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 Why I Write
   'd rather write than talk, a statement that might surprise a lot of people who know me, for I'm not exactly shy. I like to express my thoughts and my opinions. However, talking is imprecise; too many awkward pauses while my brain is tryng to figure out how to finish the sentence that started out so lucid, and then kind of ambled off into the vast ether of lost ideas. Where was I going with that thought? Writing allows me to choose my words, to shape them for accuracy and impact, and best of all, to discard them if they're not performing in an acceptable way. Writing empowers me to be the master of what I say and what I think.
    As a child I learned the power of words when our class was given a written assignment, generaly labeled "a theme." I didn't know what was meant by "a theme" or if there were other forms of writing. It didn't matter. I just wrote. My biggest thrill would be when the teacher chose to read my assignment to the class. I was thrilled to share my "theme" with my classmates, who, in retrospect, were probably rolling their eyeballs and saying, "Not again."
   As I grew older I learned that I could use the power of my words to write essays and stories which I set out to do, not always successfully, but I learned. My poem, "Eulogy for a Dead Story" describes that experience. How many times would I come to the end of of story having no idea of how it should end?
     I don't want to say I've completely mastered the elements of writing because, as with any art form, one can always improve. But, if you click on the subpage link, you will find some stories that I would feel privileged to share with you.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.
 June Anderson 
                                                                                                        June  Eulogfor Eulogy for a Dead Story 
I wrote the most wonderful story
About when I was a child
Ghost images hovered about me
As Memory upon Memory I piled
The Setting was detailed, authentic.
The Characters drawn in 3-D
And oh, how my Heroine suffered.
To her I was mean as could be.
Bizarre complications abounded
With every turn of the page.
The indignities heaped on my heroine
Would throw a saint into a rage.
Suspense was so thick you could cut it.
The Dialog--witty and bright.
The Theme was both wise and inspiring.
The Pace moved along about right.
Oh, I wrote the most wonderful story.
My readers would like it a lot.
But first, I've got to go fix it.
It seems I neglected the plot.