My name is Philip Stewart, and my grandchildren call me Granphi, which is short for Grandpa Phi(lip). I never asked to be called Philip, but the name has stuck. Fortunately, Phi f is my favourite Greek letter because it stands for the Golden Ratio, which is almost exactly 1.618 or 0.618 (though if you wrote it out in full the decimals would never end). I try to work this ratio into whatever I make, so it explains the height and width of my fireplace, the shape of the windows in my loft conversion, the coils of my Chemical Galaxy and so on. If you want to know more about it there is a beautiful book The Golden Ratio: the Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number by Mario Livio.
I am a boy who never grew up and who wanted to go on playing with everything, which explains the rather scattered interests in this website. I have always been puzzled by human behaviour, which is why I took an Oxford degree in Arabic, to see if thinking in a non-European language would produce different thoughts, but I concluded in the end that any thought can be translated into any language, though with more difficulty in some languages than others. A visit to Tunisia in 1959 persuaded me that the Arab world had too few trees, so my second degree was in forestry (which I had already done at school, Bryanston, because boys who hated rugger were allowed to work in the local woods instead). Between those two degrees I tried to do a doctorate, but it turned into the translation of an Arabic novel, with mixed success. After 7 years trying to do forestry in Algeria I had to admit I was not made for a practical life, so I came back to Oxford to teach economics (with no degree in economics!) to students of agriculture and forestry, but the University squeezed out those subjects, so I ended up mainly teaching ecology to students of the human sciences.
I blog under the name of Cyclepath (nothing to do with psychopath!). The blog is called Aquaregia, but that was not available as a name for the site, so it is http://goldsolvent.blogspot.com/