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Updated 1/28/07

(double asterisk items ** are from the extended dvd)

  The Lord of the Rings Observations Lists - inspired by the films of Peter Jackson

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Film was released on December 23, 2003


1.        Chapter titles in the Return of the King soundtrack: Shelob's Lair (from Two Towers book); Minas Tirith; The Black Gate Opens; Return of the King (book title); The Grey Havens.

2.        The title for each of the three books is spoken in the film: "You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring"; "There is a union now between the Two Towers"; "You cannot deny the Return of the King" and finishes when Sam reads what Frodo has written in the Red Book of Westmarch… “The Lord of the Rings, by Frodo Baggins" and again when Gandalf is telling Saruman, "There is only one "Lord of the Ring"; and he does not share power".




3.        Déagol and Sméagol use slices of wood as bobbers on fishing lines.

4.        The Ring is reflecting in Déagol's eye when he sees it underwater.

5.        When Déagol beaches himself from the river, the boat is pulled up on shore and empty  (Sméagol followed Déagol down river) giving the impression that Sméagol is running up and down the shore looking for him.

6.        The Ring whispers the Ringspell when Déagol first opens his hand and looks at it covered in mud – before Sméagol approaches. 

7.        Just as when the animals/birds fled when the Black Rider hunted the hobbits, as Déagol is looking at the Ring, once again there's the sound of the woodland creatures if nature were being driven away by the malice of the Ring.

8.        Déagol is dressed better than Sméagol, who is wearing a rope for a belt and has ragged looking clothes.

9.        The look on Sméagol's face as he's choking Déagol is the same as when he's struggling with Frodo to get the Ring when they first meet up.

10.     When Sméagol is choking Déagol, he's in a trance and is shocked that he's killed him until he reaches for the Ring.

11.     As Déagol dies, the Ring laughs and recites the Ringspell as it did at the Council of Elrond and later as Frodo claims the Ring.

12.     When Sméagol is transforming and sits in the rain, he holds his head the same as he does when he's with Frodo and Sam above the Black Gate as the Easterling's march by.




13.     When Frodo's watching Sam sleep and tugs at the chain around his neck, the Ring whispers to him, which causes him to draw it out... then it seems to sing to him.

14.     Sting is resting up against the wall to Frodo's left and Sam's sword is lying next to him as he sleeps.

15.     **When the sun shines on the flowery crown at the Crossroads, you can suddenly hear the high-pitched chirping and singing of birds.  As the light fades again, you can only hear low warbling.




16.     The Ents in the background, throwing stones at Orthanc but not managing to get any damage done to it (very true to the book).

17.     There’s heavy snow on mountains behind Isengard when Gandalf et al go to pick-up the hobbits.  This fits, as it was only early spring (March 5th according to The Tale of Years).

18.     When the Company is standing at Orthanc, you can see the spikey wheel right behind them.

19.     Ents are walking around behind the Riders while they're talking with Treebeard.

20.     ** Saruman addresses Théoden the same way he did Gandalf before he waylaid him... "My old friend."

21.     **Wormtongue's dagger is still in Saruman's back as he falls down onto the spikey wheel!




22.     The flags and banners have been restored to the entrance of Meduseld.

23.     Éowyn says "Westu Aragorn hal" which translates to " 'Be-thou Aragorn well!'"

24.     Right before Merry and Pippin start their song on the table in Meduseld, there's a shot of a young boy grabbing a mug on another table and taking a swig. His mother gives him quite a look.

25.     Merry says, "Thank you, I win!"  Probably referring to the fact that he finishes his ale faster than Pippin.




26.     **When Aragorn approaches Éowyn as she sleeps, the tables are still cluttered with cups and plates from the celebration.

27.     Aragorn has his knife pushed around on his belt from his side to his back, but he left his sword behind.

28.     Gandalf's cape is hanging on the wall with his staff leaning in the corner nearby.  Aragorn's sword is to the far left leaning against the wall.

