"The Printing Press proved to be essential to the Reformation for the following reasons. The demand for books became huge as Europe was coming out of the medieval era into the Renaissance. This hunger for knowledge allowed once the Printing Press was invented Knowledge and ideas that were not usually assessable easily obtainable.

This allowed people to become more literate and rethink about their faith. The Printing Press meant that people like Martin Luther were able to spread their word quickly and easily resulting in the Reformation."

It was Printing Press that has gave Luther easy way to propagate his ideas and that in consequences has lead toward Reformation. Internet is seen by many, as something that can be even better in this. Unfortunaley, it have one basic problem. In some countries, like Poland or once jewish state Israel accessing this pages can be dangerous. 

The truth and knowledge about YHWH is real danger for this Aryan puppet regimes. Thus they are using Stalin like terror to keep general population in Middle Ages darkness and backwardness. Overcoming this fear is a major challenge not only for Jewish nation...

To address this issue i had started a new project Witkacy BlueRay: Do It Yourself. As part of it i am working on easy to distribute PDF versions with best parts of my blog. Untraceable PDF files, so easy to smuggle through this wall of Middle Ages darkness. PDF containing rare knowledge that you can also find on http://tautur.blogspot.com/ but untraceable.

Please, help in our Organic Work, download and propagate this files. Help to bring renaissance, a true  age of reason, everywhere. Witkacify the world, together...

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