Club Officer Contacts and Information

Kerry Bridge - President

Mike Raetz - Vice-President

Robert Beaman -Treasurer

Nasha Martin - Secretary

Eric Altena - Webgeek

Meeting Minutes

Granite City Bassmasters 11/17/21. Meeting brought to order at 6:30 pm, at the Triple R Restaurant, in Kimball, MN.

Members present, Kerry Bridge, Mike Raetz, Dave Johnson, Patrick Martin, Nasha martin and Bob Beaman.

1. Treasurers Report, a Balance of $2,431.30 with $600.00 in outstanding payments, yet to be dispersed from that balance.

2. Nominations for officers for the 2022, season, as accepted, by these nominees, are as follows; President, Kerry Bridge, Vice President, Mike Raetz, Treasurer, Bob Beaman.Thank you all.

3.The next meeting will be Tuesday 12/14/21 at 6:30 p, at the same location, to elect Granite City Bassmasters 2022 officers. We hope to have a good turnout.

The Agenda for the Tuesday 12/14/21 meeting is as follows:

1. Treasurers Report.

2.Officers Election.

3. Open Discussion/New Business.

4. Set next club meeting and agenda.

Respectfully submitted, Nasha Martin, Granite City Bassmaster Secretary.

Granite City Bassmasters meeting was called to order at at 6:40 pm

4/23/19 at the Triple R Restaurant in Kimball, MN. Members and

interested parties present Bob and Arijeta Richards, Bob Beaman, Tony

Hatten, Tony Sindt, Katie Wehrle, Justin Hass, Kerry Bridge, Pat and

Nasha Martin, Dave Johnson, and Greg Evers.

1. Minutes motion to approve and seconded for the 1/1/19 record.

2.Treasurer's Report, there's a balance of $1,759.30 with the

outhouses yet to be debited in the amount of $421.15 per. Motion made

and seconded to approve $842.30 payment for the outhouses to be placed

at the Cedar Island and Long Lake Public Launches on the Horseshoe

Chain again this year, Courtesy of our Club. Motion made and seconded

to approve the Treasurer's report.

3. Motion made and seconded to approve Tony Hatten as President, Bob

Beaman as Treasurer, and Nasha Martin as Secretary again this year.

Thank you. Discussion ensued about paid TBF members to date.

4. Outhouses was approved above per the treasurer's report above.

Discussion took place for all members to look into facilitating more

sponsors such as Lions Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, etc for our annual

fall tournament. And let our current sponsors know of our


5. May 21st. is our annual Lake Clean up around the Horseshoe Chain of

lakes, meet at the Lions Park landing in Cold Spring, MN at 5:00pm,

disperse to clean up locations, return to the Lions Park with the

refuse collected, and for our Photo opp at 6:30pm , then have a club

meeting at the Side Bar in Cold spring, MN at 7:00pm. Hope to see you

all there, it's a super opportunity to give back and support our


6. Motions made and seconded and approved to have the following be our

five (only four count for points, if you fish five you drop one) TBF

Tuesday nite club qualifiers, May 28th Koronis 6-9pm, June 4th

Francis 6-9pm, June 11th Washington/Stella 6-9pm, June 18th Rice,

6-9pm, and June 25th Clearwater 6-9pm. After that the next dates

continue to count for club points: July 9th Cedar, 6-9pm, July 23th

Clearwater 6-9pm, August 6th, Horseshoe 6-9pm, August 20th

Sylvia/Twin 5:30-8:30pm. The two skipped Tuesdays that are NOT points

nites and are draw for partners are July 16th (Draw nite) Big Lake

6-9pm and August 13th, (Draw Nite) Grand Lake 5:30pm to 8:30pm. There

seems to be nothing scheduled for July 30th, due to the State


7. Our annual Fall granite City Bassmasters Club tournament will be

October 6th on the Horseshoe Chain at Cozy Corners Resort from 8am to

4pm. Hope to see a big turn out!

8. Nasha will confirm Cozy corners for the annual Fall Tournament

10/7/19 and Kerry will get the Sheriffs permit. Bob Beaman will get

the DNR permit and send in the $70.00 fee.

9. Hope all can work one securing/retaining sponsors...Hope to put a

list of those secured for this year in the next meeting minutes


10. Discussion ensued pertaining to TBF and GCB memberships, format

and opportunities.

11. Hats discussion to be continued at the next meeting.

12. Meat raffle is still being considered.

13. The VFW consideration is tabled for now.

15. Stickers to be discussed the next meeting.

16. The next Granite City Bassmasters Meeting is scheduled for

5/21/19 at 7pm at The Side Bar in Cold Spring, MN, following our Lake

Clean up that starts at 5pm that evening.

