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These are a few cycling maps that don't really fit any other category, so they're here on their own page all by their lonesome. 

Colorado Backcountry Biker's Saturday Shop Road Ride
Group road ride that leaves from Circle Park in Fruita every Saturday morning, even through the winter (road, weather conditions, and motivation permitting). Forty mile route that is easily shorted to 34 miles. Sort of a 'no drop' ride: you ride at your own pace with others who ride your pace, and then we regroup at certain locations noted on the map (you will not get totally dropped, one of the regulars will stay with you). Start time varies with the seasons, but we ALWAYS start out promptly on time (so be early). For this week's start time, call the shop at 970.858.3917. It's a good idea to bring a printed or digital copy of this route map with you.

This map is also available for free in the Avenza PDF Maps app.



Suggested Bicycle Routes in Grand Junction
A map of Grand Junction showing the some of the best, and some of the worst, roads for cycling. Intended to be a resource for anyone wanting to park the car and ride their bike instead. 


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