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Updated 1/28/07

(double asterisk items ** are from the extended dvd)

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Film was released on December 17, 2003


1.        Chapter titles in the Return of the King soundtrack: Shelob's Lair (from Two Towers book); Minas Tirith; The Black Gate Opens; Return of the King (book title); The Grey Havens.

2.        The title for each of the three books is spoken in the film: "You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring"; "There is a union now between the Two Towers"; "You cannot deny the Return of the King" and finishes when Sam reads what Frodo has written in the Red Book of Westmarch… “The Lord of the Rings, by Frodo Baggins" and again when Gandalf is telling Saruman, "There is only one "Lord of the Ring"; and he does not share power".




3.        Sméagol uses a worm for his bait.  In TT, he eats one.

4.        Déagol and Sméagol use slices of wood as bobbers on fishing lines.

5.        The boat that Sméagol and Déagol are on is perfectly round (coracle).

6.        Sméagol and Déagol's ears were larger and shaped slightly different to our hobbit's ears.  They were of the River folk, said to be akin to the fathers of the fathers of the Stoors.

7.        +When Déagol opens his hand to display the Ring in the mud it echoes Bilbo opening his hand full of mud and Ring in the Misty Mountain.

8.        The shot of Déagol grabbing the Ring from the river is the same shot as the hand grabbing the Ring in the prologue of FotR.

9.        Hobbit Sméagol had always had the Sméagol voice.  "Give us that, Déagol, my love," he says as he uses the plural for himself already.

10.     The Ring is reflecting in Déagol's eye when he sees it underwater.

11.     When Déagol beaches himself from the river, the boat is pulled up on shore and empty  (Sméagol followed Déagol down river) giving the impression that Sméagol is running up and down the shore looking for him.

12.     The Ring whispers the Ringspell when Déagol first opens his hand and looks at it covered in mud – before Sméagol approaches. 

13.     Just as when the animals/birds fled when the Black Rider hunted the hobbits, as Déagol is looking at the Ring, once again there's the sound of the woodland creatures if nature were being driven away by the malice of the Ring.

14.     Déagol notices the birds fly away, wonders why and then remembers the Ring in his hand.

15.     Déagol is dressed better than Sméagol, who is wearing a rope for a belt and has ragged-looking clothes.

16.     Déagol is the first one to get brutal or aggressive as he gouges Sméagol's eyes (who has only tried to grab the Ring at this point) and then tries to choke Sméagol.

17.     Sméagol bites Déagol's arm. He also bites Sam in TTT and Sam again in RotK

18.     Sméagol doesn't put his hand on Déagol's throat until after Déagol has already tried to strangle him.

19.     Déagol tries to strangle Sméagol with one hand, still trying to hang onto the Ring with the other.  If he'd put it down, he'd have probably have won the struggle.

20.     The look on Sméagol's face as he's choking Déagol is the same as when he's struggling with Frodo to get the Ring when they first meet up.

21.     When Sméagol is choking Déagol, he's in a trance and is shocked that he's killed him until he reaches for the Ring.

22.     You can hear Déagol's heartbeat speed up, then slow as he dies.

23.     When Sméagol has killed Déagol, the Ring laughs and recites the Ringspell as it did at the Council of Elrond and later as Frodo claims the Ring.

24.     Sméagol mutters, "We wept to be so alone"  (from TT Gollum's Song).

25.     When Gollum is biting into the fish, his "Juicy Sweet" fish song is playing in the background and the sound shifts from one side to the other (at theater or over the speakers (stereo)).

26.     During Sméagol's transformation to Gollum, it seemed like the *gollum* sound was a reaction to having strangled Déagol.

27.     During the Sméagol/Gollum transformation, between the lines "They cursed us" and "'Murderer' they called us," you can hear Gollum whispering "Murderer" from the "Gollum and Sméagol" scene in TTT.

28.     Sméagol goes through the first gagging/coughing spell and where he says "gollum."

29.     When Sméagol is transforming and sits in the rain, he holds his head the same as he does when he's with Frodo and Sam above the Black Gate as the Easterling's march by.

