Landscaping Updates


Landscaping Report - The Compass Point berm project was completed in May at a cost of $63,309, of which $20,000 was paid by the Master Association.  During the summer stones were installed behind the buildings by the lanais and some areas were filled in with sod to minimize the need for mulch.  The cost was approximately $15,000, $4,000 of which came from the landscaping budget and the remainder from the operating budget.  The palm trees will be scheduled for trimming in December.   Landscaping Committee was requested to get a quote from American Allegiance for rocks or stones to be installed in front of grill area as that grassy area becomes unsightly from heavy usage during season.



In just a few weeks numerous trees and shrubs were removed, giant Royal palms were moved and transplanted, a pile of cactus palms were uprooted, stored and transplanted and truckloads of new shrubs, trees and sod were artfully placed and planted.  There is even a stone bench where you can rest and take it all in.  Also as part of this project new and colorful shrubs and flowering perennials were planted in several other locations throughout the community giving it a fresh, new look.  Congratulations to the Landscaping Committee for a job well done!!  The few areas that still need work will be completed as soon as materials are available.  Now all we need is some rain to keep it all green and healthy.  The Committee is also getting quotes to complete the stone and sod work along the rear of the buildings and hope to have more information on this project soon.


There are more changes being made in Grande Cay!  Work has commenced on the Compass Point berm.  Trees and shrubs have been removed and work to pare down the berm is scheduled soon.  Several other trees throughout the community are also being removed or relocated.  If driving on the west end of Grande Cay Circle, please proceed with caution while work is in process.  All efforts to maintain road access and keep inconvenience to a minimum will be made.

At March 8 Board Meeting Ron Pearson reported that bids for the Compass Point berm project were received and in line with expectations.  Estimated cost is $58,714 with $20,000 to come from the Master.  Utilities are being marked.  Board gave the okay to start removing trees prior to the originally approved April 15 start date.  Palm trees will be removed prior to excavation and replanted later.  Some areas around Grande Cay are still scheduled for sod.  Project will be completed when sod can be obtained from vendor.


The road to completion on the Westport berm was fraught with numerous rain delays, plant material shortages and flooded sod farms.  But thanks to the hard work and planning of the Landscaping Committee and the dedicated follow up of Kelly and John Plesa the project has reached its successful conclusion!

The removal/trimming of several olive trees and old/overgrown plants opened up the area and the installation of new plants, flowers, trees and sod has given the Westport berm a fresh, new look.  The new plantings mirror those on the other side of Westport, giving that area a more consistent look.

Check out the renovated berm and then when you see Kelly and John thank them for all their hard work this summer.  Their continued efforts, along with those of the Landscaping Committee, make Grande Cay a place we can all be proud to call home!


The attached document below contains several pictures of the berm's new look.  Check them out!

Laura Maxemovich,
Sep 23, 2015, 9:26 AM