Extra credit for attending philosophy talks

In order to get class credit for attending a philosophy talk:
  • Be sure the talk is authorized for this purpose.  Any talk listed under Philosophy Events in the sidebar or announced on my website is automatically authorized.
  • Write a brief summary of the talk and send it to me by e-mail at <mayesgr@csus.edu> by the Sunday following the talk no later than midnight.
  • In the subject heading write:  Attendance credit, your name, your class.
  • No late summaries are accepted under any conditions. Late means "received after midnight."
  • Your summary should be about one single-spaced page.  
  • Do not send an attachment. Cut and paste you summary into the actual e-mail document.
  • Send a separate e-mail for each summary you submit.
  • Your summary must be well-written, free of grammatical and typographical errors, and an adequate representation of the basic issues addressed.  If it meets these criteria, you will receive credit toward your lowest quiz grade. Summaries must distinguish topics using distinct paragraphs. Those that don't will not receive credit. 
  • The credit is assigned at the end of the semester, so you will not see this reflected on e-instruction until final grades have been computed.
  • Check your syllabus to see how many summaries you can submit for credit and how the credit is calculated.
  • Finally, do your own work.  If two students submit unusually similar summaries both students will automatically receive failing grades in the course.  If you submit material plagiarized from any other source, the same result will occur.