Landscaping Updates

March 19, 2017
     Now that the painting of the buildings has been completed, some landscaping will take place around the front corners of the buildings.(two car garage units) The landscaper will take out old bushes and replace with new ones.  Sod will be placed around some pockets of GC to tighten some of the planting beds.  Mulch is needed on Westport Berm to freshen the look of the Berm and to help keep plants in better growing condition.  Many of the Hibiscus plants in between the garage doors went into shock after the power washing and roof-a-cide application.  It will take a while for them to rebound so please be patient. 🌺

October 10, 2017
   As of late July, Rock Solid Pavers installed pavers at the Grill Area. Landscaping around the Grill Area was to follow by Parsons Landscaping, however due to all the resurfacing of the road and Hurricane Irma, the work had to be put on hold. It is now scheduled for the week of October 20th and it will take two days to complete.
    Hurricane Irma left us a decent amount of tree debris in Grande Cay a few weeks ago. Personal Touch Landscaping did a wonderful job disposing of tree branches and re-staking fallen trees and cutting away broken trunks. The property is back to looking great again!
   Tree trimming of the Palms has not been scheduled yet. I am waiting to hear from the Board in regard to a proposal I presented to them which ties in with the Palm Trimming.
   Grande Cay property will receive a full mulch application within the first two weeks of January. Southeast Spreading Company will be doing the work.
       Kelly Plesa

The attached document below contains several pictures of the berm's new look.  Check them out!

Laura Maxemovich,
Sep 23, 2015, 9:26 AM