The Wriggles' Worm Farm

GO GREEN--The Ultimate Book on Recycling

    "Worms in my house! Garbage in my basement!" Recycling takes on a new dimension when the Wriggles become worm farmers and find that 'there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place."

About the author
    Like her alter-ego in the story, Mrs. Wriggles, June Anderson is a firm believer in recycling and not letting anything go to waste, especially food scraps. Like Mr. Wriggles she purchased a worm house and red wiggler worms to live in it. Along with helpful advice, this story describes the trials and tribulations of being a worm farmer.
    June lives on a former hobby farm in Andover where her family once kept horses and pigs and chickens. With five published books to her name so far, this is her first venture into picturebook land.

About the illustrator
Eleven year-old Cheresa Bouley has been drawing and painting ever since she was old enough to toddle to her table set up in her Grandma's (Cherene Bebeau) art studio. In addition to illustrating, Cheresa loves to write, serving as a reporter for her school newspaper and publishing her own family newsletter.  Cheresa lives on a hobby farm with her parents and five siblings near Zimmerman, Minnesota. While she doesn't raise worms, she does raise chickens and ride horses. She hopes someday to write, illustrate, and publish her own stories.

Available at
Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts in Fridley
Eat My Words Bookstore in NE Minneapolis

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June Anderson
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