of  $18,600 over the approximate period of Jan – Jun 2017 . 

·         How many teachers would receive training under the funding request? 29 at least.

·          The principal controls some existing funding for substitute teachers that can be repurposed to facilitate training.  How much  is not known at this time.  The total amount of substitute instruction required to receive the requested training is not yet known.

·         Leslie and Margaret gave testimonials about the  training they received from Math Transformations  on January 12, which was offered free as a demonstration of concept.   Some specific comments regarding the training: “It is definitely is worth the money”, “They gave us techniques that could be used right away” “There are cross-curriculum benefits, not just for math”,  “There's a spark among the staff,  and people are excited to get the training”.

·         Discussion and review of known budget commitments and anticipated review determined that the Foundation does not have uncommitted funds or anticipated future revenue to apply towards this request without some change in current plans or fundraising.

·         The Foundation has ~$12,000 planned for the 2017-2018 school year Science Committee. Some money could be reprioritized toward math consultants or additional funds could be raised in the future for the 2017-2018 school year.

o    ACTION: Schedule a budget committee meeting in order to review accurate financials and set spending priorities.

·         Nora Motions to fund Kathy for $6000 in order to initiate training.  Stacy seconds.  The motion passes with one dissent 


Funding Request

To accelerate student progress toward mastery of Common Core Math Standards, funding in the amount of $18,600 is requested from the Grant School Community Foundation to receive professional development from Math Transformations, a company that collaborates with school partners to co-develop and implement the highest quality long-term, sustainable math instructional improvement plans, including transitioning to the Common Core Mathematics Standards.


This funding will allow Grant teachers to receive support over and above what the District gives in order to accelerate growth, to increase teacher confidence in their understanding of math instruction, and to instill a joy for math in our students.



2016       52% Meeting Standard       48% Not Meeting Standard                149/312 students, grades 3-8

2015       58% Meeting Standard       42% Not Meeting Standard                134/312 students, grades 3-8


Although this data only shows one measure of math achievement for Grant students in grades 3-8, we know that the assessment does align with Common Core State Standards for math and that all of our students deserve the highest quality of instruction possible to master content.


Math Transformations:

Common Core Math Practice Workshops

Participants come to understand the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice by engaging in mathematics as adult learners.  They learn what it looks and feels like to persevere, look for structure, construct a viable argument . . .  and then they connect it to their own classroom practice.


Common Core Math Content Workshops

Participants unpack the Common Core Math Content Standards and examine the vertical progression of the standards across the grades.  They engage in math experiences where they come to deeply understand the content detailed in the standards as well as best practices for helping students learn that content.  These workshops can be either for a specific grade level or for a vertical span of grade levels.  ​ They can be tailored to your specific site needs.  When appropriate, this offering can include working with the teachers' current textbook.


Classroom Coaching

Consultants will go into the classrooms with teachers to guide instructional shifts into practice.  We use a variety of structures to support teachers at the classroom level:  observation and reflective conversations, video-analysis, a plan/co-teach/co-reflect cycle, demonstration lessons, and Lesson Study.


Grant Teacher Input:

Today Math Transformations provided professional development for all elementary teachers, special education teachers, and middle school math teachers. Teachers were able to experience math from a student perspective, have time to share strategies, ask questions about the strategies, collaborate with one another and the presenters, and find out more about how MT could work alongside them to leverage what they already are doing well in their math instruction and gain a deeper understanding of the shifts due to common core, as well as further develop their work together as grade level teams.


Grant Teacher Goals:

·         Deepen understanding of the progression of the Common Core math content standards across the grades.

·         Deepen understanding of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice.

·         Expand opportunities for students to engage in rich mathematical tasks.

·         Explore best practices to help students build strong number sense.

·         Learn new strategies to build students’ procedural fluency.

·         Develop strategies for differentiating instruction.

·         Learn about best practices for helping struggling students access mathematics.

·         Create math environments where students love mathematics.


Testimonials from Valley Elementary Teachers, Poway Unified School District, regarding Math Transformations:

1.        My name is Elba Ozakcay, and I have been a teacher at PUSD for over 20 years. When a teacher has been teaching for that many years, it takes someone special to spark a new fire in them about teaching and learning. I am so fortunate that I have met not one, but three such very special people.  I met Andrea when she came to work at Valley Elementary in 2011 as a math coach and she introduced our staff to Caren and Rusty. Working and learning with Andrea, Rusty, and Caren is truly transformational and inspirational. Personally, I was inspired to provide more math hands-on experiences for my students and to ask them more questions in general. Our class was bubbling with excitement about our math discoveries. The entire school was changing too. In just three years, Valley went from being the first school in PUSD to be in program improvement to being a math mentor school for the entire district. 