30.     Both Frodo and Gollum talk about what they can't see (remember) anymore once the Ring takes hold.  Gollum says he can't remember the taste of bread, hear the sound of trees or the softness of the wind.  'We forgot our own name.'  Frodo says he cannot remember the taste of food, no feel of water..."

31.     When Gollum is transforming, the last shot shows his eyes changing from cloudy blue to the well-defined "Gollum" eyes.




32.     When Frodo's watching Sam sleep and tugs at the chain around his neck, the Ring whispers to him, which causes him to draw it out... then it seems to sing to him..

33.     Sting is resting up against the wall to Frodo's left and Sam's sword is lying next to him as he sleeps.

34.     When Frodo is holding the Ring as Sam sleeps, you can hear it thrumming and singing to him.

35.     In the opening shot of Frodo, when he puts the Ring back under his shirt, you can see that he's wearing the mithril shirt under his clothes (and again in Shelob's lair).

36.     The first we see of Gollum in the ‘present’, he appears cheerful and even uses an affectionate term “Wake up sleepies”… presenting a different view from the tortured creature of the preceding transformation scenes.  But we have become used to seeing two sides of Gollum.

37.     Frodo seems nervous to admit he hadn't slept... remembering Sam's comment (in TT) that he'd noticed that he wasn't eating are barely sleeping because the Ring was taking hold.

38.     Frodo tells Sam that it's getting darker. Later, Sam tells Frodo that it's always dark.

39.     When Sam says he's not hungry, Frodo realizes he was sacrificing his meals.  "Sam..."  Later, he believes Sam was stealing food through Gollum's manipulation.

40.     There’s a flicker of hesitancy on Frodo's face when Sam talks to him about having enough lembas left for the journey home.

41.     There's a small wooded area with roads running into it seen when the camera pans up off Sam, Frodo and Gollum beginning their walk... most likely the location for the crossroads scene.

42.     **At the crossroads, when Frodo stops and says he feels he won't be coming back, Sam turns and encourages him to go on... just as Frodo did for Sam as they left the Shire ("If I take one more step...).

43.     **When the sun shines on the flowery crown at the Crossroads, you can suddenly hear the high-pitched chirping and singing of birds.  As the light fades again, you can only hear low warbling.

44.     **The King with the crown of flowers...the shape of the flowers looked like the one that was blooming on the White Tree.

45.     ** When Frodo and Sam are entering the crossroads, you can still hear the rumble of thunder Pippin and Gandalf hear when Sauron's storm is reaching Minas Tirith.  Brings the two events into the same moment.




46.     The scene with Gandalf et al riding through trees at start would fit perfectly with the book’s description of their ride through the Huorn forest as they leave Helm’s Deep – the looks on their faces, the trees groaning and seeming to lean in over them talking to each other. 

47.     The Ents in the background, throwing stones at Orthanc but not managing to get any damage done to it (very true to the book).

48.     There’s heavy snow on mountains behind Isengard when Gandalf et al go to pick-up the hobbits.  This fits, as it was only early spring (March 5th according to The Tale of Years).

49.     Food is important to hobbits, and it's great how it starts with Merry and Pippin's feasting on the spoils of war.  Food plays very soon with the hobbits in all three films.  Bilbo offering food to Gandalf in FotR; Sam and Frodo eating lembas in TT; Merry and Pippin in Isengard.

50.     When the camera lifts from Gandalf et al riding through Fangorn to the broken walls of Isengard, you can see Merry and Pippin off in the far right bottom corner moving around next to the big gap in the wall, as you start to hear their voice over during the first half of the "I feel like I'm sitting at the Green Dragon" bit.

51.     There's a waft of smoke coming from the wall opening to Merry & Pippin's left as they speak with the riders.

52.     Pippin and (especially) Merry seem a bit tipsy when Merry says, "Welcome, my lords, to Isengard!"

53.     There's a small-ish tapped barrel behind Merry.  Perhaps it's ale, which explains the general drunkenness of our hobbits.

