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Welcome to the homepage for Grampa's gramophones - Grampaphone. This is my collection of early 20th century
phonograph, records, and associated paraphernalia.  I have been collecting machines and records for several years and have collected several machines, several thousand records, and a few odds and ends. This website is my way of organizing what I have.  Many other sites provide detailed history and chronology for the recording industry, early phonograph companies and record companies.  The intent of my website is to provide visual reference material anyone may find useful for this hobby. It is just a way to 'compare notes'.  I have found this hobby to be addictive as a learning tool about our history and culture; that is why I enjoy it so.  As I procure more machines or records, I will update this website.

I have created a fairly straight forward menu for this website.  Under the Machines menu are listed the machines I currently own.  I have included before and after pictures plus a YouTube video of the machine playing a period piece.  Not all machines are complete, so some items are still 'under construction'.

Under the Record Labels, Record Sleeves, Cylinder Records, and Cylinder Boxes items I have listed a copy of each
record label type or record sleeve type that I currently have.  It is not a comprehensive list of records, but rather a sample of each label, cylinder, box or sleeve version from the manufacturers. 

The Links menu provides what I have found to be very helpful websites. There are many others, but these provide a lot of information for beginners and old pros alike. 

I have some Odds & Ends that are there to spark interest as are the YouTube videos.

As with all collectors, I sometimes find that I have duplicate items or items that are not really interesting to me.  I occasionally sell a few items on eBay under the name Anonomous2.  I have a 100% rating.  I also sometimes list a few records, machine parts, or other items in the Stuff 4 Sale pages as well.  It is a way to keep the costs of the hobby under control if possible.

I have also added a Wiki-Tales section where I created pure fantasy.  Since so much of what is on the internet is of questionable accuracy, I just thought I would add to the confusion.

Feel free to contact me via the Contact page with any questions, comments, or just to check things out.  Thanks - Grampaphone.  

I am also interested in the trials and tribulations of being a grandparent in the 21st century.  You can find my blog at

What's New?

~ May 2012 ~ Added more early acoustic records including Arentino, Busy Bee, Manhattan, Wallin's Music with a special test pressing to match, Star Record.  Added several early vertical cut records (Cleartone and Pathe center-start records).  Also added pre war records (Autograph, Radiex, Sonora) and a Victor Special Recording.

~ Nov 2011 ~ Added more post war records (4 Star, Ronel, Hi-Tone, Circle, JOCO, Ekko, Excello, Fraternity, Gilt-Edge, Derby, Jaguar, Manor, Varsity, Savoy, Old-Timer, Gospel, Session), Canadian records (Apex, Reo, Sparton) as well as quite a few sleeves (4 Star, ABC Paramount, REO, Sparton, early Banner Columbia).

~ Oct 2011 ~ Added more very early records (Clarion, Lyric, The Thomas Record, Imperial) as well as a few pre-war records (Paramount, Cameo, Oriole). Also added a new Odds And Ends category for Record Store Stamped Labels

~ Apr 2011 ~ Added more very early Columbia Disc records, a few European record labels such as Winner, Gramophone, and Vocalion as well as some Post-1945 and Pre-1945 (Medallion) records, a victor RCA Enrico Caruso record label, and a Varsity Sleeve.

~ Mar 2011 ~ Added more Columbia, European, Post-1945, Pre-1945, and Victor record labels, more record sleeves including Dana, Special Editions, Majestic.

~ Jan 2011 ~ Added YouTube links for 'How A Columbia Record Is Made' a 1928 silent film on the manufacture of Columbia records.

~ Dec 2010 ~ Added several new photos to Record Sleeves including Victor, Royale, Columbia, MGM; added several more records to U.S. Post-1945 including Devon, Bell, Checker, Nashboro, Radio, Rampart, Wolverine; added several more Pre-1945 records labels including Domino and Emerson, and added new items to Odds & Ends. 

~ Oct 2010 ~ Added several new photos to Record Sleeves including Victor, Prom, Columbia; added several more records  to U.S. Post-1945 including SUN 210 by Elvis, Apollo, and Mercury; added several more Pre-1945 records labels including Bell, Cameo, Decca, Puritan, Regal, and added new items to Odds & Ends. 

~ Aug 2010 ~ Added several Victor record sleeves to Record Sleeves, added Independent Artists Recording Company to U.S. Post-1945 labels.

~ Jul 2010 ~ Added several sleeves to Record Sleeves including Vocalion race sleeve, added several Pre- and Post-1945 labels.

~ Jun 2010 ~ Added 1947 Sears Silvertone wire recorder content complete with YouTube videos. Added Marconi Velvetone to Columbia Records, Busy Bee, United Talking Artist, and a SUN record to Early Acoustic Lateral. Added Allied Records 'Singing Sergeants' to Post-1945.  Added 'Sing Brothers, Sing for Sigma Alpha Epsilon' video by the Shannon Quartet to YouTube.

~ May 2010 ~ Added more labels to Columbia, Pre-1945 and Post-1945. Added Tops, Federal record sleeve. Added
'How a Record Is Made' video by RCA Victor to YouTube.

~ Mar 2010 ~ Added more labels to European, Pre-1945, Post-1945, Victor, Canadian. Added Cameo record sleeve, added two 1898 Berliner recordings to YouTube and updated Wiki-Tales, added 1898 Star Spangled Banner Berliner record to Odds & Ends, added photos to many machines, added London, EPIC, Cadence, Concertone, X, and Capitol sleeves to the Record Sleeves page, London, Valley, Rialto DJ, EPIC, Mercury, EmArcy, Cadence Julius La Rosa, Merit, Elko, Imperial labels to Post-1945 Labels, added Jubilee sleeve to the Record Sleeves page, Columbia Hall of Fame to the Columbia page, and Conqueror Sears to Pre-1945, added 3 Paramount label scans to the U.S. Pre-1945 page

~ Feb 2010 ~ added 14 records to the Records 4 Sale page, added 150 records to the Records 4 Sale page, added more Pre-1945 and Post-1945 labels, added history and culture page.

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