Author Appearances

A Personal History of Minnesota
Travel in time through the words and works of June Gossler-Anderson

    Embark on your journey as the tales begin. In April, 1978, author June Gossler-Anderson came upon a tattered and yellowed manuscript. It was her great-grandfather, Henry Annis's, eyewitness account of the Battle of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. June retraced her ancestor's wartime experience and reconstructed it in the larger context of his regiment and the battles themselves in this Civil War memoir, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Granger, Grant, and Grandpa.

    Fast forward to Northeast Minneapolis where June shares her own story of growing up against the backdrop of wartime America during the waning days of WWII.  Enjoy the stories and experiences of life at this turning point in America through the eyes of a young girl facing a childhood bully as told in The Flip-flop Year.

    Now on to Anoka, Minnesota where the author researches the stories told to her by the Freemasons and delves into the supernatural events occurring in one of the Halloween Capital's haunted buildings in The Haunting of the Anoka Masonic Lodge.

    Your final destination is a journey to adventure in this multicultural mystery of supernatural proportions. The Shaman Stone is a retrospective adventure with cultural and historical references. Learn about the genesis of burial mounds begun nearly 2000 years ago in Minnesota and how the ancient Indian culture relates to that of Minnesota's newest people, the Hmong.
June Gossler-Anderson is available for book talks to classes, book clubs, groups and organizations. Contact her through her e-mail:

Jan. 18: Book Talk Anoka-Hennepin Librarians (private)
Mar. 20: Guest Author at Shamanic Workshop
             Center for Harmonious Living at the
             Living Waters Market
             12201 Minnetoka Blvd.
             Mtka, MN 55303
             12:30-2:30 pm
Aug.6: Coffee and Biscotti with author June Gossler Anderson
           Lakes Area Community Center
           Battle Lake, Minnesota
           10:00 am
October 12: Author's Tea
                  Coon Rapids Senior Center
                  11135 Robinson Drive NW
                  Coon Rapids, MN
                  1:30 pm
                   Includes pie and coffee. Call for reservations
Jan. 11   Book Talk at St. Cloud History Center for Granite City Book  Club 6:30-8:00
April 5,    Osseo Author Tea and Book Talk 
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