17. The open discussion was about the annual four team bass challenge

on the 25th of May and we are interested. Mark your Calendars.

The agenda for the next meeting is as follows:

1. Approve minutes from 4/23/19.

2. Treasurer's report, and approval.

3. Confirm outhouses placed at launches, and stickers affixed.

4. Verify Sponsors for the annual fall tournament, Cozys hosting it

and baskets, sheriffs permit, DNR permit etc...

5. Updates from/for the TBF, and discussion.

6. Hats?

7. Club Stickers.

8. Next GCB club meeting and agenda.

9. Our Participation in the Four team West Central Bass Challenge

5/25/19, and updates.

New Business and open discussion.

Meeting Adjourned 7:45pm

Respectfully submitted, Nasha Martin, Secretary GCB

Granite City Bassmasters Meeting was called to order 1/8/19 at 6.30pm.

The location was the Triple R Restaurant in Kimball. Members and

interested parties present were Bob Beaman, Bob and Arijeta Richards,

Tony Sindt, Katie Wehrle, Justin Hass, Tony Hatten, Kerry Bridge, Pat

and Nasha Martin, Peter Fiedler, and Michael Fiedler.

1. The Treasurers report $2,647.30 with outstanding paid out checks

yet to be collected by the parties dispersed to. The approx balance

with outstanding debts/deposits clearing is $1,782.30.

New Business

1. Club tournament qualifiers for the TBF State Tournament will need

to be determined before 7/8/19. The format, standards and membership

dues will remain the same within GCB as before for qualifying. And the

Lake pick will remain the same distance of thirty miles from Kimball,

MN. We will host our annual Fall Classic on the same time line as

last year.

2. Thank you’s, were signed for the sponsors of Granite City

Bassmasters for 2018 by members present. We sincerely appreciate our

supportive sponsors!

3. Open discussion took place about once again sponsoring (paying for)

two outhouses for the Horseshoe Chain as community service and doing

the annual Lake Chain clean up for the same. Kerry will get the

sheriff permits again, once the lakes are chosen, at our next meeting.

Discussion took place on hats for the club with our GCB Insignia.

Justin Hass bought up the VFW Veterans Trolling for Troops. A meat

Raffle was again brought up for the club to consider. More discussion

ensued pertaining to the TBFs team format and the club format through

the clubs and on Minnewaska 7/26 and 7/27/19. The State Tournament is

scheduled for 9/21 and 9/22/19 out of La Crosse. Please see the

Minnesota TBF website for more information schedules, etc.

4. Our next Club Meeting will be 4/23/19 at the Triple R Restaurant in

Kimball, MN at 6.00pm. Please attend, Lakes will be chosen by paid


Agenda for 4/23/19

1. Approve minutes from 1/8/19.

2. Treasures Report.

3. Paid GCB Club members to date. And Approve 2019 Officers.

4. Outhouses.

5. Lake Clean up.

6. Lakes and dates picked for the TBF qualifier, and club points

nights. Chose the two draw lakes and dates.

7. Date of our annual Fall Granite City Bassmasters Tournament, and

DNR permit and fee and sheriff permit, designees.

8. Confirm Cozys Corner for the annual GCB tournament and number for

food basket, designee.

9. Secure this year’s sponsors and post in minutes.

10. TBF, GCB members paid, to qualify for the State Tournament in

2019. Updates for/from the TBF, and Discussion.

11. Hats.

12. Meat raffle.

13. VFW Trolling for troops.

14. Approve Thank you Placards for our 2019 Sponsors.

15. Club stickers and distribution to members, and applied to


16. Schedule next GCB club Meeting and agenda.

17. Open Discussion

Meeting adjourned 7:45pm.

Respectfully submitted, Nasha Martin, GCB Secretary

Granite City Bassmasters Meeting was called to order 4/10/18 at 6:45pm. The location was the Triple R Restaurant in Kimball, MN. Members and interested parties present: Kerry Bridge, Dave Johnson, George Fiene, Pat Martin, Nasha Martin, Aaron Teal, Bob Richards, Bob Beaman, Peter Fiedler, Tony Sindt, Justin Pinkerton and Troy Martindale.

Old Business:

Minutes from last meeting 2/27/18 approved.

Treasurers Report; the balance is $1,487.59

New Business:

Outhouses, approved through Nelson Outhouse again this year. To be placed before opening fishing, at the launches on Long and Cedar Island on the Horseshoe chain. Motioned and passed.

Club dues will remain at $70.00 per member this year, as approved by membership. Discussion took place about additional fund raising opportunities and members will look into the same and report back to the club.

