Pictures by Phil Gulliver

Here you will find some ideas of how these cards have been used previously. Please use or better still, come up with some more and let us know so the rest of the world can also "have a go"

Possible games / activities

Points team game using the 3 coloured packs

Points are awarded based on the complexity of answers given. My suggestion is to use a 3 stage process. (See:  answer template). The scorecard shown is intended for use by learners to mark answers from other teams. It seemed a good way of forcing them to encounter some strange numbers. I have also used a simple pick a random number out of thin air approach for a tutor scored game.

Extension 1: – use of a BIG CHEESE question. Groups have an opportunity to double their score by attempting a big cheese question. (Awarded by tutor or consensus)

Possible Big cheese questions ( I have stolen these! refer to the academic comments)

·         How much does a cloud weigh?

·         How does a Mexican wave get started?

·         How much strawberry jam is there in the UK

·         You have some stones to sell. How should you price them so as to maximize your profits?

Extension 2:- Use of the joker cards – The two joker cards each display 3 images, the challenge is to devise a suitably random question using all of the items on the card. Points awarded according to originality and implausibility.

Find the formulae

Groups are challenged to list and use the maximum number of formulae to answer a question

Mental maths speed trial

Groups are given a limited time and no calculators to come up with a solution

Convince me presentations

Groups either work on the same question or different questions to find a solution. They are then required to present findings in such a way as to convince the audience that the solution is justified.

Consensus discussions

Groups work on the same question independently. A discussion is then held to try and arrive at a consensus of opinion regarding a suitable answer.

Random number

Give each group a random number (or throw a dice and use a random factor). Having chosen a card the group have to use the random number in their answer. The more times they use it the more points they get.


Drawing only

A little like Pictionary – the answer to the question must be given as a drawing only – no words on the picture or as narration.

Answers on a post-it please

Does exactly what it says on the tin


Flip Chart it / PowerPoint it / Movie Maker it

As above

Google it

Option 1: - Race between a group using their own skills and knowledge and a group using Google (You might be surprised at the outcome generally)

Option 2: - Use only Google to try and find answers to the questions. Tricky little test this one!

Make a Prezi