Grandma's Table is a one of a kind restaurant. In 1982 we opened our doors for the first time and ever since then, they have barely closed thanks to our customers. Since our opening, we have seen lots of changes in the surrounding area as well as within our own building. Since Montgomery was growing with more businesses and more homes, we decided to take a chance and grow too! In April of 2010, we had our first party book our back-room. Ever since then, our back-room has seen more and more activity then we could have ever imagined, eventually earning the name Pete's Back Room. Since our business could not exist without our customers, we would like to thank all of our customers, from those who only stop in when their in town, to those who we routinely see and even those who may have only been in a few times for their business throughout the years. 
      We would like to invite you to stop in and eat anytime! We'll be waiting to fill your empty stomachs with anything you choose from our menu. Whether you're on a diet, a vegetarian, a meat lover, or you just want to warm up with some delicious home-made soup, we have the menu that will fit any lifestyle or taste!

Hope to see you in soon!