29.     You can see Gandalf's mark (diamond shape with circle inside) etched in the leather belt of his scabbard when he's sleeping.

30.     Merry's vest is lying neatly and flat across the bottom of his makeshift bed in Edoras (when Pippin takes the Palantir).  Pippin's is tossed onto his bed.

31.     You can see the details of the heavily brocaded fabrics used for Gandalf’s costume are clearly visible. There’s at least three different white/cream fabrics used.

32.     Sauron approaches Pippin the same way he first approached Frodo by saying, "I see you..." and begins to chant the Ringspell.  Pippin would be the only one (other than Gandalf) at that point who would understand what Frodo's been dealing with having seen the eye himself and experienced Sauron's probing.  "He hurt me."

33.     When Aragorn rushes to take the palantir from Pippin, he first tosses his pipe and pick to one side.

34.     Gimli sleeps through the whole struggle with the palantir.




35.     There's a dog (Irish Wolf Hound) to be spotted in Edoras.  Any self-respecting king would keep a pack of wolfhounds, not just one.  It seems to be following a woman who is clearing the tables... leftovers for the dog... nothing goes to waste.

36.     The ironwork in Edoras Hall's fire pit (in the center of the room) is shaped like serpents.

37.     Pippin sits on a chair of the same X-frame Roman-type design that is later seen in Théoden's tent.

38.     Gandalf tells the others, "His defeat at Helm's Deep showed our enemy one thing... Men are not as weak as supposed.  There is courage still, strength to challenge him."  This is the same thing Boromir told Aragorn at the shores of Anduin: "But there is courage also, and honor to be found in Men."

39.     The colors in the throne room at Meduseld (particularly the painted pillars) are bright and vivid compared to the dull smoke-stained and greyed-out colors we saw in TTT.

40.     There's a wall fountain on the left side of the stairs leading up to the Golden Hall.

41.     When they're speaking in Edoras, Gandalf's staff is leaning against a pillar and Glamdring is resting on the chair beside it.

42.     Shadowfax whinnies a greeting at Gandalf when he appears in the stable doorway (when Merry and Pippin are following him).

43.     You can see where Aragorn has sewn his shirt on the front right shoulder.

44.     When Shadowfax gallops across a stream just before Gandalf tells Pip, "We've just passed into the realm of Gondor."  It could be a reference to the Mering Stream which separates the kingdoms of Rohan and Gondor... another nod to the books.

45.     A league equals approximately 3 miles.  [From The Atlas of Middle-earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad.]




46.     As Arwen's escort travels through the forest, the only things you can hear are the birds and footfalls of the horses.  The bird is the NZ bellbird, or korimako. The bellbird song as Arwen rides to the Havens harks back to TTT EE scene where Aragorn sings the Lay of Lúthien – there’s an NZ native owl (known as a morepork) hooting in the background.

47.     We have Figwit back as an escort for Arwen!  And he SPEAKS!

48.     Eldarion's (Aragorn and Arwen's son) name means 'son of the Eldar'.

49.     There's an Elvish telescope on Elrond's desk.

50.     Leaning on the wall next to the mural is Aiglos, Gil-galad's spear.  It was there in FotR, too.

51.     Arwen's jewelry starts out with a star motif in FotR, becomes flowerlike, and ends up with a butterfly motif in RotK. A very subtle, but wonderful nod to her own "metamorphosis" from elf to human. Her "sickness" can even be seen to be her chrysalis stage.

52.     In Two Towers, the curtains surrounding Arwen's room are drawn closed (she is closed off).  In RotK, they are pulled open (released to her fate).

53.     There’s a picture of the entrance to the Paths of the Dead in Arwen’s book.  There is a cut scene in which she points this out to Elrond and sends the message with him to Aragorn--her book is a history that describes Isildur's curse on the Dead.

54.     When the elves are reforging Narsil, you can see a large vice mounted on a bench behind them.




55.     Faramir is being chased by nearly a dozen orcs.  When he jumps to one side after Madril calls to him, the arrows fly and take out a group hot on Faramir's tail!




