DuBois Family

There are a couple of scenarios for who might be the father of Lawrence K. Dubois.  I'm going to devote a special page to the possibilities.

Laurence K. DuBois & Lois Jacobs Bonney

NOTE:  There are pictures of the headstones of many of our DuBois family at the Lenore East Cemetery website.  They are all copyrighted though and I was asked to remove them from my website by the owner.  If you want to view them please go to this website: http://www.lenoracemeteries.com/LenoraEast_1.htm  The pictures I have of these same headstones were taken by Diane Long and I have her permission to use. (Thanks so much Diane!)

Laurence Knickerbocker DUBOIS was born 13 Oct 1820 in Tompkins County, New York and died 18 Aug 1894 or (Aug 16, 1894) in Lenora, Norton County, Kansas at the age of 73 from “dropsy.”  He married Lois Jacobs BONNEY 4 Feb 1849 in Fort Winnebego, Columbia County, Wisconsin.

There is a heavily documented resource online for Laurence and Lois.  It references photocopies of their marriage certificate, a pension application by Lois, a genealogy submitted by Laurence Hendricks in 1910
  • It shows they were married by Dick Veder, justice of the peace in Portage County, Wisconsin.
  • It shows in the Census of 1870 that  she is 57, makes birth 1813 not 1817
  • 1870 census lists her as "keeping house" as did most women in this census.
  • According to pension (widow's) Lois Jacobs could write as she signed her name to that form. She was in Lenora on August 31, 1894, as George Edwin Dubois attested to her application.
Lois was born 4 Mar 1815 in Marion, Washington Co., Maine, died 26 Sep 1895 in Lenora, Norton County, Kansas, at age 80, and was buried in East Cemetery, Lenora, Norton County, Kansas (no marker.  But according the online record, family records substantiate that she is buried there).  (Birthdate according other documents:  19 MAR 1816 in Edmund, Washington County, Maine)

 NOTE:  There are various spellings for  "Lawrence," and I don't have anything official to know which way it is to be spelled.  I'm also not sure how to spell DuBois -- is it Dubois?  My grandmother's generation used "DuBois".   Also I've found a line of New York Dutch folks with the name "Knickerbocker" where several in this line are named  "Lourens" Knickerbocker.  Interestingly, Laurence's daughter Dora Mae (Dubois) Hendricks gave her family name DUBOIS to all her kids as a middle name.

In the research done by Jayne Stanton, she found that Laurence Knickerbocker DUBOIS (born in Tompkins Co, NY) went from Boone County, Iowa to Wyoming (township) Jones County, Iowa to enlist in the Army. He belonged to Company K., 24th Infantry. The first place she found his name was on a Company Muster-In Roll in Mascatine, Iowa.  He is listed as: Laurence K. Dubois, 37 years of age; hair, brown; eyes, brown; complection, dark; height 5'8"; occupation, farmer.

He was "detailed as a teamster in Davis's train" and "detached as teamster in Davis's train " almost every month. Laurence was discharged July 17, 1865 in Savannah, Georgia. While Lawrence was in the Army, his family lived on "S.E. 80 acres at cross roads in middle of Holton, Kansas."

The Twenty-fourth Iowa Volunteer Infantry was raised during the first two weeks of August, 1862, and was in rendezvous at Camp Strong, Muscatine, Iowa, before the end of the month. 

His military records submitted by Laurence L. Hendricks on

Military: 08/12/62 date he enlisted. He indicated age was 37 from Wyoming, Jones County, Iowa. Laurence was a private in Iowa 24th, company K. The 24th served in both the east and west during the war, involved at Vicksburg and the Shenendoah Valley in the east. The unit was involved in guard duty, combat, and transportation during the war. For the early part of the war, the Iowa 24th was sent to Helena, Arkansas, from St. Louis. Most of the the deaths in this period were disease not combat fatalities. Moving up the White river and against Coldwater, Mississippi they were generally not involved in skirmishes or battle action. In February 1863, the unit was transferred to the 13th army corps and ordered to join Grant at Vicksburg. A part of the union army slipped past confederate guns at Vicksburg, they were held in reserve at Port Gibson. From May 1 to 15, the 24th was involved in small skirmishes around Vicksburg. On May 16, 1863, the unit was heavily involved in battle of Champion's hill. They lost 35 soldiers and had 120 wounded and 34 missing.(highest percentage of any unit)

Following Champion's hill, they marched to join Grant at Vicksburg.Following surrender of Vicksburg, they joined Gen. Sherman's army in attacking Jackson Mississippi. They rejoined the Grant army then at Vicksburg.

