Schedule Philosophy 006

    • Readings are from Think, by Simon Blackburn.
    • Schedule is approximate.  Check the What's up page daily.
    • See bottom of page for any posted class notes.

     Week Readings Pages Online Supplements
    1Introduction & Knowledge1-25 Massimo Pigliucci: What is Philosophy?
    Nigel Warburton: Appearance and Reality
    M.M. McCabe on Socratic Method
    2 Knowledge26-33Simon Blackburn on Plato's Cave
    A. C. Grayling on Descartes
    3 Knowledge 33-48Barry Stroud on Skepticism
    D.Touey on Descartes Meditation 4
    D. Touey on Descartes Meditation 5
    D. Touey on Empiricism
    N. Bostrom:  Are We Sims?
    4 Mind49-60David Chalmers on Consciousness
    Daniel Dennett on the Mind/Body Problem
    John Searle on Explaining the Mind
    David Papineau on Physicalism
    Patricia Churchland on Materialism
    Tim Crane on Mind and Brain
    Is Your Red the Same as My Red?
    5 Mind  61-80Paul Bloom on Dualism
    Rebecca Saxe on Theory of Mind
    Ramachandran on Brain Damage
    Antonio Damasio on Consciousness
    John Searle on What Things are Conscious
    Ray Kurzweil on What Things are Conscious
    Marvin Minsky on Consciousness
    6 Free Will 81-100Thomas Pink on Free Will
    Daniel Dennett on Free Will Worth Wanting
    Daniel Dennett on Free Will (Part 1)
    Daniel Dennett on Free Will (Part 2)
    Ned Block on Free Will
    7 Free Will

    100-119Stephen Wolfram on Free Will  
    John Searle on Free Will
    Dan Ariely on Decisions
    John Tierney on Decision Fatigue
    8 The Self

    120-135Shelly Kagan on Survival of Bodily Death
    Memory and Forgetting Radiolab
    Thomas Metzinger on the Self
    Thomas Metzinger Being No One
    John Campbell on Schizophrenia
    Jill Taylor: Stroke of Insight
    Daniel Kahneman Riddle of Experience
    9 The Self

    136-148Christopher Shields on Personal Identity
    Hod Lipson on Robot Awareness
    Living in a Reversed World
    Paul Bloom First Person Plural
    Joachim de Posada on the Marshmallow Test
    Galen Strawson on the Sense of Self
    Nancey Murphy on the Soul
    10 God149-160The Ontological Argument
    The Cosmological Argument
    Bede Rundle on the Design Argument
    Stewart Sutherland on Design
    Stephen Law on the Problem of Evil
    Michio Kaku Is the Universe Fine-tuned?
    Leonard Susskind Is the Universe Fine-tuned?
    B. Greene on Why is our Universe Fine-tuned?
    11 God160-192Don Cupitt on Non Realism
    L. Krauss on Origin of Universe
    Karen Armstrong on Compassion
    William Craig on Keeping Faith
    Alain de Boton on Atheism
    12 Reasoning193-210M. Shermer on Strange Beliefs
    Greg Craven Wagers on Climate Change
    13 Reasoning211-232Massimo Pigliucci on Hume
    Helen Beebee on Laws of Nature
    Peter Millican on Hume's Impact
    Richard Bradley on Decision Theory
    Dan Gilbert on Mistaken Expectations
    Stochasticity: Radiolab
    14 The World233-350John Campbell on Berkeley's Puzzle
    The Mystery of Magenta
    15 The World251-269Kit Fine on Metaphysics
    Kant: Marrying Rationalism and Empiricism
    Adrian Moore on Kant's Metaphysics
     FinalFinal Exam Schedule


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