The Haunting of the Anoka Masonic Lodge

Between the covers of The Haunting of the Anoka Masonic Lodge are the accounts of those who have witnessed the unexplainable happenings in both the Masonic Lodge and its next-door neighbor, Colonial Hall.

In her book the author delves into the history of both buildings and shares the findings of the experts in explaining the supernatural phenomena. She has personally taken part in paranormal investigations to better help both the reader and herself appreciate and understand what's going on in the realm of the unknown.

About the Author:
June Gossler Anderson's interest in the supernatural began with her volunteer work as a Ghost Tour Guide for the Anoka County Historical Society in 2007. In 2009 she was asked by the historical society to write a history column for the local weekly, now the Anoka County Union Herald. Her columns appear during the months of February, June, and October. Knowing of her love of history and mystery, she was contacted by the historian of the Anoka Masonic Lodge to document the paranormal activities occurring in their building. She likens the stories told to her as pieces to a jigsaw puzzle. Individually, they are very interesting, but it's not until the pieces start to come together that you begin to see the whole picture.

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Eat My Words Bookstore in NE Minneapolis
Minnestalgia in McGregor
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