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"If God Made The Universe" (Why is it the way it is?)

posted Mar 20, 2012, 7:00 PM by Keith Hinkle
Join Reasons To Believe Grand Rapids at our next meeting for Education, Edification, and Evangelism.

When: *April, 3 2012* 7pm

Where:* Sunshine Community Church* 3300 E Beltline Ave Grand Rapids Charter
Township, MI (we meet in the Renaissance Rm.)

FEATURE:  "If God Made The Universe" (Why is it the way it is?) Pt 3

Last month we looked at why the Universe was so old. Our April meeting will explore the issue of Why the Universe is so dark.

Friends, This will be part 3 of an eight session small group study based on Dr Hugh Ross' bestselling book Why the Universe Is the Way It Is. Each session is self contained so no problem if you missed our previous sessions.

 Please review the information in the second link below and be prepared to be amazed at our God. Copy off the outline for note-taking, watch the promotional video on the link page and come with an openness to share what you will learn with others as astronomer Hugh Ross leads us on a mission of discovery through these DVD sessions.
    Q & A sessions are part of the lessons.  
    This series has been created in such a way that local churches would benefit greatly from using the info in educational classes. So please keep this possibility in mind. 
    If you don't have the book yet you may want to order it from:

So stretch your mind, as God “stretches out the heavens,” and find answers to your questions, big and small, about our amazing cosmos and what it means.