54.     Legolas turns and smiles at Aragorn at their antics when Gandalf says, "Hobbits."

55.     You can see the salted pork Merry & Pippin are eating near Merry's feet and in Pippin's hand.

56.     When the Company is standing at Orthanc, you can see the spikey wheel right behind them.

57.     Treebeard greets Gandalf by saying: "Mmmmmm young Master Gandalf." Showing us how very old Treebeard is.

58.     You can see Ents walking around behind the Riders while they're talking with Treebeard.

59.     ** Saruman addresses Théoden the same way he did Gandalf before he waylaid him... "My old friend."

60.     **Wormtongue's dagger is still in Saruman's back as he falls down onto the spikey wheel! 

61.     The hobbits react in horror to Saruman's death.  Little did they know they'd witness much worse very soon.

62.     The lines "the filth of Saruman is washing away" and "trees will come and live here again" are very organic, earthy and true to the book.

63.     When Pippin first finds the palantir, Gandalf covers it in the folds of his cloak... just like in the book.




64.     When the Fellowship returns to Isengard and then Edoras, Théoden is riding with them.  His presence seems to be pretty low key for a King.

65.     As the Fellowship returns to Edoras, Éowyn is waiting just outside the Great Hall on the stone outcropping, just like in TTT.

66.     The flags and banners have been restored to the entrance of Meduseld.

67.     Aragorn hesitates to drink after Théoden's toast "To the victorious dead" – maybe remembering Haldir?

68.     When Éowyn offers a cup of (wine? mead?) to Aragorn to drink, you can see the Ring of Barahir on Aragorn's finger and the adoration in Éowyn's body language. There is an illustration (by Alan Lee) of that very scene that just comes to life so beautifully.

69.     Éowyn says "Westu Aragorn hal" which translates to "'Be-thou Aragorn well!'"

70.     Right before Merry and Pippin start their song on the table in Meduseld, there's a shot of a young boy grabbing a mug on another table and taking a swig. His mother gives him quite a look.

71.     +Merry and Pippin dancing on the table at Edoras compared to their dancing on the table in the Green Dragon on the TT Extended version.

72.     During Pippin and Merry's song about the Green Dragon, Pippin's suspenders are hanging down off his shoulders.

73.     Merry kicks Gamling's tankard into his lap, who isn't terribly pleased at first... then he laughs and bows at them repeatedly when they finish their song.

74.     Merry says, "Thank you, I win!"  Probably referring to the fact that he finishes his ale faster than Pippin.

75.     Aragorn is wearing a red shirt that he picked up in Rohan.

76.     The tenderness in Aragorn’s voice as he talks with Gandalf at the party in Meduseld conveys the deep mutual respect between them, so that at different times they each encourage and counsel the other.

77.     When Gandalf and Aragorn are talking during the victory celebration at Edoras, there's an extra in the background with an eye-patch.   Could he be the one-eyed extra from Helm's Deep?

78.     When Gandalf reacts to Aragorn's statement at Edoras regarding Frodo being alive ... I see three emotions.  I see surprise at first (at Aragorn's intuition perhaps), then acknowledgement of the fact and finally shame or embarrassment for the lack of faith (?) – Actually, I think this third one is relief and affirmation.




79.     **When Aragorn approaches Éowyn as she sleeps, the tables are still cluttered with cups and plates from the celebration.

80.     Aragorn is tamping tobacco in his pipe when he spots Legolas.

81.     Legolas is again on watch while the others sleep when Aragorn joins him on the porch.

82.     Aragorn has his knife pushed around on his belt from his side to his back, but he left his sword behind.

83.     In Edoras, Gandalf is sleeping in a bed while everyone else is scattered about on the floor.

84.     Gandalf's cape is hanging on the wall with his staff leaning in the corner nearby.  Aragorn's sword is to the far left leaning against the wall.

85.     You can see Gandalf's mark (diamond shape with circle inside) etched in the leather belt of his scabbard when he's sleeping.

86.     Merry's vest is lying neatly and flat across the bottom of his makeshift bed in Edoras (when Pippin takes the Palantir).  Pippin's is tossed onto his bed.

87.     As Pippin gets out of bed and makes his way towards Gandalf’s bed, his breathing can be heard… an indication of his nervousness and excitement.