The 24th was then assigned to new operations field, taking transports to New Orleans. A gap of information about the 24ths actions from August to January of 1864 provides only sketchy information. They were stationed in Algiers, Louisiana and Helena, Arkansas during skirmish duty apparently. By March 1864, they were scheduled to reinforce General Banks foray up the Red river. The unit suffered heavy casualties at Mansfield. A part of Banks retreat to Alexandria and Algiers they lost few soldiers.

On July 22, 1864, the unit was shipped on "Star of the South" from New Orleans to Fortress Monroe and ultimately Washington D. C. Arriving east, the unit was assigned to 19th Army corps under General Emory. August 1864, the unit was transferred to Harper's Ferry and sent to Shenadoah valley under Gen Sheridan. Involved in troop movements leading to the battle of Winchester September 1864. October, 1864, they unit took heavy casualties at Winchester. October 19th was the last battle the unit was a participant. From October to war's end, the unit was stationed in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia undertaking guard duties. The unit was mustered out at Savannah Georgia on July 17, 1865.

In his application for a pension dated November 11, 1890, Lawrence indicated that he was disabled by rheumatism on or about February 1, 1863, while on duty in Helena, Arkansas. According to pension dropped form date March 21, 1895, Lawrence received $12.00 per month.

In both the NARA files, Lawrence also signed with an "x" indicating that he was illiterate.

1870 census indicates that Laurence was employed as teamster and the value of personal property was $750.00 and no real estate. The census also indicates that the youngest child was born in Kansas, not Wisconsin. Hiram was age 8 in 1870, born Kansas.

Lawrence entered the union army in 1862 in Jones county. For a better explanation of why he joined the Union army see Felton's description of "Pioneer Life in Jones County." Also, since Laurence was 38 in 1861 he likely was an ardent abolitionist and may explain why he moved to Kansas in early 1860s and the joined the Union army. It must have been around the time of Hiram's birth. From this, one can speculate that the family moved from Wisconsin to Kansas, then Iowa. Where they remained until 1870s.

Civil war lithograph of the Company K military register (The picture on the bottom right is not Lawrence but is rather Corporal David Craig of Company K)

There is a monument to the soldiers of Company K on the main street in Wyoming, Iowa. All their names are listed in raised letters.  It is in Calkin's Square (http://showcase.netins.net/web/calkinssquare/index.html). 

On the website it says, "Dr. Calkins resided and practiced medicine for nearly fifty years. In 1862 he mustered into the state militia a company of eighty-nine men who formed Company K of the 24th Iowa Infantry and served during the civil war. When the town of Wyoming was incorporated the town unanimously chose him as Mayor. In 1881 he was nominated as the republican candidate to represent this country in the Lower House of the state legislature, the democrats made no nomination and the doctor was unanimously elected. Dr. Calkins owned farms in the area. He was a historical authority and wrote under the editorship of J. H. Ely for the History of Jones County in 1879."

"Standing about fifty feet to the northeast of the house is a monument built as a memorial to the soldiers of Wyoming who served in the Civil War. Before his death in 1909, he had ordered the bronze tablet to commemorate the patriotism and valor of the young men of Wyoming. The monument however was not completed until 1912."

Close-up of Monument to Company K

Monument to Company K in Calkins Square

Book of 1894 by local paper (now online) gives the following biography of Lawrence's coming to Norton County:

"Lawrence K. DuBois, with his three sons, George E., Albert W., and Hiram Wilmot, and his two sons-in-law, Will Hendricks and Joe Parker, came in September 1874, from Appanoose county, Iowa. They all live in this county at this time except Parker, who left in 1879 and now lives in Missouri.

"Willis Hall Hendricks was born in Appanoose county, Iowa, September 13,1836; raised on a farm, removed with his parents to VanBuren county, in 1837. He came to Norton county in April 1874 and located on the southeast quarter of section four, township five, range twenty-four on Elk Creek, where he still resides. He has been a successful farmer and stock raiser ever since; was trustee three years of Lenora township; was elected commissioner for the third district in 1892, defeating Pogue, republican. He has always been a third party [Greenback-Labor party] man casting his first vote for General Weaver [James B. Weaver] for president in 1880.

