Welcome to the grammar webquest.  This is an opportunity for you to review your grammar rules and hopefully have a little fun!  Your goal with this webquest is to create a "cheat sheet" for yourself that contains all that you need to know about the rules of grammar.   This is something that you will eventually put into your binder to have as a guide for editing and writing, so you'll want to include all the information that you think you'll need.

First, begin by reviewing the eight parts of speech.  You can do that here.   On a separate sheet of paper, list the eight parts of speech.  

Next, give a thorough definition of each part of speech.  Explain what it is and give an example.  This site will help you with that.

When you have finished the above assignments, look deeper into the definitions to find subcategories.   The subcategories you are responsible for are:

proper nouns
common nouns
plural nouns
singular nouns
abstract nouns
concrete nouns
possessive nouns
plural possessive nouns

interrogative pronoun
demonstrative pronoun
relative pronouns

helping verb
linking verb
action verb
infinitive verb

correlative conjunction
coordinating conjunction

adverbs of time
adverbs of place
adverbs of manner


You will need to include all these on your cheat sheet!   You should create a page of notes that looks similar to the example that is attached below.   Please click on the attachment called "Sample Notes" to use this as a guide.   

You can learn more about subcategories at these sites:

Pronouns (You are responsible for interrogative pronouns, demonstrative pronouns and relative pronouns)  

infinitive verb (See attachment below-- this is not a link)

correlative conjunction (You will have to scroll down to find the information about correlative conjunctions.)
coordinating conjunction  (Please read the beginning part about coordinating conjuctions, and then scroll down to read about beginnning a sentence with a conjunction.   On your paper answer the following question:

    When is it okay to begin a sentence with a coordinating conjunction?

If you would like a checklist to help you stay organized, you can find one attached at the bottom of this page.

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