88.     As we see the back of Pippin, you can see his suspenders are still dropped down off his shoulders.

89.     When Gandalf is asleep with the palantir in the crook of his arm, the Palantir is wrapped in a piece of the same Elven fabric that is used to make the Fellowships' cloaks.  Its weave is very distinctive.

90.     You can see the details of the heavily brocaded fabrics used for Gandalf’s costume are clearly visible. There’s at least three different white/cream fabrics used.

91.     Pippin replaces the palantir with a large water jug.

92.     Gandalf sleeps with one hand on his sword and his eyes open!  Aragorn sleeps with one hand on his knife.

93.     When Pippin carries the palantir over next to Merry, Aragorn's sword is leaning up against the wall.

94.     As Pippin takes the palantir and unwraps it, he's sweating the same as those who are about to wear the Ring.

95.     Sauron approaches Pippin the same way he first approached Frodo by saying, "I see you..." and begins to chant the Ringspell.  Pippin would be the only one (other than Gandalf) at that point who would understand what Frodo's been dealing with having seen the eye himself and experienced Sauron's probing.  "He hurt me."

96.     The jug Pippin has placed in Gandalf's arm is definitely there when Gandalf wakes at Merry's cries.  There is also a crash on the soundtrack as it falls and smashes, but that is muffled by the crash of the door opening as Aragorn and Legolas rush in.

97.     When Aragorn rushes to take the palantir from Pippin, he first tosses his pipe and pick to one side.

98.     Aragorn cannot control the palantir when he wrenches it from Pippin.

99.     There's preclude of Aragorn's confrontation with Sauron and the palantir as he's overwhelmed by it when he tries to take it from Pippin. He's stunned and fallen from its force.

100.  After coming out of his trance, Pippin consistently turns his face *into* Gandalf's hand.  In spite of the rough way the wizard questions him, Gandalf is still Pippin's greatest source of comfort.  Only when Gandalf's hand shakes as he cries "Speak!" does Pippin turn his face away, but only slightly.

101.  Gimli sleeps through the whole struggle with the palantir.




102.  There's a dog (Irish Wolf Hound) to be spotted in Edoras.  Once over the shoulder of Gandalf as he speaks, then a minute or so later it reappears in the wide shot.  Any self-respecting king would keep a pack of wolfhounds, not just one.  It seems to be following a woman who is clearing the tables... leftovers for the dog... nothing goes to waste.

103.  In the throne room, Pippin is seated while Merry stands…. he is still weak from his ordeal with Sauron.

104.  Gandalf tells the others, "His defeat at Helm's Deep showed our enemy one thing... Men are not as weak as supposed.  There is courage still, strength to challenge him."  This is the same thing Boromir told Aragorn at the shores of Anduin: "But there is courage also, and honor to be found in Men."

105.  The ironwork in Edoras Hall's fire pit (in the center of the room) is shaped like serpents.

106.  Pippin sits on a chair of the same X-frame Roman-type design that is later seen in Théoden's tent.

107.  The colors in the throne room at Meduseld (particularly the painted pillars) are bright and vivid compared to the dull smoke-stained and greyed-out colors we saw in TTT.

108.  There's a wall fountain on the left side of the stairs leading up to the Golden Hall.

109.  When they're speaking in Edoras, Gandalf's staff is leaning against a pillar and Glamdring is resting on the chair beside it.

110.  Even Gandalf's fingernails are white.

111.  Théoden’s remark asking why Rohan should come to the aid of Gondor could be a residual of Saruman /Wormtongue’s influence.

112.  Gandalf is carrying the palantir with him as he walks to the stables.

113.  Pippin's wearing his Elven cloak.  Merry's not wearing his.

114.  Pippin repeats a line in both movies.   He says, "Where are we going?" in both movies, and each time he says it, it is after a lengthy discussion, at which he is present, about exactly where he is going.   In FotR, it's at the end of the Council of Elrond, and in RotK, it's right after Gandalf turns to him and says "I ride for Minas Tirith - and I won't be going alone."   In the next scene as they walk to the stable, Pippin asks Merry "Where are we going?"

115.  Merry and Pippin make their way to the stables in Edoras, there is a soldier in the background who continually wipes his sword blade... preparing weapons for battle.

