The male lines of ancestry always seems to get far more attention than the female lines. It is easier of course to find the men because they keep their family names from generation to generation. Also, as most people have four grandparents and eight great grandparents and so on, going ten generations back you would have 1024 ancestors to trace, leaving aside cousin marriages. So I am very happy to know that my grandmothers' maiden names were Pickford and Gill before they became Dodd and Stewart, and that my great grandmothers' names were Parker and Colclough and Jolly and... (well I've got it written down somewhere!) before they became Pickford and Dodd and Gill and Stewart. I have one or two glimpses further back, but if all I can know about people is their names and dates, I'm not very interested. For my children and grandchildren I shall try to add some details when I have time.