Our annual lakes clean up is scheduled on the Horseshoe Chain for Tuesday evening May 15th, 2018, at 5:30pm. Motioned and carried. This also covers the volunteer requirement for the TBF, as approved by the Jeff Nelson.

The scale was sent in for repairs as per our last minutes/meeting approval, sadly, the owner of the company passed away. Waiting to hear what the options are going forward. Bob Beaman is working on this.

The Lakes and dates chosen for the TBF qualifier and Club Points Nights are as follows; for 2018:

May, 29th Clearwater Lake, June 5th, Lake Francis, June 12th, Lake Koronis, June 19th, Maple Lake, June 26th, Rice Lake, July 10th , The Horseshoe Chain and July 31st, Washington/Stella. The rules will remain as per previously set, with the clarification that Koronis and Rice are to be separate with the bridges being the cut/off, boundary. (No going through the river from Rice to Koronis or vice versa…) As approved by the membership per motions. We will have two draw for partners events this year! July 17, Big Lake, and August 7th on Grand Lake, motioned and approved. J

The Annual Granite City Bassmasters Fall Tournament, on the Horseshoe chain, was approved for October 7th 2018, Bob Beaman will send in the $70.00 Check and Permit to the DNR, Nasha will Confirm Cozy Corners Resort, George Meyers 320-597-3587) as the Host, for about 34 meals, and verify pricing per, with last year at $7.00 per basket for each tournament participant, as paid for by the club. Kerry Bridge will obtain the Sheriffs permit for the same. Motions were made carried and passed.

The” Thank You” Placards were distributed to the members to give to our generous club sponsors’. We are all so appreciative for their support.

New Business

Kerry Bridge brought forth the invitation from Justin Schue and Dean Drexler from the Glacial Lakes and West Central Bass Clubs to participate with them for a Bass Royal Challenge, (Fish Off) with our club. He will get more information as there is interest from our members in this opportunity, as carried per motions.

Raffles as referenced above.

Agenda for our meeting after the Lakes clean up, 5/15/18:

Approve minutes.

Treasures report.

Scale update.

Raffle update.

Fish Off update.

New Business.

Meeting adjourned 7:45pm.

Respectfully submitted, Nasha Martin, Secretary

Granite City Bassmasters Club meeting was called to order 2/27/18 at 6:30pm Kimball, MN. Member’s and interested parties present : Tony Sindt, Eric Altena, Bob and Arijeta Richards, Kerry Bridge, George Fiene, Pat and Nasha Martin, Bob Beaman, Tony Hatten, Peter Fiedler, and Joe Miller.

Agenda as set by Tony Hatten

TBF (The Bass Federation) The club will send in registration for the TBF with the following members , Kerry Bridge, Bob Richards, Pat Martin, Nasha Martin, and Bob Beaman as having paid their TBF Federation dues to the club for this year and Tony Hatten as the sixth and will pay his TBF dues the next club meeting. This will cover our obligation to be a TBF club, and affords us insurance etc for the current (2018) year. Anyone who still wants to join the TBF via the Granite City Bassmasters is welcome to join and have the opportunity to fish the TBF State and Divisional tournaments. The Federation dues per person are $100.00 annually.

The Treasurer reported a club balance of $1,811.29 with a debt yet to be paid to Pat and Nasha Martin of $200.00 as the 2017 TBF Club point’s qualifiers and attendees.

Thank You Placard’s, were passed around for members to sign and then be framed. And then submitted to members to be delivered to our Granite City Bassmasters Club sponsors at a subsequent meeting. We want our sponsors to know they are an integral part of our club, and sincerely appreciated and valued. Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Discussion took place regarding the club placing two outhouses again this year on the sites as last year (Long Lake and Cedar Island lake accesses, on the Horseshoe Chain.) This was tabled for our next meeting. There was consensus for one, with the second dependant on club finances and member approval. Suggestions for funding options included 85% payout for the annual fall tournament, holding a meat raffle, and increasing club dues … Discussion also showed strong support for our annual lakes clean up, to be addressed as well at our next meeting.

Approval was carried for the club to spend up to $150.00 to repair our scale which is over seven years old. Members will inquire as to availability of another and or, other scale for the club to purchase as options, going forward and present their findings at the next club meeting.

Discussion occurred as to which lakes should be chosen and, the format ideas for this year’s club events, both point and non- point nights. Lots of good ideas, to be on the agenda for our next meeting. The discussion also afforded us various options for our annual fall tournament payouts, sponsors etc… There was strong support to hold our annual fall tournament the first Sunday in October, subsequent to Bob Beaman reading an email he received pertaining to how well our fall tournament was run and how much they enjoyed participating that time of year.

Discussion occurred pertaining to changing our clubs central location, and was dropped.

