2013 Schedule

Open Daily at Headquarters
10am - 8pm
additional programs scheduled before and after
"office hours."

Welcome to 2013!  More field trips and prizes than ever! 
Tons of new stuff and lots of familiar stuff.  Get with the programs! 
(Yes! there will be daily chicken dancing at 5:00 - with prizes.)
Take a look at the overview.  Tour the site for more details.  Download a copy of the program schedule at the bottom of this page.
Listen for my announcements at the Great Grange Fair!

 Breakfast Serials Minnie & Moo, Daily Puzzler, Libraries Move PA Forward Scavenger Hunt, Read & Ride
DAILIES:  Chicken Dance, Campfire, Field Trips, Here We Go Loopty Loo Work Out, Pajama Storytimes (require registration)
SPECIALS: Grange Fair Library Rewards Store, Web Cam Jam
TBAS:  We'll know 'em when we see 'em.  Impromptu Guests & Activities - listen for announcements

Lending DVDs & Pedometers in 2013

Fathom a guess at how many miles JA will log at Grange Fair to win a prize.

Wednesday, August 21 - Come on Down!
      JA won't be in until tomorrow, but YOU can get the details on daily and ongoing programs, specials, and TBAs.
  Pick up contest forms, scavenger hunt tickets, and PJ storytime entry blanks.

                                            Thursday, August 22 - Kick Off with the Best of Grange Fair Library 
                                                 Tram Field Trips for guided tours through the new outdoor Horse Arena
                                                 Special Guest:  Chip Minemyer, editor, Centre Daily Times

                                            Friday, August 23 - People in our Grange Fair Neighborhood
                                                 WPSU and PBS friends will be playing with me in the Playground

                                                 Field trip to meet Grange Fair Artist, Karl Leitzel
                                                 Special Guest:  Clifford, the Big Red Dog

                                           Saturday, August 24 - Best of Grange Fair!
                                                 One big farm tour!  Bunnies, Chickens, and Goats
                                                 Special Guest:  The Voice of Grange Fair

                                          Sunday, August 25 - Fair Traditions
                                                 A day with Dairy royalty
Special Guest:  Dairy Princess                                                
                                          Monday, August 26 - Krazy about Kids (Web Cam Jam Day)
                                                Giant ice cream sundae, Youth Day relay races, 
                                                ***Web Cam Chicken Dance***
                                                Special Guests:  Jeff Byers & Kevin Nelson, Morning Guys, WRSC

                                          Tuesday, August 28 - Taking It All in Tuesday
                                                Bartlebaugh Amusements field trip
Special Guest:  Brian & Becky from Becky's Soft Serve  
                                          Wednesday, August 29 - World of Technology Wednesday
                                                Discovery Space field trip, Library Store open, Prize drawings                                              
                                                Special Guest:  PSU Gadget Guru, Emily Rimland

                                           Thursday, August 31
- Razzle Dazzle Wrap Up
                                                Last chance to collect your prizes and cash in your library bucks
                                                Closed during the parade.  Open for 1 FINAL CHICKEN DANCE! with the Tin Star round up.
                                                Happy Trails until 2014

Contact JA:  library@grangefair.net

JA Babay,
Aug 18, 2013, 9:35 PM