56.     When Sam is attacking Gollum after overhearing him at the pool, he hits him with his cooking pot as he cries, "I'll stove your head in!"

57.     Whenever Gollum accuses Sam of being a liar, Sam flies into an uncontrollable rage (once when he overhears Gollum at the pool and again when the lembas comes up missing).




58.     When Gandalf and Pippin walk away from Shadowfax in the courtyard of Minas Tirith, the guards have walked up and stand on either side of him but don't try to hold him.

59.     All the symbols for Gondor, including it's knight's shields, there are seven stars.  The interesting thing is; the ancient land of Númenor was a star shaped continent!

60.     Right above the throne of the king is a huge bronze, copper or gold replica of the crown of Gondor (seen when Gandalf and Pippin are approaching Denethor).

61.     Gandalf's braided belt is white until the Havens where it's gold.

62.     Denethor's sceptre has a leaf motif in the gold cast.  It's set aside suggesting that Denethor had set aside his duties to Gondor.

63.     The white tree is carved/embossed on the wall above and behind the throne.

64.     All Gondorians always call Gandalf "Mithrandir" (his name as known in the South).

65.     The guards of the Tree all have the Crown and Seven Stars on their plates; they are the only ones who have it until we see Aragorn.




66.     You can see the glow of Mt. Doom reflecting off Gandalf and Pippin as they look from the balcony.

67.     When Gandalf tells Pippin of the Witch-king who stabbed Frodo, he refers to Weathertop, not Amon Sûl.  Frodo also refers to it as Weathertop when speaking with Sam at Bag End.  (It's chilling to hear Frodo cry out again).

68.     As Gandalf and Pippin look towards Mordor from the balcony in Minas Tirith, you can see the Morgul Vale running up into the Ephel Dúath range.  There’s vague pale light coming from it even before the Morgul flare goes up.




69.     When Frodo, Sam and Gollum arrive at the stairs, both Sam and Frodo have lost their vests.

70.     The Morgul flowers are visible in the rocks just behind Frodo/Sam/Gollum as they peer over the edge of the road at Minas Morgul.  There is a brief shot showing another patch of the poisonous white flowers just below the bridge as described in the book. There are flowers in Morgul Vale "Wide flats lay on either bank, shadowy meads filled with pale white flowers...luminous... they gave forth a faint sickening charnel smell..."




71.     When Pippin climbs up to the beacon, he goes up the side where he could be spotted any moment by the guards up there, but then climbs down their blind side after he lights the fire!

72.     There's a pulley jutting out from the roof of the beacon and extends over the cliff (for pulling the wood up).

73.     There are a chain of seven beacon-hills running between Minas Tirith and Rohan.  From east to west, they were Amon Dîn, Eilenach, Nardol, Erelas, Min-Rimmon, Calenhad and finally, on the borders of the Eastfold, the Halifirien.




74.     It is the King of Gondor who sees the beacons of Gondor and answers them.  Aragorn/Elessar is alone on the hillside and sees the fire of the beacon before anyone else has seen it.

75.     When Aragorn is running to sound the alarm of the lit beacons, he reaches over and hits the shield of the guard to his right as he reaches the top of the stairs.

76.     Aragorn's not wearing his sword or knife, but Théoden is wearing his sword and going over maps with his advisors.

77.     Stybba got his small moment with Merry (who has a huge smile on his face) as they ride from Edoras for the Rohan encampment.  Stybba was the name of the pony Théoden gifted to Merry in the text.




78.     There's a tree pattern on the back of Denethor's chair.

79.     Faramir's saddle blanket is blue, all of the others seem to be brown.  A nice touch to mark his status.

80.     The food on Denethor's table: Cheese, cherry tomatoes, bread, fowl, grapes, wine, and strawberries which he eats with his hands–that’s not the mark of a civilized man. Later on when he talks of being burned like the heathen kings of old, with the implication that they are savages, that’s the way he is eating–like a savage, not a civilized man.  He has regressed.

