Updated March 15, 2015

The Grande Cay St. Patrick's Day Party was a huge success.  Mother Nature finally cooperated and the largest party of the year came off without a hitch.  Murph, our favorite Irish neighbor and cook delivered her delicious corned beef and cabbage to the waiting guests.  Party goers brought numerous complementary dishes to help fill our plates.  After dinner, folks helped themselves to a table full of assorted desserts and finished them just in time to start the night's dancing.  Our DJ, Chris, led us in a variety of line and group dances which helped us work off all those calories we consumed at dinner.  A special treat of ice cream with Creme de Menthe or Kahlua was also served to everyone to top off the the evening.  Great food, great music, great people - a recipe for a great time!  We hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  A special thanks to everyone who helped set up before the party and to those who helped clean up afterwards!

The next Grande Cay Board of Directors Meeting is Tuesday, April 14 at 9 a.m. at the Pool.  See "Board Minutes and News" section for latest meeting information.

The Grande Cay Bark for Life Dog Show was February 14th.  See "What's New-Events" for more info.

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