Landscaping Updates


    .   Berm project to begin this summer.  Letter of Understanding received from the Master; they will contribute up to $20,000 in 2015 
        and $20,000 in 2016 toward this project.
    .   Rework of areas in front of courtyards is complete.  Quote requested for additional work (placement of rocks and borders) along
        rear areas of buildings.
    .   Courtyard irrigation repairs put on hold.


Landscaping Projects Current and Ongoing - Submitted by Kelly Plesa (02/13/2015)

It has been a busy 2014 for landscaping beginning with the removal of 60 Olive trees in the community.

With the Olive trees removed, 57 Adonidia palms and Foxtail palms were planted in front of our units to replace the Olive trees. In addition to these palms, 35 Pygmy palm trees that were once located between the condo sidewalks were transplanted in other areas throughout Grande Cay.

Many of the plant beds found in front of the courtyard gates were cleaned out and sod was laid creating a more open, cleaner look.  The remainder of the center beds will be done at a later date, hopefully this year.

The Landscaping Committee will continue to reassess the landscaping throughout GC.  Sometime this month, Dwarf Hibiscus plants will be planted in between some of the garage doors that are lacking plants.  Sod is continually being placed in areas where needed and the committee is presently devising a plan to cut away all the dead bushes around the AC’s and replace with new shrubbery.

A Landscape Architect has been hired and is drafting a design for a new look on the berm.  Some new trees, sod and plantings for a fresh, cleaner look with minimal maintenance is the goal for the berm.

We, the Grande Cay Landscaping Committee thank you for your support this past year and we will continue to work towards “dressing up” our lovely community.  Any questions you might have, please feel free to contact any one of us.

Laurel Perry                Ron Pearson           Kelly Plesa       Cathy Pappas

Elana Kousminykh      Bill Banglesdorf       Vince Spano    Tim Herrmann  Board Liason

With the current landscaping projects taking place in GC, the Landscape Committee asks each occupant to please be aware that:

1.      Pots, figurines, ornamental flags, seashells, etc. are not allowed outside your courtyard gate.

2.      Some residents like to enhance the inside of their courtyard with potted plants and figurines.  These must be taken care of by keeping the area well-maintained.  Being mindful you share a courtyard with your neighbor.

3.      Make sure potted plants, figurines, etc. are not covering sprinkler heads inside your courtyard.

4.      Please be aware of your vehicle parking, making sure you are not on the grass.  Vendors coming to your condo need to be made aware of this as well.  Re-sodding has taken place due to damage.

5.      The Lawn Service under contract in Grande Cay has set standards for heights in the trimming of trees and bushes throughout Grande Cay.  If courtyard shrubbery is in need of trimming and you, the homeowner are not maintaining your plants, they will come into your courtyard to trim.

6.      Keep hoses off the sidewalks and driveways when not in use.

7.      When leaving for any length of time, 3 days or more, make sure your outside water valve for your “entire” unit is in the OFF position.  This past year there have been 4 units with extensive interior water damage due to the outside water valve being left in the “on position.  Please take the time to check this before you leave.  If you have difficulty in locating your shutoff valve, please ask someone in Grande Cay.