At Valley, Andrea provided workshops, resources, team meetings, one: one coaching opportunities, co-teaching opportunities, books for us to borrow, and much more. She did not push; she did not judge. Andrea understood that relationships were vital and made people feel safe to try new ways of thinking, teaching, and learning math. Andrea modeled being a risk taker and having a growth mindset by teaching in my Kindergarten Dual Language class even when she was not a Spanish speaker. Caren and Rusty also came to Valley to lead workshops and grade level meetings.

In 2014, Andrea, Rusty, and Caren guided PUSD’s math professional development for the elementary and middle school teachers. As one of the math leaders for my school site, I was able to participate in training that helped me grow in the area of leadership as well as in my understanding of math content and how to teach it. The professional development that Andrea, Rusty, and Caren provided had a direct positive impact on our teachers and students.

Every time I am around Andrea, Rusty, and/or Caren, I learn and grow in some way. I love working with them! Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to hear more about my experiences working with Andrea, Rusty and Caren.

2.       I am writing to express my recommendations for Math Transformations (Rusty, Caren, and Andrea).  I have had the privilege of working with them over the past 6 years at Valley Elementary.  In that time, my teaching has been more inspired, student centered, standards based, and instructionally sound.


I remember back to when I first started working with Andrea Barraugh in a one-on-one coaching setting.  I knew a lot about teaching ELA, but when it came to math, I did not have the instructional knowledge to teach math in a way that really met student needs.  I took advantage of every opportunity to learn from Rusty, Caren, and Andrea.  They empowered me to know what good math teaching looked like.  They showed me how to look at student work in a way that would form future instruction.  I learned how to find quality resources and plug them into my math teaching.  The team really challenged me to think about making a math environment that was authentic, interesting, and engaging for students.  I went from a “pick up the manual and teach” method of teaching math to really being inspired to plan engaging math lessons that met needs of many different learners in my classroom.  My teaching truly became inspired through working with them in whole staff professional development, small group, and modeled lesson, just to start.


Rusty, Caren, and Andrea also have so much professional respect for teachers.  I felt as if we were side by side.  They developed professional coaching relationships with teachers across the school. 


Working with Rusty, Caren and Andrea has not only inspired my math instruction, it has truly changed the way I think about teaching as a profession.  I am constantly now thinking about how I can make tasks across my day more rich and engaging.  I enjoy teaching more and have been inspired by working with them. 


Additionally, the former principal from Valley Elementary confirmed that the school experienced double-digit growth on the CST in the second year of the work with Math Transformations. This is the top priority year after year when the staff gives input for the school’s Title 1 budget. They have been using MT for 5 years.


As the principal of Grant TK-8 School, I agree with Andrea Barraugh from Math Transformations that our teachers are the silver bullet, not the math program or curriculum we use.

PTA Report - Dan

·         PTA added one member since the last meeting, the fundraisers are going well.

·         The Cyber Security brief given in Jan was well received.

·         Screening of Screen Agers is still being worked.

o    ACTION: Dan will update when able regarding screening of Screen Agers


Treasurer’s Report – Clint not present.  See Treasurer’s page for Jan updates.


Science – Leslie

·         Just wrapped up the full school engineering event, which was very successful. Kids at all grade levels were excited and did well. The students made “cars”, self propelled, mechanical devices using rubber bands, cardboard, tape, etc.

·         The “car show” will be held next month to allow students and  parents and students to walk the entries.  Class winners will compete for overall awards.

·         The Science Committee is planning on at least one more full-school engineering event for the year.

Grant 5K - Kristin

·         5K flyers are going out in the next few days.

·         The route is the same as last year but traffic flow will be different, including no parking on both sides of the route.

·         Additional sponsors are desired in the $1000-$1500 sponsorship level, so spread the word. Just under $15,000 in sponsorship money has been raised to date.

·         Teachers may get a $10 discount on registration to encourage their participation.

·         Kristen asked Kathy to request the superintendent of schools attend the race.

·         No public hearing will be hosted by Grant on the issue of parking because the Town Council will be discussing the topic during their meeting.

New Business 

·         None


Open Table

·         None





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