116.  Pippin would have to sit in front of Gandalf for strenuous/lengthy rides since Shadowfax has no saddle or bridle.

117.  Shadowfax is stabled in the same cubicle as in TTT.

118.  You can hear Shadowfax whinny a greeting at Gandalf when he appears in the stable doorway (when Merry and Pippin are following him).

119.  When Gandalf hauls Pippin off to the stables, with Merry tagging along (to read Pippin another lecture), Pippin is clinging to some notion that Merry will come with him and Gandalf.

120.  Merry gives Pippin the last of the Longbottom leaf in his pouch... taken from book as they counter with Saruman in the wild when they're returning to Rivendell.

121.  Each time Gandalf leaves Edoras, he's at a dead run upon Shadowfax.

122.  When Merry runs up the lookout tower to see Gandalf and Pippin ride away, there is a man going up the stairs that Merry almost knocks over as he flies past.  Seconds later, Aragorn does the same thing to the same man.  Poor guy.

123.  When Aragorn climbs the tower after Merry (as Merry is watching Pippin leave with Gandalf) he reaches for Merry's hand as if to comfort him.

124.  You can see where Aragorn has sewn his shirt on the front right shoulder.

125.  When Shadowfax gallops across a stream just before Gandalf tells Pip, "We've just passed into the realm of Gondor."  It could be a reference to the Mering Stream which separates the kingdoms of Rohan and Gondor... another nod to the books.

126.  A league equals approximately 3 miles.  [From The Atlas of Middle-earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad.]




127.  The forest Arwen is riding through is the same one Aragorn led the Hobbits through after Bree. Only the slope seems to differ- Aragorn led the Hobbits up, Arwen is riding down.

128.  As Arwen's escort travels through the forest, the only things you can hear are the birds and footfalls of the horses.

129.  When Arwen is travelling to the Grey Havens with her escort, lovely birdsong can be heard.  The bird you're hearing is the NZ bellbird, or korimako. The bellbird song as Arwen rides to the Havens harks back to TTT EE scene where Aragorn sings the Lay of Lúthien – there’s an NZ native owl (known as a morepork) hooting in the background.

130.  Like Galadriel in the book, Arwen is riding a white palfrey.

131.  We have Figwit back as an escort for Arwen!  And he SPEAKS!

132.  There is a potted tree within the chamber where Arwen sees Aragorn in the vision of Eldarion.

133.  When you can see the circular gazebo-type structure Elrond is in, the fence-rails on the edges of the gazebo are shaped like the Evenstar.

134.  There is a domed building that can be seen out an entrance or window behind Aragorn. Either this site will one day become a city in the expanded Gondor, or she is seeing something which will take place elsewhere, perhaps in Osgiliath renewed.

135.  Eldarion (Arwen's son) looks just like his mother. That's appropriate, since his name means 'son of the Eldar'.

136.  Aragorn seems suitably older.  As he lifts and swings the boy around, his hair and beard are greying.

137.  When Arwen turns to ride back to Rivendell, three of the elves on horses do turn to watch her go.  The elves on foot do not.

138.  As Arwen runs to Elrond, she drops her cape in the same spot where the Fellowship gathered waiting for Frodo and Aragorn to begin their quest.

139.  There's an Elvish telescope on Elrond's desk.

140.  Every time we return to Rivendell there is a change in color to the set to help evoke a certain mood.

141.  The music playing when Aragorn is thinking of Arwen (at the beginning of Anaríon) is also heard in RotK, when Arwen gets the Shards of Narsil, reciting The Riddle of Strider.

142.  The cloth under the Shards of Narsil in RotK, when hooded Arwen walks up to them, is black (looks like velvet?) whereas in the FotR scene with Boromir they are laying on a cloth that's grey/silver (looks more satin-y)

143.  There's a second painting next to the Isildur/Sauron painting in Rivendell—possibly the Grey Havens, Númenor, a city like Tuna in Valinor, or Gondolin.

144.  Leaning on the wall next to the mural is Aiglos, Gil-galad's spear.  It was there in FotR, too.

145.  Arwen's jewelry starts out with a star motif in FotR, becomes flowerlike, and ends up with a butterfly motif in RotK. A very subtle, but wonderful nod to her own "metamorphosis" from elf to human. Her "sickness" can even be seen to be her chrysalis stage.

