WE/JE Audition Info

Updated March 2018

Both the Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble auditions include the following:
1. Chromatic scale over your entire range (your lowest to highest note). Quarter note=160+
2. 1-2 octave major scale (Be prepared to play any of the 12. You pick one, I pick another). Quarter note=160+
3. Sight read
4. Prepared piece (see below)

Prepared piece
Wind Ensemble Audition Material
Prepare the Theme, Var 1 & Var 2 only

Jazz Ensemble Audition Material
Play through the form and then solo over the changes.

Additional info for rhythm section:
Play through the form and then solo over the changes

Read and comp changes through Good Bait & solo 2X

Read melody & walk a line on Good Bait, solo 2X

Play through Good Bait setting up band as appropriate. 
Play a fast & slow swing in 4 & 3 with sticks & brushes
Play a Mambo & Bossa Nova groove