81.     It looks like Denethor has a starburst on his Ring and on his breast (medallion or engraving?) that looks a lot like the starburst on the Red Book of Westmarch (gift for Bilbo from Aragorn?).

82.     As Gandalf sits alone after Faramir's attack, you can hear a single bell tolling for the fallen.




83.     Frodo and Sam are sweating from the horrible climb and Gollum isn't even winded.

84.     Sam and Frodo's blankets and clothes are torn and filthy, but their elven cloaks never show signs of wear.

85.     Gollum's knees and elbows (especially the right ones) are scraped and cut from the climb on the stairs.

86.     As Gollum moves down to Sam's pack, the angle, movement and music match the first time Gollum was sneaking up on the hobbits at the beginning of TT.

87.     When Frodo is turning on Sam on the stairs, and Gollum is crouched behind Frodo growling at Sam... you can see Andy's shadow/ silhouette through Frodo's cloak.  Not just gobs of spit, but silhouettes, too!




88.     You can see the stone images of the Púkel-men when the Rohirrim camp at Dunharrow.

89.     Legolas is standing behind Éowyn (his back to her holding his bow) when she's speaking with Éomer and Gamling about Merry and fighting.  Gimli's cooking at the fire next to him.

90.     There are different patterns/pictures on the Rohirrim's shields for the different factions.

91.     Théoden's tent in the encampment has a folding throne!  It's a classic X-frame design that dates back (in our world) to Roman times.

92.     There's a horn hanging from the corner of the tent behind Théoden when he's speaking to Éowyn at Dunharrow.  You can see it better as she's looking to the sunrise when he first starts talking with her.

93.     There are neat piles of wood for burning next to each of the fire stands/pots.




94.     When Elrond brings the sword to Aragorn, the seven stars are etched into the metal.

95.     Théoden's armour is hanging on a makeshift mannequin in the corner of his tent. You can see his helmet clearly when Aragorn enters.

96.     Aragorn spurns the thought of looking to the Dead Army for aid the same way Elrond spurned Gandalf's suggestion that they must look to men for hope.

97.     The lines "I give Hope to men" (Elrond) "I keep none for myself" (Aragorn) are from appendix A, only it's Gilraen's (Aragorn's mother) line to Aragorn the last time she sees him.  It is also engraved in her headstone in Rivendell.

98.     As Aragorn rides toward the Paths of the Dead, we see the standing stones of the Dimholt flank his path, two by two, just as in the book.




99.     As Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn approach the entrance to the Paths of the Dead, you can see that Aragorn's saddle has several bedrolls and a large bag tied to it while Arod only carries Gimli and Legolas.  He's toting the gear for all three.

100.  Brego runs off while Andúril's scabbard is still on the saddle.

101.  The "Great Eye" symbol (traitorous?) is inscribed in "Cave Drawing" fashion above the Dimholt/Paths of the Dead door, along with other such drawings.

102.  The hieroglyphics over the entrance: A figures standing with outstretched arms either holding two spears or blocking entrance to a doorway, the eye, a figure lying on the ground with an arrow through its middle, a horse, another figure holding out a bow standing on what looks like a Greek chariot.

103.  The King of the Dead is wearing a ring on his left hand.

104.  Legolas' arrow passes straight through the spectral king, but Aragorn not only stops the King's sword with Andúril, he grabs him by the throat as well!  Physical contact with a ghost!




105.  The Witch-king's fell beast blinks vertically instead of horizontally.

106.  Faramir's horse has an arrow in its right shoulder as it drags him through the gate.

107.  The gate is locked with an elaborate chain and pulley at the top and 6 large beam at the bottom and it take 6 guards to open and close it.

108.  Denethor has his mail and sword on when Faramir is first brought to him (already listed as having it on at the pyre)

109.  When the Nazgûl fly to terrorize Minas Tirith, they actually go for the catapults and try to bring down the city's defence, rather than just flying around and aimlessly grabbing men and horses and causing general mayhem and panic.