146.  In Two Towers, the curtains surrounding Arwen's room are drawn closed (she is closed off).  In RotK, they are pulled open (released to her fate).

147.  When Elrond walks away from Arwen, and she sits down and drops the green suede book (just after saying the "crownless again shall be king" line), you can see on the lower part of the spine of the book a couple of spots that are a darker green than the rest of the book (library stickers?).

148.  There’s a picture of the entrance to the Paths of the Dead in Arwen’s book.  There is a cut scene in which she points this out to Elrond and sends the message with him to Aragorn--her book is a history that describes Isildur's curse on the Dead.

149.  After Arwen has her vision and returns to Rivendell, she states to Elrond "There is no ship now that can bear me hence."  It's interesting that the ship is Frodo's only salvation.

150.  When the elves are reforging Narsil, you can see a large vice mounted on a bench behind them.

151.  +Forges that repeat. The forging of the rings in FotR, Saruman's forges at Isengard, the elves forging the shards of Narsil into Andúril.




152.  Faramir is being chased by nearly a dozen orcs.  When he jumps to one side after Madril calls to him, the arrows fly and take out a group hot on Faramir's tail!

153.  Gothmog has tooth marks under his lower lip from where he's bitten himself.

154.  When Gothmog plunges his spear into Madril, after the capture of Osgiliath -- it is just what Gil-galad does to an enemy in the Prologue.

155.  When Gothmog is saying, "The age of men is over," you can also see nose-hair sticking out of his nose.

156.  This is creepy, but everyone dies with their eyes open.

157.  Faramir's sword-fighting style is the same as his big brother. Of course; where else did he learn it?

158.  It's not just Gothmog's face: his entire left side is seriously malformed or scarred or both. He has no use of his left hand and arm, and apparently can't find armor to fit his left shoulder.

159.  Faramir's command "Fall back to Minas Tirith" as Osgiliath is lost, echoes the cry "back to the Hornburg" during Helm's Deep.

160.  +In the prologue of FotR, there's a shot of Gil-Galad thrusting downward with his spear, Aiglos.  In RotK, there's a shot of that lumpy headed Orc captain, thrusting a spear down into Faramir's captain (Madril).

161.  When Gandalf uses his staff to blind and fend of the attacking Nazgûl, the clouds on the Osgiliath side are all dark up to the furthest advancement point of the fell beasts, while the clouds on the Minas Tirith side are still all white.  An image of the advancement of darkness from Mordor.

162.  When the riders enter the gates of Minas Tirith, the soldiers appear to be in a tight protective formation around their rescuers.

163.  Pippin is uncomfortable and looks away when Faramir stares at him.  Perhaps because hobbits are kind of shy and avert their eyes of the big folk.




164.  +When Gollum is talking to himself in the water it reminded me just a tad of the faces in the dead marshes and even a little bit of Galadriel's mirror.

165.  "All she gets is filthy orcses." "And they doesn't taste very nice, does they, precious?" Gollum would know. According to The Hobbit, orc was a fairly regular item on his menu when he lived under the Misty Mountains.

166.  When Sméagol/Gollum talks to his reflection, you can actually see the light of the water reflecting off of Sméagol's face as he speaks.

167.  When Gollum/Sméagol is having his talk in the pool, Gollum's iris' are small and evil looking, where as Sméagol's eyes are dilated, giving him a more innocent look about him; you can also see it in the scene with Frodo and Gollum at the mouth of Shelob's Lair.

168.  During the dialogue by the pool between Sméagol and Gollum there's a moment where they cut back to a direct shot of Sméagol a split-second early and you can see his pupils suddenly dilate. (Throughout the scene, Sméagol's pupils are wide and Gollum's narrow.)

169.  When Gollum/Sméagol are discussing the hobbits demise in the pool reflection, just before he drops the stone, there's a blob of spittle drop in from Gollum's mouth!

170.  When Sam is attacking Gollum after overhearing him at the pool, he hits him with his cooking pot as he cries, "I'll stove your head in!"

