GHHS Girls Lax Roster

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Teams are not permanent. We reserve the right to make changes as we see fit for the betterment of both players and team. 
Many more players are registered and making their transition from other sports and still being cleared.


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Feb 17th, 2018


9:00 am 
*Note: Please make time to register, gear up and be ready by the 9:30 am start. 


GHHS Turf Stadium 
1719 East Madison Avenue 
El Cajon CA, 92021

What you will need:

1.You need to be CLEARED in order to participate!
2. Try-out Sheet w/Picture Attached.
*Make sure its all filled out and complete


1. Girls Lacrosse Stick (No pocket)
2. Goggles (Field hockey/lacrosse)
3. Mouth Guard (Solid Colors only, no white or clear allowed)
4. Cleats 

Final Note:

All players are encouraged to partake in tryouts regardless of their skill set and experience. All players will be assigned a team the following Monday. Teams are NOT set in stone and will be fluid as changes are made in order to maintain the most competitive teams possible. The program reserves the right to move players as they see fit at any point throughout the season. 

Good Luck & We can't wait to welcome you to THE NEST!

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