October's talk featuring Janet Gardner is:

"Really Cold Cases: Identifying Historic Burials from 19th Century Jails in Ontario"
 will detail work conducted with TMHC at several historic jails in the province .

Janet Gardner received a Honours B.A from the University of Waterloo and Master's degree in Anthropology from Northern Illinois University and is a Ph.D. Candidate in bioarchaeology at the University of Western Ontario. Specializing in human skeletal analysis, Janet has worked with skeletal material from across North America and Europe and conducted analyses of large skeletal collections from a variety of archaeological settings. Janet's graduate work focuses on the Neanderthals and early modern humans using patterns of trauma and disease to assess difference in behaviour. 

In addition, Janet has also assisted in forensic anthropology investigations with several police services in Ontario over the past ten years. Janet also has numerous years of archaeological experience in the cultural resource management field, with specific interests in research and field excavations of historic military and domestic sites in Ontario. Janet holds a professional license within the province and and currently works as Project Archaeologist with Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants focusing on projects that involve the excavation and analyses of human remains and burials in Ontario.

Recent work has included the St. Jean Baptiste Cemetery in Amherstburg, burials within several historical jail yards in the province and consultation with First Nations groups regarding ancestral burials. An additional area of specialization for Janet is in archival and historic research and she has completed project research for the Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay, the Penetanguishene Naval and Military Establishments and associated 20th century hospital, and the Essex County Jail and the Kent County Jail.

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Meeting is at the University of Waterloo.

7:30 PM.

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