Trail Info

Park at the North Mountain Visitors Center. You will be shuttled to Cholla side of Camelback Mtn., (or park on Invergordon and arrange transportation back to car). Start @ intersection of Cholla Ln. and Invergordon go West up and over Camelback through Echo parking lot down Echo Canyon Pkwy to McDonald left, (west), to Tatum, right, (North) to Lincoln, left, (west) to 36th St., right, (North), to 8B TH, left, (west) .8 miles to trail 304, left to 12 mile Aid Station located @ the last parking lot along Squaw Peak Dr. Take trail 302 SW, (counter clockwise) to trail 300, follow 300 to Piestewa Peak Summit then back down to trail 302 continue counter clockwise around Piestewa Peak, after .9 miles trail becomes 1A/302, after another 1.4 miles trail becomes 302/304 just continue to aid station, (for this whole loop, when in doubt stay to the right). You have now gone 17 miles, Take 8B back up to where you entered the preserve, (about 1 mile), go left, (North) on trail 8, follow this 2.2 miles to the 40th St. TH, go through parking lot, exit on west end, follow this trail 1.9 miles to trail 100, go right .55miles to trail 220, go right trails loops around 1.1 miles back to 100, follow 100 to bike path go left to Dreamy Draw Th. Go west through parking lot to tunnel under  the 51 you are now back on trail 100 follow this about 4.6 miles to trail 100B go right and follow 100B around Mtn. after 1.1 miles you will come back to 100 go right through tunnel under Cave Creek then just follow trail 100 about 2 miles to Visitors center aid station. Continue west, (to the right) on 100 to trail 101, (yellow sign, some maps call this 100A), go right to Summit of North Mtn., (don’t take any left turns), when you get close to the end of the paved road you will see a dirt trail on your left follow it up around and back down then just return to trail 100/306 the way you came. When you come to 100/306 go left staying on 306 up the south face of Shaw Butte @ the saddle go left towards towers on shorter butte to the west follow trail Counter clockwise around and back to 306 then continue to summit again following trail counter clockwise around summit and back down, follow 306 down North side of Shaw Butte to trail 100 go left and return to finish @ Visitors Center.     


We are also going to have a short course going the 7.76 mile loop from the Visitors Center to N. Mtn. to Shaw Butte and back. Still tough but doable by most anyone willing to challenge themselves. I’m hoping for a group from the Acres to do it.