How to Publish Your Book without Going Broke: A Guide to Independent Publishing

 How to Publish Your Book without Going Broke is dedicated to budding and blooming authors who are interested in publishing maybe just a few copies--or possibly many copies of their written work; whether it be a memoir for family and friends or the Great American Novel.This Guide to Independent Publishing is written for the purpose of demystifying the process.

How to Publish Your Book without Going Broke

A Guide to Independent Publishing

There are lots of classes that will teach you how to write, but not many will give you advice about how to publish your masterpiece. How to Publish your Book without Going Broke explains the four most common forms of publishing – traditional/royalty; electronic (Kindle); subsidy, otherwise known as self-publishing; and independent publishing. It discusses the pros, cons, and pitfalls of each and offers guidance on electronic publishing and independent publishing, instructions for setting up a website, suggestions for marketing, a list of resources, and a bibliography of helpful publications.

The author has had experience with all four forms of publishing. Her first two books were self-published by a subsidy publishing company. Three of her books are available on Kindle and other electronic devices. She turned down a contract with a royalty publisher for her third book and published it independently. The experience was so rewarding that she opted to publish her next two books, including this one, independently, also.

So many frustrated writers have asked for advice that she decided to organize her information and share what she has learned in this Guide to Independent Publishing in the hopes that it will turn their dreams of author-hood into reality without breaking the bank.

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 How to Publish Your Book Without Going Broke

 A Guide to Independent Publishing 

June Gossler-Anderson