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Let’s face it: you don’t want to make grammatical mistakes. Who does? The impact that your writing has on your reader is drastically reduced if your text is riddled with errors. Grammar errors not only distract your reader and steal the focus from the messages you want to convey through your writing, but also interrupt the flow and style of your text. Regardless of what kind of writing you do or how honed your English skills are, mistakes happen. It is a fact of life! Even the most practiced grammar zealots can make the occasional error as a result of poor proofreading, and that is where the Online Grammar Checker comes in.

Our grammar checker acts as a second set of eyes, ensuring that your written documents are pristine and error-free so you avoid embarrassing mistakes. The advanced checking algorithms utilized by the software detect and offer suggestions for more grammatical errors than any other software on the market. This enables you to transform your natural writing into a clear and professional piece of work. Your text’s meaning and your personal style will never be lost as a result of poor grammar.

Now, some of us are a little more rusty on our English and don’t just need an editing tool to pick up on the odd error here or there. Understanding what we wrote wrong and being able to learn from our mistakes is an important step that shouldn’t be missed if you want to improve. Any grammar error that is detected by the Online Grammar Checker comes with an easy to understand explanation of the rule behind the error, in addition to the suggested corrections.

The online grammar checker is the most accurate tool for grammar correction on the market. Also, because the grammar checker is thorough, customizable, and educational, it is an outstanding tool for anyone who writes and wants to improve his or her writing — students, bloggers, writers, and professionals.

The online grammar checker is a comprehensive grammar editing tool that checks your text for the proper use of more than 250 common and advanced grammar rules, including everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement. When you check your grammar using the Online Grammar Checker, all of the grammatical errors are categorized, clearly displayed, and organized for your review and revision.
However, it's understood that the editing needs of writers differ, so the grammar checker can be set to check grammatical errors according to your needs. The checker can be set to analyze the grammar of General, Business, Academic, Technical, Creative, or Casual writing genres. This feature allows you to optimize the grammar review for the nature of your individual writing and editing needs. Our software also includes a thorough contextual spelling and plagiarism check along with its many other features.

Finally, the online grammar checker not only identifies your grammatical errors, but offers helpful explanations of each mistake. Each error card identifies your grammatical error, then explains in short and long form how the mistake might be corrected. All explanations contain examples of the grammatical rule, and — if there are exceptions to the rule — they are also explained. Also, when further explanation is necessary, it offers additional, free resources for you.

Overall, the online grammar check tool is not only good for discovering what to fix in your writing, but how to fix it. This functionality makes it a useful addition to any writer's toolbox.