He was married June 13, 1874, at eighteen years of age to Miss Dora Ann DuBois, at Cawker City. They have five children, two boys and three girls; Abram Allen, born June 21, 1875; Lois Myrtle, born February 6, 1877; Clara Belle, born February 17, 1879; Maryette, born January 31, 1881; Clarence Wilber, born December 19, 1883. His wife was born in Wisconsin, July 15, 1856.

He was living in Lenora when he applied for pension in 1890.

Cause of death listed as unknown on form to U.S. Pension agency in March 1895. Information from Besse's neice indicated that he died of dropsy.

Note on Laurence K. Dubois in regards to his father: 1830 census for Henry DuBois lists a white male between 10-15. This would fit Lawrence.

Laurence's son George Edwin Dubois (father of Gramma Viola Elizabeth DuBois Stanton) was 8-12 years old when his father was off fighting in the civil war. In George's obituary, it states that he lived in Holton, Kansas with his family from 1861 to 1865 – this would have been the same time period his father was in the 24th Iowa Infantry.

From the book, "The History of the Early Settlement of Norton County, Kansas," by Hon. F.M. Lockard:

"Lawrence K. DuBois, with his three sons, George E., Albert W., and Hiram Wilmot, and his two sons-in-law, Will Hendricks and Joe Parker, came in September 1874, from Appanoose county, Iowa. They all live in this county at this time except Parker, who left in 1879 and now lives in Missouri."

Will Hendicks who married Medora Ann Dubois

Children from the marriage Laurence and Lois were:

1) Mary Elizabeth DUBOIS was born 23 Mar 1850 in Columbia County, Wisconsin.  Married Joe Parker.  Died about 1900.

2) Emma Jane DUBOIS was born 12 Aug 1851 in Columbia County, Wisconsin, and died 16 Aug 1853 in Columbia County, Wisconsin, at age 2.

3) George Edwin DUBOIS (born 20 Mar 1853 in Columbia County, Wisconsin - died 3 May 1937 in Lenora, Norton County, Kansas at the age of 84). George married Sophrona Isabella WILMOT 30 Jun 1878 in Wisconsin. Sophrona was born 15 Nov 1858 in Henry County, Illinois,  died 11 Nov 1927 in Clay Center Township, Clay County, Kansas, at age 68, and was buried in East Cemetery, Lenora, Norton County, Kansas. Another spelling in records for Sophrona was Sophronia Isabelle but her headstone in the cemetery has it as Sophrona. Both George and Sophrona were buried in East Cemetery, Lenora, Norton County, Kansas.

4) Adelbert [Albert/Bert] Willis DUBOIS was born 9 Dec 1854 in Columbia County, Wisconsin.  He married Garrett, Eunice.  He died WFT Est. 1871-1944

5) Medora Ann [Mae] DUBOIS was born 19 Jul 1856 in Columbia County, Wisconsin, died 11 Jun 1937 in Lenora, Norton County, Kansas, at age 80, and was buried in Lenora, Norton County, Kansas. Medora married Willis Hall HENDRICKS 13 Jun 1874 in Cawker City, Kansas. Willis was born 13 Sep 1836 in Appanoose County, Iowa.  Medora next married Jefferson SMITH 4 Apr 1903 in Fairbury, Nebraska.  Medora next married D. W. BARNES 11 Jun 1904 in Eldorado, Kansas.  In the History of Norton book noted above, it said Hendricks "came to Norton county in April 1874 and located on the southeast quarter of section four, township five, range twenty-four on Elk Creek, where he still resides. He has been a successful farmer and stock raiser ever since; was trustee three years of Lenora township; was elected commissioner for the third district in 1892, defeating Pogue, republican. He has always been a third party [Greenback-Labor party] man casting his first vote for General Weaver [James B. Weaver] for president in 1880."

Obituary: Medora A. DeBois(sic) was born in the State of Wisconsin in the year 1856, and died at her home in Lenora, Kansas, June 11, 1937. Had her span of life lengthened till July 19th, she would have been 81 years of age.

