Welcome to Grandma's Farm in Pleasant Valley, near Oakland,Maryland

"Home of Happy Contented Animals"
We welcome you to take a step back in time with a visit to Grandma's Farm. Listen to the roosters crow and smell the fresh country air.
Grandma's Farm is home to a zany assortment of animals who are friendly and entertaining.We welcome questions and offer a hands on learning experience. New pygmy kid goats are born each year along with, bunnies, chickens, guineas, Embden and Toulouse geese. Our chickens are free range, cage free and fed an all natural diet. Fresh country eggs available. Fun for all ages includes feeding the goats,geese,chickens and holding a soft little bunny. Help gather the eggs and watch the playful bunnies hop around in the grass. Come and enjoy nature at it's best!
We have young pygmy goats for sale occasionally, also bunnies,chickens and always farm fresh, free range country chicken eggs.
Open by appointment May-October  $5 donation ea.  under age 2 free   (all donations go to feed the farm animals)
Phone: 240-321-5002
Grandma's Farm is family owned and operated.

Directions to Grandma's Farm: From Oakland take Rt 219 south 2 miles to Jasper Riley Rd, turn left onto Jasper Riley Road, go 1 mile to Pleasant Valley Rd, turn right at the Pleasant Valley Cemetary. We are the first driveway on the left (2888 Pleasant Valley Rd) Check out the google map at sidebar.
 These are just a few of the animals at Grandma's Farm
 Check back for new additions.
 (updated November 7,2014 )

                                                                                                               Meet Ellie Mae My newest addition to Grandma's Farm. This is Ellie as a 8 week old pot belly pig last August.t

                                                             Meet Ellie Mae my newest addition to Grandma's Farm. Ellie was born last Memorial day 2012. 
                                                  This is a photo of her at 8 weeks old. She actually believes she is on of the dogs and her best friend is
                                                                                                                                                                              Ringo the beagle.

                                                                                                      The Girls...just being nosy!

This is "Chester" a  crested Indian Runner Duck, she lived to the ripe old age of 13 years and won "Best Duck" 2005 in the County Fair!
She was a rescue duck who had was stepped on by a sheep and therefore limped like Chester in Gunsmoke...at the time we thought she was a he so we kept the name anyway especially after she fixed a nest and laid a dozen eggs.
                                                                                                    Molly, Miesha and Mika...just being nosy.

19 March 2011
Goats Playing in the spring thaw.


This is Ringo the beagle at 3 months old and is Brody's best friend.(2-2011)

 19 March 2011
Big Mac & Lil Mac strutting.
(billy goats)

Crested Pekin Duck Crossing the chicken yard.

13 April 2010
Millikki is our oldest and wisest nanny at 10 years old.
Some of the kids on the farm are Millikki's 2 nannys.
Born 23 August 2009 about 2 PM

New Ducklings doing what little ducks do best...
splashing and having fun in the sun! 
The white ones with bonnets are called crested Pekin ducks.

This is Miss Molly and her kids Miesha and Miley born on 11 August 2009

Misha & Mily Playing in the grass.

Curly in the Big Blizzard of 2010

 Curly (Billy Goat)

The Embdem Geese
Rhett, Scarlet and Ashley

These are some of the Toulouse Geese

The Chickens...  this is George a banty rooster

Some of the Chicks on Grandma's Farm

Just a few of the many soft Bunnies you may feed and hold

Some of the wonderful fresh eggs from the farm.
Check out the Araucana chicken eggs, they have natural blue and green shells!
These farm fresh eggs are available for purchase.

These HUGE eggs are laid by the Embden and Toulouse Geese here on the Farm.

Our eco friendly chicken house, made of all recycled materials.
That's Brody my fancy farm dog on guard!

 A favorite with everyone are the barn kitties.
This is Angel kitty.
                                                     "Grandma's Farm" is a member of the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce,
                                          the "Visit Our Working Farms" Agri-Tourism partnership and the Maryland Farm Bureau.