110.  **When the orcs attack the gate at Minas Tirith with the smaller battering ram, there's an orc riding on the top of it cheering on the others.




111.  When Sam is going back down the stair, crying, his right shin is cut and blood is running down his leg.  His toes are also cut and bruised when you see the crumbs fall around his feet.

112.  The fight outside Shelob’s Lair is the first time Frodo actually attacks Gollum, rather than just being defensive.  It happens again at the Cracks of Doom.

113.  Frodo's expression as he chokes Gollum is the same as Sméagol's when he throttles Déagol.

114.  When Frodo's looking up at Galadriel during his vision (before he reaches for her hand), you can see her Galadie-lights in his eyes!  (the cluster of light like she has).




115.  The White Tree Guards don't move, even when the city is under attack.

116.  In the pyre scene when Denethor drags Pippin out of the tombs, the doors of that building are made from black obsidian and have that similar jagged edged look to the ones in Orthanc.

117.  When Denethor is in his madness on the pyre, his eyes roll up like Frodo and Isildur's when they're under the influence of the Ring.




118.  When the mûmakil charge, one of them uses one of its tusks to knock the sword right out of a rider's hand leaving him uninjured!

119.  It looks like the Oliphaunts are painted with the same symbols/colours as their drivers... for clan identification?

120.  Éomer uses four different weapons during the battle: spear, sword, bow, and a weird three-pronged thing he apparently snatched from an Orc.

121.  One of the standards painted on the mûmakil is the "black serpent upon scarlet," described in the book as the standard of the chief of the Haradrim.

122.  Éowyn grabs an Orc's blade right from its hands as Merry drives their horse toward the mûmakil.




123.  Gandalf gives the description to Pippin of the end being a continuing journey from a dream Frodo had at Tom Bombadil's house which he remembers as he approaches Valinor at the end of the Grey Havens chapter.  "The grey rain-curtain turned all to silver glass and was rolled back, and he beheld white shores and beyond them a far green country under a swift sunrise."

124.  Théoden's guards lie dead around him... their helm's have black tails on them.




125.  As Aragorn is about to release the Dead, shafts of sunlight fall across the battlefield, suggesting the triumph of good, or new hope in the darkness.

126.  +In RotK, Aragorn tells the dead army to "Be at peace" when he releases them, just as he told Boromir the same in FotR. Both Boromir and the dead regained their honor by fighting for the cause of good.

127.  **Aragorn comes to heal Éowyn wearing a heavy, dark cloak as is written in the book.

128.  **The shutters on the windows Éowyn looks out in the Houses of Healing have design of the tree emblem at the top, the trunk goes the length down with leaf shapes cut through the wood.  There's also a tree image on the desk she walks past in a shrine-type design.




129.  The lantern above Frodo is made from old helmets and glows red (as in the book).

130.  **When the orcs are fighting the Uruk-hai at Cirith Ungol, one orc picks up a drumstick and uses it as a club.

131.  The same architecture style at the corner-gate of Cirith Ungol seen when Sam walks under it past the Watchers has the same "indented diamond" shape found in the culvert where Frodo and Sam were sleeping before coming to the crossroads.  They must have been close to Minas Morgul/Ithil.

132.  Frodo in Cirith Ungol when he says to Sam, "I'm sorry for everything," echoes what Bilbo said to Frodo in Rivendell.

133.  **Sam took a whip-beating twice as he blocked it from Frodo.

134.  **Sam turns and looks back at Frodo with Mt. Doom high behind him in the same shot as Elrond when he looked back at Isildur.




135.  During the debate, over Aragorn's head is a small drawing of the Crown of Gondor as described by Tolkien himself.

136.  **When Éowyn and Faramir are chatting and looking out the windows, you can see Aragorn and co. marching off to the Black gate.




137.  The Dead Marshes are visible in the background of the wide shots of the Host of the West assembled outside the Black Gate, and the ensuing battle.

