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 How many 1st class postage stamps could you fix to a

 stick of rhubarb without any overlapping? If the value of

 the stamps was equal to the value of the rhubarb, what

 is the price of rhubarb per tonne?

How many revolutions of a rear tractor tyre will it take

to travel 40,000mm? 

A fuel tanker is parked next to a swimming pool.

Would it take more time for a person to fill the tanker

with water from the swimming pool using a teaspoon

than it would to walk around the world? 

How much longer will it take a hare running at full

speed to complete 1 circuit of the San Marino grand

prix track compared to an F1 car? 


 Devise a formula to calculate the depth of water in any

 object left outside exposed to the weather.

Use the formula to calculate the depth of water in a size

 8 wellington boot, left outside for 27 years 45 days.

A tap is left to drip for 147 years.

What is the smallest rectangular, straight sided

container that would hold all of the water and

still be shallow enough for a cow to walk through it?

How many tonnes of winter wheat

could a grain store measuring

22000mm X 10m X 500cm hold? 

How many car tyres will you need to cover the top

of a silage clamp measuring 15m X 5 m

with no overlapping? 

 Estimate how long it will take a person driving

a tractor to travel from Norwich to Carlisle.

 How many dozen eggs will a hen lay

 in 3 years 4 months?

 How many sausages can you produce from a

 beef cow, assuming all edible meat is used?

 How many tonnes of winter barley could you fit

into 13 rear tractor tyres?

 What is the volume of air needed to provide 3 air 

 changes in a monopitch building measuring 2.5m X


2.1m high at the front and 1.3m high at the rear?

How many party balloons would this inflate?

 Would it be quicker to drive my fat lambs to market

 from Halvergate marshes to Bury st Edmunds or take

 them from Norwich to Brussels in a Eurofighter?

 How many Swaledale ewes would it take to

counterbalance a tractor on a seesaw?


You drop a fully inflated football from the roof of a barn onto a concrete floor. 

If the distance it bounces upwards is filled

with £20 notes,

precisely how long could you afford to stay

in a hotel charging £1234 per night? 

 A cow parachutes down into a 1 hectare field

and poo’s.

What is the probability of it dropping in a particular

1metre square?

How many Kg of cream would you get from 6 tonnes

of Jersey cow milk? How long would it take the cow

 to produce this much? 

 12 tonnes of grain is stored in a 3.5m diameter

hopper and fills it. Is the hopper taller than a

Ford Mondeo stood upright?

If there was 215,000 litres of water in a ditch

 40m long and 1.5m wide.

Would ducks be able to swim in it? 

A 100 acre straight edged field has a

greater perimeter than 30 football pitches –

true or false? 

On average 1 tonne of paper is made from 17 trees

and 1 piece of A4 paper weighs 5 grams.

So how many sentences of handwriting could you fit

on the paper from 23 trees?

 2 inches of rain falls over a 7 ha field.

How many domestic hot water tanks 

would that fill?

If the number of grams of dry matter in

25 Kg of silage were minutes,

Would it be longer than a Harry Potter film? 

 A mini rod racing car engine runs at 19,000 r.p.m.

If a Cuckoo clock rotated at the same speed,

how many Cuckoo sounds would you hear in

 50 hours?

What is the stopping distance of a cow travelling

at 60 knots in wet conditions

if it behaves like a family car? 


(This is a cow with big ears and a trunk!)

 A trained person can reach a typing speed of

80 W.P.M. How long will it take them to type the

registration numbers of 1200 cars if all the numbers

are written as words?


How many ducks could you fit on a reservoir

measuring 30m X 93m allowing enough room for

them all to be holding a bunch of flowers

in their beaks?



 The tyres of an adults bicycle are stuffed with cotton

 wool. Would the total weight of this stuffing for 144

bicycles weigh more than 26 copies of

Farmers Weekly?

Cine film runs at 30 frames per second.

If each frame was taken using a shutter speed

of 1/125th second,

how far could a tortoise travel in the total time

the shutter is open when shooting a 90min film 

 How many strawberries would it take to make enough

 jam to fill the estimated 5000 hollow spines on a


(hint – 4pints of fruit makes about 4.5lbs of jam)

 You make a panorama photograph from pictures

 on your phone.

 If you fill an 8Gb card with pictures ,

what length of wood do you need to frame the


A washing line is stretched from Norwich to New York.

 How many crows could stand on it if 7%

 had their wings outstretched? 

 You want to keep the shavings from sharpening

1million normal pencils.

How many supermarket bags for life do you need?

 A seagull is hopping along the road holding an ice lolly

 in it’s beak. How far will it get before all of the lolly is


 It takes 7-8 bunches of grapes to make 750ml of wine.

 How many individual grapes would you need to make

 enough wine to fill a dumper truck?

A bluray disc rolls on its edge down an avenue

 lined with houses on both sides. How many revolutions

 will it take if the disc travels

from house number 13 to house number 178? 

You have special permission to print money

on an A4 printer. How long will it take to print enough money

to fill a lighthouse? What % of a city would that amount buy? 

 The construction of Spaghetti Junction on the M6 took

 134 000 M3 of concrete. How many tins of spaghetti

 hoops would this much fill?

Would the sauce In this many tins fill a swimming pool?

 A computer screen needs to show the entire lyrics

of a song on a single line. What size would the screen

 need to be measuring from bottom left to top right?

How many Christmas geese could you cover with the

 down from 275 king sized duvets? 


 A guinea pig trundles down to the shops in its

exercise wheel.

How many revolutions per year would you have to

maintain on a bicycle to maintain the same speed?

An ant climbs to the top of a telegraph pole and

dives off into a ball pool.

How high up would a sheep have to

 be if it was to dive off from

the same proportional height? 

 A lady rides her bicycle down the street at a

constant speed. If sunflower seeds were falling

 through the front basket onto a seedbed and

80% germinated, how many seed heads

would there be for my chickens?

It takes 100 tomatoes to make 5 standard bottles of

ketchup. How many tomatoes would you need to make

sufficient ketchup to fill the

127 mile long Leeds – Liverpool canal?  


Show mathematically how much grass a dairy cow can eat.

A rat runs up a vertical drainpipe and keeps going for

 90 days non-stop.

If that distance of the pipe were filled with water.

How many domestic baths could you fill? 

 The walls of a 2 storey house are insulated using

cauliflowers. If these were used to make cauliflower

cheese. How big would the pot need to be to make all

  of the cheese sauce required in a single batch?

 A woodpecker can pound its beak against wood

at 20 times per second.

What is the total distance the beak will travel in

 3 days continuous pecking?

 A hamster jumps on a suitably sized pogo stick and

bounces continuously for 99 years.

Would the total distance travelled be greater than

99 trips up the Eiffel Tower?

 4 people row a Thames rowing skiff from

Norwich to London.

If the number of strokes taken for the journey

were lettuces, how many rabbits could you feed 

for 7 days?

How many chickens could you house in a
 bus shelter and keep within the
welfare guidelines for floor space allowance?


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