Prince Dadian (Dadiani; Dadian-Zhagat)

Dadian (Dadiani, Dadianov's; Georgian: დადიანი) – Samegrelian sovereign princes, Imeretian and Russian princely sort. The sort is known since X century.

Vardan Dadiani, the chief of court servants of queen Tamara, has received from her in the beginning of XII century Samegrelo in hereditary (overnorship). His descendant in the ninth knee, Liparit Dadian, has proclaimed itself in 1414 the independent possessor of Samegrelo, and since then princes Dadian till 1695 owned a princedom Mingrelia undoubtedly till 1695 , have not left yet to Russia. Prince Giorgi Dadiani of young men has left Samegrelo, in 1699 to Russia and together with the relative, имеретинским tsar Archil, has entered Russian service and there was a major general. The sort of princes Dadianovs is brought in V part of the genealogical book of the Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod and Kazan province. 

At present  there is not a lot of representatives of princes Dadiani (Dadianov's), the senior House. It is Literally nearby 3-eh the representatives, nowadays living princes, only descendants of prince Anton Aleksandrovich Dadian, who is living in the Samara province, to beginning of XX centuries. Descendants of his elder son Alexander - prince Vladimir Aleksandrovich Dadian and descendants of his younger son Dmitry - prince Igor Aleksandrovich Dadiani (Dadian), my father*. 

Coat of arms princes Dadian

19) George Leonovich Tsarevich Samegrelian, was called in Russia: prince Dadian (Dadiani) (nearby 1683 + on June, 12th 1765, Moscow). The General-Major on artillery, the lieutenant colonel of guards. The wife: princess Sofia Aleksandrovna Imeretinskaja from House Bagrationi (on September, 18th 1691 - on January, 4th 1747, Moscow; daughters of tsarevitch Alexander Archilovicha and princess Glikerya Ilyinichna (Alizbarovna) Davidova (Davitishvili-Bagrationi).
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20) the Prince (tsarevitch) Peter Georgievich Dadian (1716 - apprx. 1784). The captain of artillery. The wife princess Anna Aleksandrovna Bagration-Georgian (1723 - 19 of March, 1780, Moscow).
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21) Prince Alexander Petrovich Dadian (1753 - apprx. 1811). The wife: princess Anna Leonovna Dadian nee princess Bagration-Georgian. 
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22) the Prince Leon Alexandrovich Dadian (? - Apprx. 1847 Kazan). Guards the lieutenant. The wife: princess Maria Dmitrievna Dadian nee Naryshkina (born in the end 1770 or in the beginning of 1780th apprx. 1854).
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23) Prince Alexander Leonovich Dadian (born on August, 20th, 1801 in an entail property of Sengileevsky district of Simbirsk province - on June, 10th, 1865 Moscow, it is buried in the Don monastery). The wife: princess Dadian nee A baroness Rozen Lydia Grigorevna (1817-1866).
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24) Prince Anton Aleksandrovich Dadian (born On April, 14th 1841 +... After 1902). The wife till 1872: princess Paula Viktorovna Dadian, nee Skobenkyna.
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25) Prince Dadiani Dmitry Antonovich (to 1886-1938, Samara). The wife Natalia Igorevna Uvarova (1890-1968). The son prince Alexander Dmitrievich Dadiani (born 1932) wife Tatyana Danilovna Zolotaryova. Their son Igor Aleksandrovich Dadiani (born 1967), my father in 27 knee from the sort founder.
The wife: Zhagat Elena Alexandrovna (born 1971 at 17th June) - my mother.
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28) Prince Sergey Igorevich Dadian-Zhagat (born On January, 15th, 1991). The Full member of the St.-Petersburg Meeting Of noble family. The figure of Meeting Of noble family.

Prince S.Zhagat-Dadian
თავადი . დადიანი

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