When but a small girl, she came with her family, to Iowa; again taking up the journey westward, they came to Kansas in 1874. She was married to Willis Hall Hendricks on June 11th in the same year at Cawker City, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks came to Norton County in the fall of 1874 taking up a homestead 3 and 1/2 miles northwest of Lenora, where they made their home till Mr. Hendricks' death on September 8, 1898, at the age of 42 years.

Five children were born to them, four of whom are now living; Allen A. Hendricks of Wakeeney, Kansas; Mrs. Myrtle L. Hays of Lenora; Mrs. Belle Regester of Glendale, California; Clarence Hendricks of DeNova, Colorado; Mrs. Etta Bozarth, the fourth child died at her home in Lenora, October 2, 1934.

On June 11, 1904 she was married to Mr. D. W. Barnes at El Dorado, Kansas. They made their home in Wichita for a number of years and later resided at Wakeeney for nine years, finally moving to Lenora where they have made their home since.

Mr. Barnes has lived an active energetic life, her late illness was of several months duration, she peacefully fell asleep in death on the day twice chosen by her as her wedding day.

One brother, Hiram DeBoise(sic), lives in Los Angeles, California; twenty-one Grandchildren and thirty-seven Great-grandchildren are living and cherish her memory.

Her husband, Mr. D. W. Barnes, deeply mourns the passing of a worthy companion of many years. Mrs. Barnes belonged to a generation of pioneers of Western Kansas whose ranks are rapidly passing. We as a community owe much to these staunch characters who built their homes on our western plains and established our citizenry. May they not become forgotten men and women to each succeeding generation.

The deceased was a homemaker and loved her home above all else. She saw God in the flowers, the birds, the trees and all beauties of nature, she met him in the common walks of every day life and duty. Her memory shall be an inspiration to those who come after.

Chance and change are busy ever,
Men decay and ages move,
But his mercy waneth never.
God is Wisdom, God is Love.

Funeral services were conducted from the Congreational Church of Lenora, sunday afternoon, June 13, at 2:30 O'clock by I. B. Wagoner. A grandson Mr. Laurence hendricks of Wakeeney was Funeral Director, and six of her grandsons served as pall bearers. The body was laid to rest in the family lot in the East Cemetery.

6) Hiram Allen DUBOIS was born 1 May 1859 in Kansas according to the 1870 census.  [Others show him born Columbia County, Wisconsin].  He married Fannie Wilmot.  He died after 1937.

George Edwin DuBois & Sophrona Isabelle Wilmot

LENORA. Lenora, an incorporated city of the third class in Norton county, is located on the north fork of the Solomon river and the Missouri Pacific R.R., 18 miles southwest of Norton, the county seat. It has a bank, 2 hotels, an opera house, a commercial club, a weekly newspaper (the News), good graded schools and 3 churches. There are telegraph and express offices and a money order post office with two rural routes. The population in 1910 was 454. The town was founded in 1873 and named for Mrs. Lenora Hauser. The post office was established in 1875 with R. C. Sadoris as postmaster. The first town officers were: G. W. Hood, trustree, w. Friffin, treasurer; A. Hendricks and A. Bowman, justices; George E. Dubois and Ephraim Burris, constables. The first newspaper was the Leader, established in 1882. (Kansas - Cyclopedia of State History, Frank W. Blackmar, Vol. II, 1912 Page 138.  Also noted in William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas first published in 1883 by A. T. Andreas, Chicago, IL.)

Lawrence K. DuBois, with his three sons, George E., Albert W., and Hiram Wilmot, and his two sons-in-law, Will Hendricks and Joe Parker, came in September 1874, from Appanoose County, Iowa.

He moved to Kansas at age 20 and was a member of the Lenora Kansas school board.  He farmed in the Norton County area He also worked as a Logging & Mail Carrier in the winter in Kansas for three different winters, he "logged and carried mail by mare and fast burrow from Cawker City, Kansas to Wakeeney, Kansas. He trapped with Silas W. Hendricks in 1872 in Norton County, Kansas.

...He worked as a Blacksmith in 1873 in Cawker City, Kansas.  He learned the Blacksmith trade in Cawker City, Kansas. He had a residence in Sep 1874 in Norton County, Kansas. From "The History of the Early Settlement of Norton County, Kansas,"  by Hon. F.M. Lockard.