171.  After he overhears Sméagol/Gollum talking in the pool, Sam tries to strangle Gollum and Frodo saves Gollum.  A perfect counterpoint to the scene when they first meet in the Emyn Muil, where Gollum tries to strangle Sam and Frodo saves Sam.

172.  Whenever Gollum accuses Sam of being a liar, Sam flies into an uncontrollable rage (once when he overhears Gollum at the pool and again when the lembas comes up missing).

173.  Sam's frustration and rage grows the more Frodo trusts Gollum (Frodo overcompensating for his supposed betrayal in TT?).




174.  As Gandalf and Pippin ride through Minas Tirith there is a group of boys chasing either them or some soldiers – they appear in several shots.

175.  The perished White Tree is honoured by a guard in the courtyard.

176.  When Gandalf and Pippin walk away from Shadowfax in the courtyard of Minas Tirith, the guards have walked up and stand on either side of him but don't try to hold him.

177.  When Gandalf and Pippin ride up to the top of Minas Tirith, the guards around the lawn do not turn or even seem to notice. Later, when a wounded Faramir is brought up, again they don't move. And when Shadowfax breaks down the door to Rath Dinen, the guards at the door remain motionless. Only when Gandalf grabs a spear from one does he react.

178.  There's a bird fluttering down to the left of the steps to the Citadel, just as Pip and Gandalf are walking towards them.

179.  All the symbols for Gondor, including it's knight's shields, there are seven stars.  The interesting thing is; the ancient land of Númenor was a star shaped continent!

180.  When they enter the building and you look out the palace doors, the palace and the courtyard are oriented (or lined up) directly with Mt. Doom.  The breach in the courtyard wall at the edge of the cliff, through which Denethor jumped, is lined up perfectly with Orodruin.

181.  Right above the throne of the king is a huge bronze, copper or gold replica of the crown of Gondor (seen when Gandalf and Pippin are approaching Denethor).

182.  Pippin and Gandalf pass statues of Kings in Minas Tirith, while in Edoras Aragorn and Co. pass by tapestries of the Kings of Rohan.

183.  You can hear the hobbity sound of Pippin's feet slapping on the stone floor as he follows Gandalf (and the crack of his staff on the floor).

184.  Gandalf's braided belt is white until the Havens where it's gold.

185.  When Pippin looks up at the statues as they enter the throne room in Gondor, one of them is holding something in his hand (a palantir?—looks more like an orb since there's something standing out from the top of it).

186.  The orb-thing held by the statue might represent the fruit of Nimloth, stolen by Isildur before Nimloth was destroyed and brought over to Middle-earth, from which sprang the White Tree.

187.  The statue of the king is holding an "orb" (globe often used as a symbol of office for kings and emperors).  European orbs usually had a cross at the top (that might look like a stem), although Gondor presumably had something slightly different.

188.  The statue with a stave is a Steward.

189.  The white tree is carved/embossed on the wall above and behind the throne.

190.  Denethor is clean-shaven with clean, flowing hair in Osgiliath, but has let himself go and has a stubbly growth and his hair is greasy in Minas Tirith.

191.  All Gondorians, and only they, always call Gandalf "Mithrandir" (his name as known in the South).

192.  The title for each of the three books is spoken either in the film or the trailers: "You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring"; "There is a union now between the Two Towers"; "You cannot deny the Return of the King"

193.  Denethor's left eye twitches when he first talks to Gandalf and Pippin.

194.  Denethor's sceptre is sitting to his right while he holds Boromir's broken horn in his lap. It's a white scepter with a hold head leaning next to his pseudo-throne. 

195.  Denethor's sceptre has a leaf motif in the gold cast.  It's set aside suggesting that Denethor had set aside his duties to Gondor.

196.  Denethor is wearing heavy furs, as Théoden did when influenced by the darker powers.

197.  Denethor's statement "The rule of Gondor is mine!" is an echo of Théoden's "Rohan is mine!" while under Saruman's spell. Both are said in response to Gandalf's challenge to them.

198.  As Gandalf leaves Denethor, the dirty hem of his robe is clearly seen, showing how hard he rode getting to Minas Tirith.