Allowing more members was approved, and encouraged.

Draw partners was part of the discussion for item six above.

New Business:

Our next club meeting will be March 27, 2018 at the Triple R Restaurant in Kimball, MN at 6:30pm. Please be sure to attend. This meeting is important as it should frame a lot of our years events/schedule of lakes chosen for the club events etc.. Hope to see you there, all are welcome. Thank you. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Nasha Martin, Secretary

Granite City Bassmasters meeting called to order 4/11/17 @ 6:30pm, Triple R restaurant, Kimball, MN. Members and interested parties present, Eric Altena, Dave Johnson, Kerry Bridge, Tony Hatten, Bob Beaman, Brandon Donovan, Justin Hass, George Fiene, Pat Martin, Nasha Martin, Jamie Huls, and Tyler Gromberg.

Old Business:

Minutes from last meeting approved.

Treasurers Report, a payment was dispersed for the rental of the two porta-poddys for $756.30, bringing the current club balance to $1,797.28

TBF details, Paid members for the May 30th club deadline to participate in the State Championship on Pokegama, and the Divisional on Winnebago include Kerry Bridge, Tony Hatten, Jerry Manning, Pat Martin, Nasha Martin, Kolton Ressemann, and Bob Richards. A reminder was discussed to be sure to participate in the spring fling, Vermillion, The TBF youth event, or other volunteer event.

The annual lakes clean by the club, is at 5:30pm on the 8thof May this year.

Nasha confirmed Cozy Corners Resort as the host again this year for the annual club tournament on the Horseshoe Chain for 10/1/17, with pricing per meal (burger basket) at $7.00per through George Meyers at the resort. He requests that someone from the club call him with a reminder a week or so in advance of the event at 320-597-3587

New Business:

Kerry Bridge and Tony Hatten attended the DNR workshop in Rogers, MN April, 1st. Good discussion and information was shared pertaining to Tournament best practices and weigh in procedures.

Bob Beaman is working on the flyer for our annual club tournament in the fall. And Kerry Bridge brought in GCB club stickers. Members were interested in getting more stickers. Motion made and approved.

Thank you to all who participate and help support our club.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.

Respectfully submitted, Nasha Martin, Secretary.

Granite City Bassmasters meeting 3/21/17 called to order @ 7:00pm, Triple R Restaurant, Kimball, MN. Members and interested parties present: Ed Green, Jeff Klein, Dave Johnson, Kerry Bridge, Tony Hatton, Pat Martin, Nasha Martin, Jamie Huls, Tyler Gromberg, Justin Hass, Brandon Donovan Aaron Teal, Nick Marcus, Bob Beamon, Eric Altena, Bob Richards, George Fiene, Joe Miller, Bob Sand and Tony Sindt.

Old Business:

Minutes from last meeting approved, with the addition of Eric Altena continuing as our Web Person. Thank you, Eric.

Treasurers Report: The $600.00 dollars was paid for our TBF membership, and the balance is $2,063.00.

Paid TBF members are the same as last month. Anyone else wishing to go on in the TBF must be pay as of May 30th, 2017 through the club. Motion made, seconded and carried.

The Tuesday Night Club Tournament schedule was set as per membership approval as follows for 2017. 5/30 Lake Koronis, 6/6 Horseshoe, 6/13 Maple, 6/20 Clearwater, 6/27 Washington Stella, as the initial five within which you can qualify for the TBF, which needs to be determined prior to July 7th of this year. You need to fish 4 of the first five, or five of the first five for the TBF and use points from four. The remaining schedule will be 7/11 Rice, 7/25 Francis. The computation as per points and rules will remain the same as last year, (see 4/5/16 minutes), synopsis as follows: The TBF qualifier and angler of the year, fish as a team with both partners receiving the same points as per the (up to five) fishes total bag weight, combined with your standing as per finish, 1st., 2nd, 3rd, etc.. The weight is added to the place you finish points. You may change partners from week to week and/or fish alone. Your best five of seven qualify for the clubs angler(s) of the year within the club, and you don’t need to fish all of them. The only change will be that a non club member needs to pay $15.00 per event on open, non-points nights. The cost per club Tuesday night is $10.00, with $5.00 for big bag and $5.00 for big bass. The club will add $20.00 to big bag and $10.00 for big bass. First place will be worth 25 points and second 24 points and sequentially down. The two tournaments that the TBF members qualify for are: Pokegema, July 21st and 22nd for the qualifier, 2017 and the divisional, September 9th and 10th, 2017 on Winneconne/Winnebago.

