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The beauty of Nelson County's rural landscape, music, and dance heritage roots deep in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountain soil making this a special place to embrace America's favorite native folk dance.  Since 1984, the Grand Squares of Nelson continues to be Nelson County's premier club where great people gather to enjoy square dancing fun, friendship, and learn-by-doing square dance instruction.  We love to SQUARE DANCE by the light of the moon on the sunny side of the Blue Ridge whenever and wherever we can.  Come join us to find out for yourself how special life can be with a Grand Square spring in your step. 

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     NEXT DANCE        

     May 19th 

Alternating Plus & Mainstream  7:30-10:00 PM

    " PIE  NIGHT "       

Caller Mr Geometry:  Nelson Wakeman 

 It's all Greek to us but this night is dedicated to PIE... anyway you spell it (i.e., Pi in Greek)... anyway you think about it ( i.e., tasty dessert or entry, math geometry, pizza).  Nelson promises a geometry refresher as he keeps us "Circling" round at least 3.14159 times each tip.  Square dancers just might go "Linear Cycle" thinking about the mathematics when balancing in an "Alamo Ring".  There's lots of "pie" in music so let's hope to dance to songs like "High Hopes" (..."high in the sky apple pie hopes"...), "That's Amore" (..."when the moon hits your eye like a big PIZZA Pie..."), and "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)."

Everyone will be thinking about "Touching 1/4" piece of pie on the dance floor and also at the refreshment table.  Look for your favorite pie treats (apple, cherry, chocolate...  chicken, cheese, pepperoni) at the refreshment table.  Hope somebody calls for a Pizza !  We've asked Neal Diamond to please leave his "Porcupine Pie" at home...  and, Don McLean told us that he might make "American Pie" great again with apples for everyone.

Sorry...  Soupy Sales sends regrets...  He just can't find his way to Nelson County over Afton Mountain with Whip Cream Pie on his face.

  April Dance Location:
          Rockfish River Elementary School
                  200 Chapel Hollow Road,  Afton, VA 22920.
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 Winter Mainstream Class 
Thursday night Mainstream square dance class began on January 12th.  Licensed instructor/caller Larry Winegard is guiding new dancers through the 14 week class.  Classes are held at the Rockfish River Elementary School (RRES) cafetorium 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. and are subject to the school schedule. 

           See class schedule   ( < go > )

        List of Mainstream Calls  ( Click Here )

   On-line Web Call Refresher:

           ( TAMinations )   Click on Basic 1 & 2 and Mainstream

       ( Saddle Brook Squares )  Click on Review Mainstream

 If you missed the beginning of the Winter Class keep in mind that our next class is being scheduled for September.  Square dance instruction is painless and fun... No experience needed, experienced GSN club instructor will guide you using the Learn-By-Doing technique with the aid of experienced GSN club members.  For anyone who missed our Winter Mainstream class... here's how you can learn more about Square Dancing with the Grand Squares of Nelson.
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        Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

      A Look @ Recent Dances      
The Club News Tab has been hard to maintain. So... We're moving forward with a new Website feature... The one page photo summary. This will be an opportunity to share memberable highlights and lots more candid photos of square dancers having fun.  Tell us what you think by sending your email to (GrandSquaresofNelson@gmail.com). Click away and enjoy.
March 20 Spring is in the Air (Patty Greene)  < go >
January 20 Winter Wonderland (Winegard)     <  go  >
October 17  30th Anniversary Celebration       <  go  >

Grand Squares of Nelson 
In the NEWS !

 The Rockfish Reader -  October 2014, Grand Squares of Nelson holds 30th Anniversary Celebration Dance at the Rockfish Valley Community Center.   < go >

Drumheller's Orchard -  October 28, 2014 Grand Squares of Nelson provides a demonstration at the Drumbeller's Orchard "Festive Fall Weekend".    < go >

Crozet Gazette - September 2012  VOL.7, NO.4  Announcement describes the Grand Squares of Nelson September 20th Open House square dance event at the Rockfish River Elementary School.  < go >

 Nelson County Times - September 5, 2012 For Nellysford man square dancing is "friendship set to music"  Written by Katrina Koerting.  Article describes how square dance caller Chuck Chesteen is revered by area square dance clubs (Grand Squares of Nelson and Blue Ridge Stars).    <go>

Nelson County Times - August 2012. This Week Community Calendar.  What: Introduction to Basic Square Dance. < go >
Nelson County Life - November 2010 Night Out section.  "Grab your partners, Dosado." Story by Jennie Tal Williams.  Photography by Hayley Osborne. - Reports on an evening session of learn-by-doing instruction with a group of 15 new dancers. <go>

 Nelson County Life - June 11, 2010 Event announcement submitted by Peter Agelasto.  Describes square dance benefit for the Nelson Community Fund where the Grand Squares of Nelson and the Blue Ridge Stars assist Chuck Chesteen with square dance instruction.  <go> 

 Nelson  Scenic Loop - June  2010  Invitation posted from Peter Agelasto.  Grand Squares of Nelson assists at Square Dance to Benefit the Nelson County Community Fund.  <go>


 So You Missed Our September Mainstream Class <go>

Note from the Pres   Welcome to the Grand Squares of Nelson homepage.... www. sites.google.com / site / grandsqsofnelson / home  We're making a presence as an active square dance club in Nelson County, the greater Virginia Square Dance Community and maybe even the World.  Well that remains to be seen.  At least we can say we've got visibility... but we're still uncertain about being heard.

This is a work in progress so pardon our dust for the next month or so.  We'll be updating this site to provide the sense of community that the Grand Squares of Nelson deserves.  We're looking to the club membership to make this website informative to club members, new students, and the general public.  If you have comments or suggestions please send them to us at: GrandSquaresofNelson @ gmail.com





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 President Mike Neal Passes Club Banner along to Rich Leukroth
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10 Reasons Why Square Dancers 
Grand Squares of Nelson Dances

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Note:  EVERY 3rd Friday of the Month 7:30-10:00 PM
          RRES     Rockfish River Elementary School
        RVFD    Rockfish Valley Fire Department
        RVCC      Rockfish Valley Community Center
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      SPECIAL REPORT       
C'ville FLASH MOB Square Dance Demo
Some six squares of dancers from some thirteen area clubs held a very successful Flash Mob event at the Downtown Charlottesville on Friday August 5th.  Check out the following links:
         GSN Flier report   < go >
              Newsplex 29    < Video Link
YouTube              < Link >

         July Community Benefit Dance Update          
At the July 15th GSN "Cool Community Benefit dance, Terry Headlee lead the way for area square dancers who donated $350 to benefit the Rockfish Valley Community Center.  < click for Story & Photos >
   Lodge at Old Trail Visit @ Nov Dance  < go > 
   Nelson Chamber - Favorite Business Finalist  < go >
   Firefighters Appreciation Community Dance  <go>
   Nelson Community Day / Giving Hope Foundation   <go>
   Nelson County Seniors Group Demonstration  < go >
   17th Annual Nelson County Health Fair  < go >
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    Accelerated Plus Class Graduation  < go >
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   RRES Custodian Square Dance Supporter Retires < go>
   GSN Serves Up at Faber Wedding & Love Poems  <go>
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    Coming Soon...Visiting Nelson County
     and our Club 30th Anniversary Supporters
Check back often for updates and details
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