138.  **The Mouth of Sauron calls Gandalf "Old Greybeard."  During the films, Gandalf is referred to by nearly all of his names.  (Found in the Room for a Little More list).

139.  At the black gate when the Nazgûl come, you can see that the two trolls who were there to open the gate in TTT are still there. You can also see them fall from the gate when it's destroyed.




140.  In Sammath Naur, as Frodo holds the Ring over the lava, we can hear a low, rumbling maniacal laugh, coming from the Ring!  It knows it has triumphed over Frodo in the place its power is greatest.

141.  Sam cries to Frodo in the Sammath Naur: "Let it go!" echoing Gandalf's words to Bilbo in Bag End in FotR.

142.  Frodo's look, the angle, and the lighting as he claims the Ring mirrors the scene with Isildur at the crack of doom from the first movie.  Frodo seems to smile and roll his eyes up the same way Isildur did when he announces that he will keep the Ring.

143.  Gollum pulls Frodo's finger out of his mouth, then removes the Ring from the finger.

144.  As Gollum holds up the Ring and we see his eye through the circle, you can see is face glitter where the flames reflect off the Ring and light up the sweat on his face (It looks like miniscule sparkles).

145.  Merry fights left handed at the Morannon, since his right arm is injured.

146.  When the Nazgûl swoop down on the Captains of the West at the Black Gate, the cave trolls on the gate walkway watching them fly in.

147.  As the Ring sits on the lava, its absorbing heat -- the area around it darkens!




148.  As Frodo realizes Sam is grieving for the future with Rosie that he thinks will never be, Frodo begins to silently weep for Sam's sake as he tries to confront his friend.

149.  As Frodo realizes Sam is grieving for the future with Rosie that he thinks will never be, Frodo begins to weep--not copiously as Sam is weeping, but the slow, gentle, sad tears to which he is prone... for his friend.

150.  Film version: "I'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee... here at the end of all things."  Book version: "I am glad you are here with me.  Here at the end of all things, Sam."  Given the dynamics of the film's Frodo and Sam, I like the focus to be Frodo being glad to be with Sam instead of being glad that Sam's there with him... Frodo's putting Sam ahead of himself.

151.  Landroval and Gwaihir were so gentle when picking up Sam and Frodo.  Meneldor was also there.




152.  The light on Frodo waking up parallel's Rivendell waking and reuniting (grace/healing powers?).  Gandalf was there waiting for him each time.

153.  The way that Gandalf greets him with that hearty laugh is just like it is described in the book: "... and then he laughed, and the sound was like music, or like water in a parched land..." ... nice touch, again, by Peter Jackson.

154.  Gandalf's laugh is reminiscent of his laugh with Frodo in his first scene in the film, in the Shire, when Frodo is once again seeing Gandalf for the first time in a long while.

155.  The White tree of Gondor is embroidered on Frodo's comforter when he wakes up in the Houses of Healing.




156.  Above the stars and white tree, one banner has a crescent moon (for Minas Ithil) and the other has a sun (for Minas Anor).

157.  Aragorn's crown has tree roots running throughout it as a design

158.  You can see the banner that Arwen made for Aragorn (in the book) to the left of the picture as he kneels before Gandalf during the coronation.  A black standard where "there flowered a White Tree, and that was for Gondor; but Seven Stars were about it, and a high crown above, the signs of Elendil."

159.  The armour, or at the very least, the breastplate that Aragorn wears at his Coronation is the same as the armour worn by Elendil!

160.  The swan banner of Dol Amroth can be seen at the coronation scene! It's in a big wide shot, towards the right of the screen.

161.  Gimli is the only dwarf we see at the coronation.

162.  Aragorn is not wearing the Ring of Barahir on his left hand during his coronation.  Aragorn DOES wear the Ring of Barahir, and on the other hand: sign for peace, like the sword on the other side too?

163.  The translation for the song that Aragorn sang at his coronation is "Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world. "

164.  When Aragorn sang the Quenya declaration of Elendil ("Et Eärello Endorenna...") at his coronation, he didn't just speak it, he sang it in a very haunting way, like a hymn, and gave it the respect that a true hymn deserves.