G.E., Glenn, Sophrona Isabella Wilmot (permission to use from Herb Gwaltney)

Sophrona Wilmot (permission to use from Herb Gwaltney)

George was born 20 Mar 1853 in Columbia County, Wisconsin.  He married Sophrona Isabella WILMOT on 30 Jun 1878.  Sophrona was born 15 Nov 1858 in Henry County, Illinois, USA, and died 11 Nov 1927 in Clay Center Township, Clay County, Kansas, USA at age 68, and was buried in East Cemetery, Lenora, Norton County, Kansas. Another name for Sophrona was Sophronia.

The following information is not first hand research but rather,  I found it with references on the internet.  I believe that it is on record at Ancestry.com.

According to [Edith Gwaltney?, Bessie Pearl's] neice's research George worked for 3 winters in Wisconsin logging. During Civil War lived in Holton, Kansas. He later trapped in Norton County in 1872 winter and then moved the next year. Before marriage he also carried mail from Cawker City to Wakeeny, Kansas. He learned blacksmith trade in Cawker City. In Lenora Kansas, he repaired covered wagons and worked as blacksmith. He also served on the Board of Education in Lenora.

In the 1870 federal census, George listed as 17, attended school in the last year. He also listed as working in sawmill as did other persons in families around the census page (appears that his was in town and near a sawmill). He also must have moved several times as child, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, and finally back to Kansas in 1873 (see obituary). He served on the Lenora school board for several years. George was also was the first town constable in Lenora Kansas along with Ephriam Burris. He lived in Lenora, Kansas; Hale, Missouri; Garden Grove, California; and Norton, Kansas. When he died there was only one resident of Lenora that had lived longer there than George E.


According to the 1895, Kansas State Agricultural Census, the following information was reported. G. E. Dubois was farming in Lenora township. He was 42 years old and married to P. L. Dubois, aged 36. G.E. was born in Wisconsin and his bride was born in Illinois. There were 7 other person living in the household. They included A. M. Dubois, age 13 female; R. Dubois, age 10; B. P. Dubois, age 7; N.A. Dubois, age 5; D. E. Dubois, age 4; and A.E. Dubois, age 1. Also listed as a member of the household was G. L. Parker, male age 21, from Iowa. G. E. listed his occupation as a farmer. There were no entries listing literacy or military record for any family members.

G. E. listed that he had 15 acres under irrigation from Elk creek. He apparently had no well that used a windmill to supply water to his farm and home. G. Dubois farmed a quarter section, 160 acres. Of this quarter section, one half was listed as under cultivation. He had fenced in 40 acres of his farm and this census doesn't indicate what type of fencing he used. {the form listed the following: stone, rail, board, hedge, or wire} The present cash value of farm including improvement was listed as $800 including improvement and machinery. G. E. planted his 80 acres in the following crops: 40 acres corn, 1 acre Irish potatoes, 6 acres in Millet and Hungarian. (This obvious doesn't add to 80 acres) G. E. listed 4 acres as prairie under fence or used as meadow and harvested 2 tons of prairie grass cut in 1894. G. E. listed the value of his animals that he sold the previous year as $50.00.

By the Census of 1905, George Dubois owned free and clear his house and farm. He was listed as 52 and his wife listed as 47. The children were listed as the following: R.E. 20, B.P. 17, N.A. 15, V.[G]E. 14, J.A. 12, and A.G. 8. George was listed as born in Wisconsin. His wife and oldest child were born in Missouri. The remainder of the children were born in Kansas. He listed his occupation as a blacksmith. Besse Pearl was listed as a school teacher. The children, except for R.E. had all attended school through eight grades. Mom, dad, and the oldest did not have any listing for formal education.

George still owned 160 acres in 1905. One half (80 acres) was improved and the remaining half was unimproved. The unimproved was described as having never been plowed and land grown up with trees and shrubs. Sixty acres was listed as being fenced. One acre was listed as being planted in alfalfa and the rest not cultivated. One half (80 acres) was uncultivated, under fence for meadow or pasture. George had cut 20 tons of hay the preceding year as well as 2 tons of prairie hay. The family had processed 700 pounds of butter in 1904. (From the listings this made the family the third largest butter churner in 1904). The family had sold $7.00 worth of poultry and eggs the preceding year. Animals sold and slaughtered in 1904 was $100. The family farm had the following livestock on hand: 8 horses, 10 milk cows, 4 other cattle, and 24 swine. The farm had lost 2 horses to disease in 1904.

