What's New- Events - Announcements

The Gulf Harbour Visitor Management System is now live.   The new call in number is 239-935-5179.  Go to www.GulfHarbour33908.com for more details. 

The Pool Party on November 8 was a huge success.  Mother Nature provided the perfect day for fun in the sun.  Attendees enjoyed delicious food and then lolled away the afternoon in the pool visiting with friends and neighbors while listening to the great music provided by our tech savvy neighbor, Bob.

     It's time again to decorate the Grande Cay entrance
    for the holidays.  We need your help!  Many hands
    make light work and we love the creative touches 
    everyone provides.  After decorating we'll convene
    at the pool for Happy Hour.  Then when it gets dark
    we'll walk to the entrance to admire our handiwork.

    Hope you can join us!!

  With the return of snowbirds and many new folks (seasonal renters, annual renters) now in the neighborhood, it's a good time to review proper dumpster usage.  In short, regular trash (Not Furniture, Not TVs, Not construction materials) must be put IN the dumpsters.  Cardboard boxes need to be broken down and flattened before putting in recycle bin or dumpster.  If a dumpster is full, be a good neighbor and put your trash in one of the other dumpsters on property.  For large items like Furniture, TVs, Construction materials call Advanced Disposal at 334-1224 for a special pickup.  There is no charge for this service.   Recyclables no longer need to be separated and can be placed in any of the recycle containers.  Below shows what can and cannot be recycled.  Non Recyclables are considered trash and go in the dumpster.  If you would like a printout of this diagram, a copy has been attached below.

A new form has been added to the Condo Living Section:  the E-Mail Consent Form.  A copy is also available below.  A request has been made of the board to start communicating more information to owners via a-mail.  Under Florida statute, we must have the permission of the homeowner in order to use this method of communication.  The authorization form for this is now on file.  If you have not completed your form, please do so in order to receive future e-mail communications.

Laura Maxemovich,
Mar 15, 2015, 8:01 PM
Laura Maxemovich,
Mar 12, 2015, 9:11 AM