165.  The collar of Éomer's shirt is exactly the same as the collar that Théoden wore.  Apparently a garment for the King, with its heavy goldwork.  A little indicator that he is now King of the Rohirrim.




166.  It seems that there is a hobbit building a new “hobbit hole” in the scene where the travellers have returned to the Shire on horseback.  It appears in the near background when the hobbits are riding past Mr. Proudfoot.  It is easy to see especially in the scene where Pippin says, “Hello.”

167.  Pippin's old scarf is draped around his neck at the Dragon.

168.  The keg from which Rosie draws a beer in the Green Dragon scene at the end is labeled "Golden Perch" – same as in Fellowship.

169.  Rosie wears the same necklace at the end as she did in the Green Dragon scenes and Bilbo's birthday (a black ribbon with a little silver ornament that looks like a buckle.)

170.  As Frodo is sitting in Bag End writing in the Red Book, the camera pans into the room and closes in on him in the same exact fashion and angle as when Bilbo is writing in the book in the FotR EE.  What a wonderful parallel of the two hobbits writing down their adventures.

171.  The last thing Frodo writes in the Red Book of Westmarch is about Sam.

172.  When Frodo closes the Red Book, you can see loose pages of notes underneath.

173.  At the very bottom of the cover of the Red Book, there are two intertwined "B's" for Bilbo Baggins. 

174.  The sword that's on the wall behind Frodo in the Bag End study looks like Glamdring or Pippin's blade he carries in Minas Tirith, which is mounted and crossed with an Orc sword.  It looks like a breast of Mordor armour is above it.




175.  At the Green Dragon, there's a shift to Frodo as narrator, replacing Galadriel (in the beginning).  His lines are read with an Elvish intonation, drawn out and sonorous.  It's a nice added touch, and draws attention not just to how Frodo has changed, but that as narrator, he is now both telling the story and slipping outside of it.

176.  When Frodo is riding with Bilbo in the waggon, they both have the same look of exhaustion or detachment.

177.  Sea gulls are crying when the Company arrives at the Havens.  This is significant to the Elves... the white gulls call.

178.  Sam has brass buttons on his vest coat. 

179.  Sam still wears his elvish brooch clasped the opposite direction of everyone else.

180.  Círdan the Shipwright is standing behind Galadriel and Celeborn at the Havens (complete with long grey hair!).

181.  As Frodo holds each of his friends, he waits for them to pull away first.

182.  Frodo's kiss on Sam's forehead mirrors Galadriel's kiss on his, and Aragorn's for Boromir at his death.  Frodo is now ethereal and blesses Sam the way Galadriel blessed him.

183.  When Frodo turns and looks back at his friends… smiling… his eyes ever so slightly lighten then return to normal.  His elven gift of grace alights.

184.  As Sam walks down Bagshot Row to #3, you can see the Green Dragon beyond the hill in the distance.

185.  There's a little 3 sign on the mailbox along the fence of Sam's house in Hobbiton.

186.  During Frodo's voiceover at the very end, when Samwise is coming home and greeting his children, you can see him calling his boy "Frodo".  (He mouths the words "baby brother" when he's holding Elanor and "Frodo" as he reaches his hand towards him.) I think it's nice that PJ included this bit of detail from the book that Sam named his firstborn son Frodo, and that Elijah closed the story for us.

187.  Sam and Rosie's doorway has vines (etc.) engraved around the doorway (to signify a gardener lives there?)




188.  The Alan Lee drawings behind the first sets of credits have: 

  • The One Ring and a lounging hobbit behind the credit for Peter Jackson as director
  • A bound book behind the three script writers' names
  • Some tall men (of the West?) behind the first producers' names (Barrie Osborne)
  • Two trolls (!!) behind a group of executive producers names (including Mark Ordesky)
  • Several orcs and the Minas Morgul bridge gargoyles behind a second grouping of executive   producers