This is a picture postcard taken on a farm in Lenora, Kansas.  It's not the George Dubois farm that I know of.  Check out the horse power at that time.  This was taken 1912-1915.

By 1915, George still listed his occupation as a farmer. He planted 30 acres of rye that year. He also planted potatoes, sorphum, kafir, milo, and corn (300 bushels on hand). He made 150# butter and estimated the value of milk and cream sold previous year @ $100. He owned 8 horses, 4 milk cows, and 6 head of cattle. He used the nearby street and a windmill for water. The well was 13' deep. He had fenced 80 acres and the farm had expanded to 240 acres from 160 in 1905.

Lenore, Kansas 1912-1915

George used a cane and had it inscribed with jewels etc. that people had lost and used it when he was older.

BURIAL: Lenora, Kansas east cemetery
Stephen J Epler of Norton Christian church officiating
services at Congregational - Christian Church @ 2:30 pm.

DEATH: Died at Garrett home after several days of illness (obit)
He had been in failing health for years.

From the Lenora News of 1957--describes the Dubois farm as small but a great source for watermelons and near dam #1 built during the great drought of 1893-95. (note: this says that the drought of 1890s worse than the 1930s) "The first Elk Creek dam, first from the river, on the George Dubois (now Allen) place, was a small affair east of the stone house where son Earl tended the garden and especially the luscious watermelons for which the garden was famous among visiting neighbors."

Notes from Alene Rickert, who moved onto the DuBois homestead in 1925 remember the following about the farm. It had an orchard including apple trees (2 varieties), cherry trees (2 varieties), lots of peach trees (2 varieties), an apricot tree, pear tree, crab apple tree, and wild plum bushes. Tree on the southern border of the farm included maple and walnut. On Elk creek, wild grape and choke cherrie trees were abundant. "The violets or "Johnnie Jump Ups" as we called them made the Elk creek area a beautiful playground at the old swimming and fishing holes. She also mentions a large garden supplemented with a windmill. The orchard and alfafa field north of the farm were wiped out by the drought of the 1930s. She indicates that the 40 acre home site in 1977 is owned by Delbet Niehaus and the rest of the farm owned by Harold Allen (Alene Allen Hickert's brother)

1880 census indicates that Nora Wilmot was living in the home and her occupation was listed as a nurse

[NOTE: Besse Pearl DuBois as sole Executrix of estate. Richard Earl DuBois, Alvin Glenn DuBois, Bessie Pearl Garrett, Viola Elizabeth Stanton, Jessie Almeda Stanton, Nellie Agnes Henderson (1/7), plus grandchildren George Edwin Bates and Letha Bates (1/14)]

Children of George DuBois and Sophrona Isabella Wilmot:

1) Leo Warren DUBOIS was born 2 Aug 1885 near Lenora, Norton County, Kansas, and died 9 Aug 1886 at age 1.

2) Alvin Glen(n) DUBOIS was born 5 Nov 1896 in Lenora, Norton County, Kansas, died 23 Jul 1976 in Lakeside, Coos County, Oregon, at age 79, and was buried in Reedsport, Douglas County, Oregon. Alvin married Effie MEYER 16 Aug 1916 in Norton County, Kansas. Effie was born 16 May 1889 in Lincoln, , Nebraska, and died 1 Aug 1975 in Lakeside, Coos County, Oregon at age 86.   They had a farm in Philomath, Oregon

Alvin Glen(n) DuBois draft registration

3) Laurence Edwin DUBOIS was born 6 Jun 1879 near Lenora, Norton County, Kansas and died 2 Jun 1889 at age 9.

4) Ada May DUBOIS was born 5 Feb 1881 near Lenora, Norton County, Kansas and died 21 Mar 1908 at age 26. Ada married Lawrence BATES.

5) Richard Earl DUBOIS was born 3 Jun 1883 in Tina, Carroll, Missouri and died 11 Mar 1969 at age 85. Richard married Ivy GARRETT. The marriage ended in divorce. Richard next married Mary Agnes MERIDETH.