There will be two sponsored outhouses this year, with the club approving and allocating for an additional rental of one, to be added at the Horseshoe Long Lake/Browns lake access as per the DNR determination as to the exact placement. Approx. total cost of $756.30. The original, will remain placed at the Cedar Island Launch location on the chain. Kerry Bridge will facilitate this. As well as pricing for the large and small GCB stickers as discussed and add the GCB website to the stickers.

The annual club, lakes area clean up, will be around the Horseshoe Chain again this year and is scheduled for Tuesday May 9th2017, meeting at the Cold Spring Lions Park and dispersing from there. A short club meeting will follow the clean up. Motion made, seconded and carried.

The annual club tournament will be Sunday October 1st, 2017, on the Horseshoe Chain, at Cozy Corners Resort. Tony will file for the DNR permit for the same, and Kerry will secure the sheriffs permits. Nasha will check on Cozy's, and meal pricing. Motion made, seconded and approved.

New Business:

Welcome to our new members: George Fiene, Justin Hass and Joe Miller. Good Fishing wishes to each of you.

Kerry Bridge, submitted the tournament summery report to the DNR, for the year 2016, for the Club. Thank you.

There will be a garage sale hosted by Kerry Bridge on either April 7 or 21 2017 in his heated building at 167 Meeker Ave. in Eden Valley, MN

Discussion ensued to remind people to participate in two TBF events or functions so we qualify for the TBF.

It was suggested to give sponsors a framed appreciation certificate as in the past.

Dave Johnson will again donate the trophy’s, for the fall classic, Thank you! St. Cloud Cleaning Service will again donate, $100.00 for big bass, for the same.

The next Club Meeting will be April 11th 2017 at the Triple R Restaurant in Kimball, MN at 6:30pm.

The Agenda is as follows:

Approve the minutes from the March 21st, 2017 meeting.

Treasurers report.

TBF details.

More details for the club event in October, IE send off etc..

New Business and open discussion.

Agenda approved and meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Nasha Martin, GCB Secretary.

The following is the minutes from our club meeting February, 7th, 2017.

February 7th, 2017. Granite City Bassmasters, Kimball MN, Triple r Restaurant 6:30pm meeting called to order. Members and interested parties present: Dave Johnson, Kerry Bridge, Tony Siendt, Tony Hatton, Bob Beamon, Bob Richards, Pat and Nasha Martin, Eric Altena, Peter Fiedler and Don Johnson.

Old Business:

Minutes from last meeting: Not discussed.

Treasurer’s Report: Not discussed.

Officers for 2017 will remain the same as 2016. Approved by members present to continue as our 2017 officers are as follows; President: Tony Hatton, Treasurer: Bob Beaman, Secretary: Nasha Martin. Thank you to our officers for their contributions to the club.

TBF members to date include Kerry Bridges, Bob Richards, Jerry Manning, Tony Hatton, Pat Martin and Nasha Martin. Dues for the TBF are $100.00 per member. Bob Beaman will pay the $600.00 fee to the TBF on behalf of the club.. As approved by membership majority present. Members paid and yet to pay for the TBF will be clarified at the next club meeting and to qualify to be in the TBF, will pay by the first club tournament this calendar year. Payout from the club for the TBF will be the same as 2016. The top two club members (as per points) will qualify to go directly to the TBF on Winnecone/Winnebago September 9and 10 2017, to be determined prior to July 7th. 2017. The subsequent two point members will each receive $200.00 dollars from the club for rooms at Pokegama, July 21 and 22, 2017 for the TBF qualifier. Members present passed. Remember we have to have two members participate in a TBF event, in order to send people to the State Tournament and Divisional. Qualifying events include; the spring-fling on the Mississippi, the spring fest on Vermillion, the High School events, etc…

The TBF qualifier and angler of the year will be the same format as last year, fish as a team, with both partners receiving the same points as per the fishes total bag weight combined with your standing as per place, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc… The weight is added to the finish points. You may change team members from week to week. You may also fish alone. The winner of the scheduled week will pick the off week lake. The off weeks (non points) are still open to discussion as to format (IE draw partners) as to be determined at a subsequent club meeting. Motion made, and passed. Lakes, dates and start and finish times and numbers of Tuesday nighters also to be determined and scheduled at the next club meeting.

Eric Altena will get the list of lakes to consider (In our target area, a thirty mile radius) prior to the next club meeting.

Motion was made and carried to keep the club dues at $70.00 per member for the 2017 season running from January 1, 2017 Thru December 31, 2017.

Discussion occurred about the club annual club tournament, and was continued to the next club meeting.

New Business, there will be a club Garage Sale hosted by Tony and Mandy Hatton on March 18 and 19 2017. Thank you.

New Business, there will be a Bass Work Group for the DNR in Rogers, MN April 1st, 2017 for interested parties.

