PA Forward Scavenger Hunt

Pick up your task card and go!   Wed, Aug 21 - Wed, Aug 28
PA Forward - The 5 Literacies

You've got all week to explore the five subjects PA libraries are focusing on to help move Pennsylvanians forward.  Each task card sports one quest in each of these areas:  Reading & Writing, Technology, Civics, Health, and Money.

All answers can be found somewhere or by contacting someone on the grounds.  Be prepared to bring a pencil (and maybe even a calculator) for some of the trickier money questions, and you MUST bring your outgoing personality, as many of the tasks require you to interact with fair committee, staff, and vendors.

Complete your card, receive a prize, and register to win a larger (and very cool) prize to be announced on Wednesday, August 28 at 6:00pm.

Download a copy of the library schedule at the bottom of the page.