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Online Forums

There is an online discussion group called Touchbase for the residents of the Gransdens and neighbouring villages; at present, it can only be viewed by those who have been registered as members of the group. To join, email your request to, and say where you live. Only residents of Abbotsley, Waresley or one of the Gransdens can join, though for historic reasons some existing members live outside this region. Group members will normally receive an email for every post, but you can opt to receive regular summaries instead - daily or weekly, say.

There is also the Gransden Forum; like Touchbase, you have to register to view the site, and it is open to those in the same four villages. Posts are categorised, and you can be selective about the categories in which you are interested.

Village Diary

There is a diary in the Great Gransden village shop, that can be used by event organisers etc to minimise clashes! Please remember to consult it before scheduling an event, and then put an entry in the diary for your date. There is also a diary on Facebook - but that is only visible to those who have signed up to that platform, despite its privacy record.