Future Philosophers Program

Future Philosophers is a high school visitation program administered by the Center for Professional and Practical Ethics and the Department of Philosophy at Sacramento State University.  For more information about this program, click here or write to Randy Mayes at mayesgr@csus.edu.

2015 Lecture Series

September 11,  Vadim Keyser, The Philosophy of Graffiti, Rio Americano

September 25,  Kyle Swan, What is (and what isn't) the Problem with Kim Davis, Rio Americano

October 2, Jeff Dale, The Analysis of Knowledge?  Rio Americano

October 16, Matt McCormick, The Problem of Evil,  Rio Americano

October 23, Thomas Pyne, How Philosophical Questions Get Answered, Rio Americano

October 30, Vadim Keyser, Strong and Weak Emergence, Rio Americano

November 6, Christina Bellon, The Social Contract, Rio Americano

November 13, Randy Mayes, The Analysis of Love, Rio Americano

November 20th, Kevin Vandergriff, Fine-tuning the Argument for the existence of God, Rio Americano

December 4th, Dan Weijers, Common Sense Morality, Rio Americano

2014 Lecture Series

September 19,  Russell Disilvestro, Friendship in Aristotle, Saint John and Facebook, Rio Americano

September 26,  Kyle Swan, Immigration, Rio Americano

October 3, Dan Weijers, Should we trust our common sense?  Rio Americano

October 17, Randy Mayes, Is there a right to privacy?,  Rio Americano

October 31, Christina Bellon, From the State of Nature to Civil Society, Rio Americano

November 7, Matt McCormick, Minds and Machines, Rio Americano

November 14th, Vadim Keyser, Inductive logic or the absurd, Rio Americano

December 5th, Jeff Dale, Analysis of Knowledge, Rio Americano

2013 Lecture Series

September 13, Matt McCormick, Cognitive Bias, Rio Americano

September 18, Randy Mayes, Skepticism, Rio Americano

October 4, Christina Bellon, State of Nature Role Play, Rio Americano

October 11, Russell DiSilvestro, Moral Relativism, Rio Americano

October 18, Kyle Swan, Liberal Neutrality, Rio Americano

November 8, Tom Pyne, Thinking About Barsoom, Rio Americano

November 22, Vadim Keyser, Causation, Rio Americano

December 6, Jeff Dale, The Analysis of Knowledge, Rio Americano

2012 Lecture Series

October 12,  Brad Dowden,  Free Will,  Rio Americano

October 26,  Randy Mayes, Rationality and Emotion, Rio Americano

November 8, Matt McCormick, Introspection, Rio Americano

November 16, Christina Bellon, Hobbes' State of Nature, Rio Americano

November 30th, Russell DiSilvestro, Moral Relativism, Rio Americano

December 6th, Vadim Keyser, Existentialism, Rio Americano

2011 Lecture Series

September 23rd, Brad Dowden, Time Travel, Mira Loma

October 14th, Russell Disilvestro, Ethical Subjectivism, Rio Americano

October 28th, Christina Bellon, The Social Contract, Rio Americano

December 2nd, Thomas Pyne, The Metaphysics of Color, Rio Americano

December 9th, Christina Bellon, Introduction to Existentialism, Rio Americano.

2010 Lecture Series

October 1:  Brad Dowden, Free Will @ Rio Americano

October 25:  Matt McCormick, Minds and Machines, Willett Elementary School

November 12th:  Russell DiSilvestro, Ethical Objectivity @ Rio Americano

December 3rd:  Matt McCormick, Minds and Machines @Rio Americano

December 10th: Christina Bellon, The Social Contract, from Hobbes to Rawls @ Rio 

December 10th:  Randy Mayes,  Introduction to the Philosophy of Science @Vacaville High School

December 17th:  Randy Mayes,  Knowledge and Inductive Skepticism @ Rio Americano

February 14th: Matt McCormick, How Well Do We Know Our Own Beliefs? @ Mira Loma High School

March 24th:  Matt McCormick, Elementary Logic and Critical Thinking, Willett Elementary School