The next Club meeting will be at the Triple R Restaurant in Kimball, MN Tuesday March 14th, 2017 at 6:30pm… all are welcome!


Approve minutes from February 7th 2017 club meeting.

Treasurer’s Report.

Determine paid, and yet to pay TBF Members for 2017.

Set the calendar for the club Tuesday night tournaments for the, points nights and set start and finish times of the same. Also the TBF cut off point’s qualifier, as per date/lake.

Determine numbers and location(s) of outhouses we will sponsor this year. Kerry will get pricing for, one or two, for the club.

Schedule and approve the annual club lakes area clean up.

Discuss/Determine the annual club invitational.

New Business:

REMINDER: Next club meeting TUESDAY MARCH 14th2017, in Kimball. Thank you…

Respectfully submitted,

Nasha Martin, GCB Secretary

May 10th, 2016. Granite City Bassmasters, Kimball, MN. Triple R, Restaurant. 6:30 pm meeting called to order. Members present: Tony Sendt, Bob and Arijeta Richards, Pat and Nasha Martin, Kerry Bridge, Dave Johnson, Mike Heinen, Jamie Hull, Bob Beaman, Tony Hatten, and Aaron Teal.

Old Business:

1. Minutes clarification from April 5th, 2016 meeting is that small mouth will be allowed to be weighed in at the annual fall GCB Classic, as the season is still open for them on September 10th, 2016. Motioned and passed per membership.

2. Treasurers Report: The account at Plaza Park Bank was closed and the balance of $1,928.10 was transferred to Wells Fargo in our new GCB account. The current balance of $2,798.10 with dues and deposits and debts of $43.25 for 120 new check blanks and TBF memberships paid for club members brings the present balance to $2,454.83.

3. TBF memberships paid to date are seven , with the top two finishers in points on July 12th automatically qualifying for the Gull Lake TBF on September 24th and 25th, with the other option to fish the Mille Lacs qualifier July 29th and 30th, all this year. Motion was made to move the July 19th club Tuesday night to July 12th on Clearwater Lake, and thus determine the TBF qualifiers July 12th, instead of the previously appointed July 19th date. Motion carried. Kerry will verify that our club will still have two boaters allocated by the TBF to fish Gull in Sept. this year. Motion passed. (Monetary award is $200.00 per two Mille Lacs qualifiers, no monetary award for those who are going directly to Gull, as per previous minutes.

4. Updates for the September 10th, 2016 Annual GCB tournament on the Horseshoe Chain are as follows Permits are covers, Cozy corners is scheduled, and dinners approved for all participants at the cost to the club of $7.00 per plate. The last club member in the draw will be the designated send of boat. Mike Heinen will be the check person for live wells etc. in the am. Motions made and passed. Copies of prospective flyers were passed out. Sponsors will still need to be added and included prior to July 12th. There will be a club meeting following the July 12th 2016 Tuesday night tournament. On Clearwater Lake, at the Waters Edge in Clearwater, as motioned and passed to finalize matters. Other duties were previously assigned at prior meetings as per prior minutes.

5. The May 22nd, on Green MLF type event, will be a measure and release fun event. A paper tournament with measurements in inches to be rounded down.. Meet by Mel’s launch in town at the lake for a 9am-3pm day. Any number of people may fish in the boat; bring a pen, paper and measuring tool and friend, family etc. $10.00 entry fee per boat. Passed as per motion.

New Business

A. The weekly boat draw for the club Tuesday Nighters, will be draw your number as per your arrival time. Motion made and passed. On the no points club nights the list of lakes to choose from were approved as follows: Francis, Sugar, Sylvia Twin, Big Birch, Washington, Cedar and Clearwater. Once a lake has been picked, it is no longer a choice. (The above list is lakes that are at least 800 acres so as to sustain boat numbers.)

B. Update email and cell phone numbers contact list preferences for all members. Motioned for and passed.

C. For the annual fall tournament hosted by GCB, Goldware Jewelers has generously donated trophies and insignia plates for the winners. Seven Trophy’s in all. Two for each 1st, 2nd, and 3rdplaces, as well as a Big Bass individual trophy. Thank you! Again this year, St. Cloud Cleaning Service, LLC donated a $100.00 cash prize for big bass. Motion made and passed to accept these donations.

The next meeting is scheduled to follow the June 7th, 2016 club Tuesday night tournament on Rice Lake. The agenda is set as follows:

1. Approve minutes from May 10th, 2016 meeting.

2. Treasurers report.

3. In-Tune Marine presentation.

4. Follow up for the TBF this year.

5. Follow up for this years’ clubs fall classic tournament in September.

6. New business /open discussion.

Agenda approved as per motion. Meeting approved for adjournment at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted; Nasha Martin, Secretary.