6) Bessie Pearl DUBOIS was born 9 Apr 1887 near Lenora, Norton County, Kansas. Bessie married William Noah GARRETT.

OBIT: Bessie Pearl Garrett, daughter of George E. and Isabelle Saphrona Wilmot DuBois, was born in Lenora, Kansas on April 9, 1887 and died at the Norton County Hospital, in Norton, on November 8, 1981 at the age of 94 years, 6 months and 29 days.

Bessie Pearl grew to womanhood in the Lenora area and attended the Lenora Grade School. On October 31, 1905 in Norton she and William Noah Garrett were united in marriage. They lived in Lenora till 1907 when they came to Norton. She had lived in Norton ever since except for two years they were in Enid, Oklahoma. After coming back to Norton, Mr. Garrett worked for M. L. Lease Implement Co. before they went into the plumbing and electrical business. They operated the business until selling it to their son, Russell in 1946. Mr. Garrett died April 11, 1972.

Bessie Pearl was a member of the Norton Christian Church, Eastern Star Chapter No. 126, the "Girls" Idlers Embroidery Club, Women's Fellowship of the Christian Church.

Survivors include her son and his wife, Russell and Dorothy Garrett, Norton, and daughter, Edith Louise Gwaltney, Topeka; four grandchildren, Roger and wife, Linda Garrett, Lawrence, Georgia Garrett-Norris, Los Angeles, California, Herb and wife, Sabrina Gwaltney, Atchison, and Garrett Gwaltney, Norton; three great-grandchildren, Hope Norris, Mark and Kirk Garrett; other relatives and many friends.

She was preceded in death by her parents; husband; one son, Cecil Paul, four sisters and five brothers.

Services were held November 10, 1981 at 11:00 A.M. at the Enfield-Eckhart Funeral Home in Norton, with Darel Boston officiating. Sonya Peil, organist, accompanied Mrs. Jay Rowh as she sang "How Great Thou Art".

Casket bearers were Marlin Bozarth, Ward Smiley, E.G. Heaton, Eugene Conover, Duane Bridges and Melvin Moffet. Concluding service and interment were at the Norton Cemetery. Arrangements were by the Enfield-Eckhart Funeral Home, Norton.

7) Nellie Agnes DUBOIS was born 13 Sep 1889 near Lenora, Norton County, Kansas. Nellie married J. Carl HENDERSON on June 6, 1908 in Norton County.

8) Viola Elizabeth DUBOIS (born 9 Nov 1890 near Lenora, Norton County, Kansas - died 25 May 1967 in Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, USA). Viola married Edward STANTON 6 Jul 1915 in Livingston, Park County, Montana, USA. Edward was born 8 Oct 1887 in Logan, Phillips County, Kansas, died in Apr 1964 in Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon, at age 76, and was buried in 1964 in Twin Oaks Memorial Gardens, Albany, Oregon. Other names for Edward were E.B. STANTON.

9) Jessie Almeda DUBOIS was born 15 Nov 1893 near Lenora, Norton County, Kansas and died. Jessie married Roy A. BANTA.

10) Donald Leroy DUBOIS was born in 1894 near Lenora, Norton County, Kansas and died in 1895 at age 1.

Herb Gwaltney email to Patti giving permission to use photo 5/2012: "I do have Besse's bible, I'm sure from George E.  The tombstone that is there is something that Besse wanted to do before she passed and this "new stone" was laid something [sometime] is [in the] late 50s or early 60s I think."

Permission to use
photo from Diane Long - 3 Dubois children: Donald, Lawrence, and Leo

Obituary of Sophrona Isabelle Wilmot DuBois

Mrs. George DuBois passed away Friday, November 11, at her home on West Court Street, Clay Center, after a comparatively short illness.  She grew worse with the passing days and early last week her children were summoned and all but one were present at the time of her death.

