Salisbury Battery Connection.

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Although this Salisbury battery drives the motor OK, I was not totally happy with my connections or battery mounting, so I have discarded modification Mk 1.

Modification Mk2: was too complicated so I scrapped it too. Here is the Mk 3 version:

It requires no changes to be made to the battery, makes firmer tighter joints and uses standard American 2 pin plugs.




I have found the time to finalise the mod, avoiding modifying the battery. The delay was due to obtaining American 2 pin plugs to connect to the battery. I wanted to ensure that the plug could not cause reverse polarity so I have come up with these two versions (above).
The first way is to wire up one terminal on each of two plugs and screw then together. To prevent the plug being inserted incorrectly, solder a piece of wire across the two unused  pins.

The second, more complicated way, is to modify a plug case to re-align the terminal blades through 90 deg. Some fiddly filing is involved. A tab is attached to the outside casing to prevent incorrect insertion.
Both methods work well, I have used the second method.

When the plug is disconnected from the battery, It can be plugged into HL19V USA Mains Line Skts. It makes things neater and safer.


Ensure that the battery key switch is off.


Then mount the battery onto the new pannier rack.


Next was the test run. With the Salisbury battery switched off  I ran a few miles on the Giant battery and no discernable difference was evident. I then switched on the Salisbury battery and completed the return journey with no problems.


Another test run. With the Salisbury battery switched on, I travelled on cycle track, a return trip of 16 miles. No need to use the Giant battery, the Salisbury was still going strong (two indicator lights on). I am well pleased with the modification.  (So is Grandma!)

Third test run. With the Salisbury battery switched on, on the same track under similar conditions. This time I covered 24 miles before the battery expired so I hereby declare the modification a success! Of course the same modification could be applied to any other electric bike, matching the relay to the battery voltage.


The battery is now mounted on a pannier battery rack:

Making a Battery Rack.