Shades of Childhood

    Shades of Childhood (Memoirs with a Plot) is a backward look at childhood from the vantage point of adulthood. Spanning the generations from the Model T Ford to Virtual Reality, it is a collection of funny little read-aloud stories tied together by the grandmas and the grandpas, the aunts and the uncles, the sisters and the Cousin, and especailly the Mom and Dad whose strong sense of family set the scenes for the stories in this book and whose love and commitment to each other and to their daughters created this uniquely "normal" family.
In looking back over my childhood years from the vantage point of advanced adulthood, I realize now,  in an age when "dysfunction" seems to be the buzzword, that if there was anything unique about the Gossler family, it was its normalcy. Dad went to work every day and came home to his family every evening. Mom stayed home every day (one job, one-car families were the norm) cooked, cleaned and ministered to the affairs of her daughters. The biggest household issues revolved around eating our vegetables and whose turn it was to do the dishes.
    Raising their children in an era before "experts" and the "Information Age" my parents' world and perspectives were limited to their own experiences and instincts. They didn't have all of the answers (nor were there so many questions back then in the forties and fifties,) but Mom and Dad were hard-working, straight-shooting, clean-living people. They were devoted to each other and dedicated to the care and nuture of their five daughters of whom I am the oldest.
     Each story in this book was triggered by some current event or situation that brought back memories of this relatively short but overwhelmingly important era of my lifespan. While many of these stories are based upon my own childhood memories, one reaches back into my father's childhood, one is a souped-up tall tale drawn from my son's childhood, and one is a contemporary event for reading to my grandchildren. They are all true (to some degree, more or less.)
June Anderson, author
Illustrated:  A book for all ages--nine to ninety-nine.  

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Christmas and The Naughty One
"You Better Watch Out." Words to the old song take on a new meaning.    
Turkey Trot
Dad had a rather unusual dancing partner. 
My Three Grandmothers
One was a boring old lady; one a saintly mother; the other an obsessive fisherwoman--all packaged in the same body.  
Grandma and The Big Fish
A story Dad let slip in a moment of weakness    
Mother Hen
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Computer Pancakes
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The Day Sasha Found Herself
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What ever happened to Cousin Judy?
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