- What Happened To The Mountain Bike Maps?

Once upon a time I offered a collection of mountain biking maps for Mesa and Delta Counties on this site, on this very page in fact. But they're gone. Why? Sit right down and I'll tell you why. 

You know how annoying it is when one person or group ruins the fun for the rest of us? Well, that happened. Actually, one business and a trail group, together, really ruined everything. 

In March of 2018, I found a business that took copyright infringement to a whole new level. An 'ethically challenged' event promoter out of the front range, Gemini Adventures, had taken a couple of my trail maps and added their own title, company logo, text, and graphics, then used them to promote and support their own events at Kokopelli Loops and Rabbit Valley. They made a LOT of money off of these events but didn't give me a dime, not even a donation to my beer fund. Cheap bastards.  

But the unkindest cut of them all was yet to come. A major reason for making those maps was to help the local trail building group, the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association, or COPMOBA. After years of supporting and promoting COPMOBA as well as letting them use my maps for free, I expected the board at COPMOBA to be as incensed about all of this as I was. The opposite proved to be the case. The board of COPMOBA outright refused to support me in any way and helped Gemini Adventures get away with it. 

Although COPMOBA's president denied it, Gemini Adventures said that they were a contributor to COPMOBA. To put it simply, it looks like COPMOBA chased the cash and didn't hesitate to toss a long time supporter under the bus. 

After getting screwed over not just by Gemini Adventures but by COPMOBA too, I decided that I wanted nothing more to do with local mountain biking. I decided I wanted to devote all that time and motivation to the road cycling maps instead. So I pulled the plug on the whole mountain bike trail map project. 

This is the internet, so I'm sure those maps are still floating around out there somewhere. Just so anyone so inclined knows, even though I don't offer them on this site any longer I still intend on defending my copyrights on them as much as I can. 

To anyone considering donating to or supporting COPMOBA, I suggest that you think carefully about what you are expecting in return. If you have a favorite trail you'd like to see improved or expanded, then by all means help them help you improve that favorite trail of yours. However, if you put a lot of time, money, and effort into supporting COPMOBA in the anticipation that they will reciprocate in any manner or even just respect you in return, then I would say that you should expect to be disappointed. Even though they're a volunteer organization, in my experience they behave like a greedy corporation. 

Greedy people, greedy companies, and selfish organizations make cycling worse for the rest of us. It sucks, but that's life in the Grand Valley. 

- John Hodge