Granite City BAssmasters

April 5th, 2016. Granite City Bassmasters, Kimball MN. Triple r Restaurant. 6:30pm meeting called to order. Members present: Kerry Bridge, Kolton Ressemann, Patrick Dulles, Tony Hatten, Bob and Arijeta Richards, Dave Johnson, Eric Altena, Bradon Altena, Bob Beaman and Pat and Nasha Martin.

Old Business

1 .Minutes from the March 3rd, 2016 meeting were approved as posted and recorded by Nasha.

2. Treasures report not received.

3. The TBF membership forms and dues will be turned in by Bob Beaman with the following memberships; Kerry Bridge, Bob Richards, Mike Heinen, Tony Hatten, Kolton Ressemann, Nasha Martin and Pat Martin. The top two club members (as per points) will qualify to go directly to the TBF on Gull Lake in September. The subsequent two point members will each receive $200.00 from the club for rooms at Millacs for the July TBF qualifier, as per motion made and passed.

4. The membership voted to approve the Granite City Bassmasters Annual Club Invitational Tournament for Saturday September 10th, 2016 on the Horseshoe Chain, at Cozy Corners Resort. Kerry filed for the DNR permit for the same. Club membership was approved to run annually, from the first club tournament of the calendar year, to the first club tournament of the subsequent calendar year. After expenses of the outdoor biffy at the Cedar Island Launch, and meals, for all participants at Cozy Corners, the club voted to pay out 100% . The club will pay for the following expenses from its club dues: the DNR permit fee, and all advertising and related expenses . Motion made and approved. Also approved was for Kerry to handle the advertising flyers, posters and securing of sponsors, with an allocated budget of $150.00 for the flyers. The additional members were approved for and tasked with the following, Pat Martin being sure all boats are in, on time, for the weigh in. Patrick Dulles and Kerry will handle the fish and scale part of the weigh in and Nasha will put the results on the white board. The Invitational rules will carry over from last year, for this years, GCB Annual Tournament as motioned for and approved.

5. Discussion for the MLF on Green Lake was tabled for the next meeting.

6. The every other week club tournaments, and TBF qualifier and angler of the year will be the same format as last year: fish as a team, with both partners receiving the same points as per the fishes total bag weight combined with your standing as per place, 1sr, 2nd, 3rd, etc… The weight is added to the finish points. You may change team members from week to week. You may also fish alone. A motion was made and the format approved . The schedule was also approved as follows with the winner of the scheduled week, selecting the off week lake. (Your best 5of 7 qualify for angler of the year within the club, and you don’t need to fish all of them) The TBF Qualifiers must be determined at the end of the club tournament July 19th on Clearwater. June 7th Rice Lake. June 21st Koronis Lake. July 5th Horseshoe Chain. July 19th Clearwater Lake. August 2nd Horseshoe Chain. August 16th Rice lake. August 30th Koronis Lake. The two TBF tournaments are July 29th and 30th on Mille Lacs, and September 24th and 25th on Gull.

New Business

1. Aaron Teal revoked the Intune agreement , subsequent to the last meeting, in its entirety.

2. Kerry Bridge and Mike Heinen requested to abdicate their respective duties as president and treasurer if there were volunteers to take over. Bob Beamon and Tony Hatten were nominated for president, and accepted their nominations. After a paper ballot Tony was voted in as president. (Kerry will continue to assist with the transition). Bob Beamon accepted the treasurers position after motion and approval. Congratulations to our new officers. A special “thank you” to Kerry and Mike, for your years of dedication and work, on behalf of the GCB membership.

The next meeting will be May 10th, 2016 (Tuesday) at the Triple R in Kimball MN. @ 6:30pm. The agenda is set as follows:

1. Approve the minutes from the April 5th, 2016 meeting.

2. Treasurers report.

3. TBF details and discussion

4. More details for the GCB Club event September 10th, such as send off etc…

5. MLF on Green Lake, as tabled.

6. New Business and open discussion.

Agenda approved and meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

Granite City Bassmasters

March 3rd, 2016

Kimball MN, Triple R Restaurant

6:40pm meeting called to order. Members present: Nick Gross, Bob

Beaman, Kerry Bridge, Pat and Nasha Martin and Aaron Teal.

Old business

1. Minutes from the January, 20th 2016 meeting were approved as

posted and recorded by Nasha.

2. Treasurers report (as per phone connection with Mike), current

balance of $1,864.70, with outstanding expenditures yet to be paid,

such as the Outdoor Privy on the Horseshoe Chain, and the dinner for

the annual club tournament etc..

