What's New- Events - Announcements

There is a new Grande Cay Board of Directors. elected at the January 9, 2018 Annual Meeting.

President - Tom Bean
Vice President - Gertrude Murphy
Treasure - Bob Harris
Secretary - Gretchen Niebauer
At Large - James Kirby

Please congratulate the new  board members and let the previous board know you appreciated their hard work!

The new Gulf Harbour Visitor Management system "DwellingLive" is now operational.  There is a Visitor Management tab on the Gulf Harbour 33908 website, but please remember, you do have to log into the DwellingLive site separately.  Everyone should have received their log in information via US Mail.  If you have not received it, please call Suitor, Middleton, Cox & Associates at 239-437-0340 and the staff will assist you.
.     All guest lists have been imported over from the old system.
.     All vehicle information also has been imported over.
.     The pre-call system is operational.  The pre-call number of 239-935-5179 has stayed the same.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to call management at 239-437-0340.

Visit Gulf Harbour Master Association online at http://www.gulfharbour33908.com/gulfharbour

HELP USING NEW TYPE DUMPSTERS.  The old dumpsters had sliding doors on the side but the new ones have large lids that must be lifted to access the dumpster.  Some folks have trouble lifting these lids, so our neighbors Ron Pearson and Rod Ibis fashioned a pole to assist in keeping the lid open.  The poles are hanging on the inside of the gate.  Lift the lid that has the eye bolt and insert the pole into the eye bolt.  Then lift lid as needed.  Return pole to its hanger on the gate when finished.

The Grande Cay Buildings will be painted with the new paint scheme in 2017.  The board recommends that those needing new entry doors (into unit and into garage) replace them this year.

Information on the purchase/installation of new entry and garage entry doors is attached below.  If you want a new door please contact GW Johnson IV, Inc.  He has provided group pricing for this service.  Suitor is no longer coordinating this project.

Many owners have requested communications via e-mail.  Per Florida statute, homeowner permission must be obtained in order to use this method of communication.  To receive Grande Cay related e-mails, please fill out and submit the form attached below to Suitor.

PROPER DUMPSTER/RECYCLING USAGE.   Regular trash (Not Furniture, Not TVs, Not construction materials) must be put IN the dumpsters.  Cardboard boxes need to be broken down and flattened before putting in recycle bin or dumpster.  If a dumpster is full, be a good neighbor and put your trash in one of the other dumpsters on property.  For large items like Furniture, TVs, Construction materials call Advanced Disposal at 334-1224 for a special pickup.  There is no charge for this service.   Recyclables no longer need to be separated and can be placed in any of the recycle containers.  The diagram below shows what can and cannot be recycled.  Non Recyclables are considered trash and go in the dumpster.  If you would like a printout of this diagram, a copy has been attached below.

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