Brief services were conducted at the home Saturday afternoon by Rev. F. Ernest Bray, pastor of the First Baptist Church.  The body was then shipped to Norton, Kansas for burial in the family lot near Lenora, Kansas.  The funeral services were held in the Congregational church of which she was a member.  Sunday afternoon, November 13th, her two sons, Earl DuBois and Glen DuBois left Saturday morning for Lenora, to make funeral and burial arrangements.  Her husband, George E. DuBois and other children, Mrs. N. Garrett, of Norton, Kas., Mrs. J.C. Henderson of Minneapolis, Minn., Mrs. R.A. Banta, of Webster, Wis., and a grandson, George Bates accompanied the body to Lenora.  One daughter, Mrs. Viola Stanton, of Columbus, Montana was not present.  Her life story is as follows.

Sophona Isabelle Wilmot was born in Henry County, Illinois, November 15, 1858 and departed this life at her home in Clay Center, November 11, 1927 being 68 years, 1 months, and 27 days of age.

She was married to George E. DuBois, June 30, 1879 and to this union ten children were born, five boys and five girls, four of whom preceded her to the Great Beyond.

Mrs. DuBois leaves to mourn her going, a loving husband, George E. DuBois, two sons, Glen DuBois of Beloit, Kansas, Earl DuBois of Clay Center, Kansas, four daughters, Mrs. N. Garrett, of Norton, Kansas, Mrs. J.C. Henderson of Minneapolis, Minn., Mrs. R.A. Banta, of Webster, Wis. and Mrs. Viola Stanton of Columbus, Mont., twenty-five grandchildren besides a host of relatives and friends.

She united with the Congregational church when a young girl and was a faithful Christian all her days, never thinking of herself in her desire to help and serve others.  She greeted death calmly, not afraid to go, but her only sorrow was that of leaving her loved ones, who will treasure her memory throughout their lives.

Obituary of George E. DuBois

Well known Lenora Early Settler 84 When End Came Today at Noah Garrett Home -- Funeral Tomorrow Afternoon at Lenora Eight days of illness ended at 7:20 o'clock this morning for George Edwin DuBois, 84, of Lenora in his death at the home of Mrs. Noah Garrett, a daughter. When he became ill at his home at Lenora he was brought here more than a week ago that he might have the best of care, but medical skill could do nothing for the condition due to his advance age.

Funeral services are arranged for 2:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon from the Congregational Church at Lenora (Kansas), with burial at Lenora beside the grave of Mrs. DuBois. The body will lie in state at the W.J. Bower and Sons chapel here until shortly after noon tomorrow.

Mr. DuBois was born on March 20, 1854, in Wisconsin. While he yet was a youngster the family moved to Boone County, Iowa, and after a number of years there he came west as a young man of 20 and settled at Lenora. He homesteaded government land a mile north of Lenora, living there for four years. He spent two years at Hale, Mo. (Missouri) and then returned to Lenora, his home for the next 35 years. About 13 years ago he came to Norton to live for two years, west to Garden Grove, California for two years and nine years ago returned to Lenora for the remaining years of his life.

Mr. DuBois was married on June 30, 1878 to Isabelle Wilmot and to them was born 10 children, of whom four, wih their mother, have preceded him in death. During his years of active work until he retired about 18 years ago he was engaged in farming and in blacksmithing. For several years he served on the Lenora school board.

Surviving Mr. DuBois are four daughters, two sons, 26 grandchildren, one sister and one brother. The children are Mrs. Carl Henderson of Minneapolis, Minn., Mrs. Roy Banta of Kasson, Wisc., Earl DuBois of Garden Grove, Cal., A.G. DuBois and Mrs. E.B. Stanton of Corvallis, Oregon, and Mrs. Garrett of Norton. The brother and sister are Hiram DuBois of Los Angeles and Mrs. Dora Barnes of Lenora. The children who are deceased are three sons, Laurence Edwin, Leo Warren, and Donald Leroy DuBois and one daughter, Mrs. May Bates.

All the children excepting Earl DuBois are here for the funeral. Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Banta were here with their father during his illness but left for their homes only Saturday morning. They hardly had reached there when they were summoned by his death. A.G. DuBois and Mrs. Stanton were on their way to Norton at the time their father died, arriving here about 9'oclock this morning. (May 3, 1937).

George Edwin DuBois married Mary Catherine Dagon Hendricks (widow of Silas Hendricks) on July 7 (or 25), 1928. She was the widow of Silas W. Hendricks. George Edwin died May 3, 1937, Mary Catherine DuBois died on August 18, 1947 at Logan, Kansas.