3. Aaron Teal distributed Intune Marine’s responsive

proposal to the prior club meeting as attached. Discussion ensued and

the club decided (by majority approval) to accept Intunes’s

proposal, with the sole exception of the club dinner remaining at the

annual launch and weigh in site of Cozy Corners, as it’s vital for

the club and other fishing forums continued use, as a viable legal

launch and weigh in location on the Horseshoe Chain, as discussed. An

alternate to Intune’s request to host the after weigh in dinner, was

to facilitate a pretournament meeting at their site, the evening prior

to the actual tournament. Aaron rejected that suggestion.

4. Club dues were approved by a majority vote, to remain @ the

amount of $70.00, per member per year.

5. The number of TBF memberships was tabled until the next club

meeting April 5th, by a majority vote.

6. The annual club clean up is scheduled for May 10th, 2016 by a

majority vote.

7. The determination of the Annual Fall Tournament date and is

tabled and to be determined at the April 5th, 2016 meeting, as per

majority decision.

There being no new business brought forth, the agenda for the NEXT

CLUB MEETING, at the Triple Restaurant in Kimball, MN, on April

5th, 2016 2 6:30pm. is set as follows:

1. Approve minutes from March 3rd, 2016 meeting.

2. Treasurers Report.

3. Determine number of TBF memberships, related business.

4. Schedule the Granite City Bassmasters annual club tournament

on the Horseshoe chain. Determine the format and payout, etc…

5. Discuss the MLF on Green Lake.

6. Schedule club tournament lakes and dates.

7. New business and open discussion.

Agenda approved and meeting adjourned as per motion and majority

approval at 8:20pm.

As the proposal by Intune Marine was rescinded the following day - Minutes for April 5th will reflect. Attachment is now void.

Minutes January 2016

Granite City Bassmasters 1/19/16 6:30pm

Motion made to open meeting. Members present; Kerry Bridge, Mike Heinen, Pat and Nasha Martin and Bob Beaman.

Treasurers report: Current balance of $1,700.52

Current tournament accurate creel information has been submitted to the Department Of Natural Resources. The invoice from Nelson’s Toilet Rental was submitted to the Treasurer and approved by those present for payment of $353.87. Discussion took place pertaining to The Federation Membership and the club membership going forward. Discussion took place about inquiring about slot limits and culling restrictions on Millacs Lake for the TBF State Championship In August of this year. Club members will look into this. All Present officers were willing to relinquish their positions; however they are willing to continue to hold their office as needed. The club voted to be associated with the Super 6 and the fall league. Aaron Teal, representing Intune Marine as their sales representative for Triton Boats. They are seeking a mutual partnership beneficial to both Intune Marine and Granite City Bassmasters. Discussion ensued and the club suggested the Aaron submit the clubs request to facilitate $500.00 directly to the club and $1,000.00 sponsorship prize money to be given out in the clubs fall tournament. In Tune would receive Title Sponsorship for the fall classic tournament as well as their name recognition on the outhouse we annually provide on the Horseshoe Chain of Lakes. There would be the possibility of a second outhouse being stationed at another launch on the chain. Each outhouse has a cost factor of $353.87 plus logo emblem charges. Intune would also receive an inclusion on all advertisement and promotional avenues and venues the club facilitates and/or submits. These include, but are not limited to the fall classic tournament, our website, face book, Classic Bass, Denny’s, and other mediums used to promote and advertise clubs scheduled events etc. A motion was made to accept the proposal to be submitted to Intune Marine, with unanimous approval. Aaron suggested that he could ask Intune Marine to donate tee shirts and hats to club members, as well as a discount on boat repairs (boat, motor and trailer). Aaron inquired if any club members wanted to write up highlights on local lakes that Intune could use to familiarize people with, amenities etc. on area lakes. Aaron will return to our next meeting with the follow up to the clubs response to Intune Inquiry. The club set the next meeting for March 1st. @ 6:30pm the Triple R in Kimball.

The Agenda as set for the next Granite City Bassmasters meeting;

1. Treasurers Report

2. Approve minutes from last meeting

3. Intune Marine’s response and discussion

4. Set club dues

5. Determine number of TBF memberships

6. Schedule annual lake clean up

7. Schedule fall tournaments

8. Discuss Granite City Invitational

9. New business and open discussion

Motion made and carried to adjourn.

Club members, please plan on being a TBF member and bringing your $100.00 TBF dues to this meeting. We need 6 paid members for, the TBF. Kerry will provide state tournament dates and location, rules and club responsibility’s, for the TBF.

Please be at this meeting if you want to be part of the process. If you are a former or present member, or are interested in joining, this is the meeting to be at. Your input is valued, and welcomed.