199.  The Gondorian soldiers guarding the (dead) White Tree have the ceremonial white wings on their helmets!

200.  The guards of the Tree all have the Crown and Seven Stars on their plates; they are the only ones who have it until we see Aragorn.




201.  When Gandalf delivers his "just a fool's hope" line, who should he be talking to but the hapless hobbit he's always calling a fool of a Took?  Plus, he seems to be referring to himself as a fool.

202.  The links of Pippin's mail looks large... because of his scale/size.

203.  There are two flashback references to FotR: When Frodo is stabbed by the Witch-king (Gandalf talking w/Pippin on the balcony) and when Boromir is shot by Lurtz (Pippin remembering Boromir when listening to Denethor).

204.  You can see the glow of Mt. Doom reflecting off Gandalf and Pippin as they look from the balcony.

205.  When Gandalf tells Pippin of the Witch-king who stabbed Frodo, he refers to Weathertop, not Amon Sûl.  Frodo also refers to it as Weathertop when speaking with Sam at Bag End.  (It's chilling to hear Frodo cry out again).

206.  Peter Jackson speaks! His cameo has a line (sounds like "Come on!")

207.  As Gandalf and Pippin look towards Mordor from the balcony in Minas Tirith, you can see the Morgul Vale running up into the Ephel Dúath range.  There’s vague pale light coming from it even before the Morgul flare goes up.

208.  When Pippin and Gandalf are on the balcony and they see the beacon of Minas Morgul, the grate behind Pip has either birds (eagles?) or cats on it. Cats of Queen Berúthiel?

209.  +The scene between Gandalf and Pippin in Minas Tirith on the balcony is similar to the conversation between Gandalf and Frodo in Moria.

210.  +A "Fool" echo:  When Gandalf has discovered that Pippin picked up the Palantír while everyone was sleeping he takes the Palantír from Pippin and yells, “Fool of a Took!” just as he did in the mines of Moria when Pippin knocked the bucket into the well. But this time Gandalf realizes that Pippin has taken a hurt and his attitude changes immediately to concern and fear for this inquisitive hobbit.

211.  +A "Fool" echo:  When Pippin and Gandalf are on the balcony talking, Pippin asks Gandalf, "Is there any hope, Gandalf, for Frodo and Sam?" Gandalf replies, "There never was much hope--just a fool's hope."




212.  When Frodo, Sam and Gollum arrive at the stairs, both Sam and Frodo have lost their vests.

213.  When Gollum speaks about enemies and you can see dust blowing into Sam and Frodo's eyes.

214.  The Morgul flowers are visible in the rocks just behind Frodo/Sam/Gollum as they peer over the edge of the road at Minas Morgul.  There is a brief shot showing another patch of the poisonous white flowers just below the bridge as described in the book. There are flowers in Morgul Vale "Wide flats lay on either bank, shadowy meads filled with pale white flowers...luminous... they gave forth a faint sickening charnel smell..."

215.  When Gollum is describing Minas Morgul to Frodo, he hesitates and gives Sam a decidedly shifty sideways look before saying the word "enemies."

216.  In the Minas Morgul aerial shot, the way the buildings are positioned makes the city looks a little like Sauron's helmet

217.  Minas Morgul (the dead city) has the same sickly green glow as the army in paths of the dead.

218.  When Frodo walks towards the stair at Cirith Ungol, and also when he climbs the stair, you can clearly hear the sound of the Ring jangling on its chain.  It's particularly noticeable just before Gollum reaches towards it.

219.  Sam and Gollum have to form a temporary alliance to keep Frodo from walking in a trance right up to the gates of Minas Morgul.

220.  A greenish vertical flare rises up into the sky near Mt. Doom.  This is doubtless the signal from Barad-dûr that Minas Morgul responds to with a green flare, a signal that the assault on Minas Tirith is starting.

221.  Frodo and Sam are next to the beacon Gandalf and Pippin are looking at from Minas Tirith.  We can see exactly where they are in proximity to each other.

222.  Frodo relives the pain of his injury by the Morgul blade whenever the Nazgûl appear.

223.  Frodo's weakened and dazed when they escape to the stair as the army passes… just as he was after the Nazgûl flew overhead in the marshes.

224.  When the Witch-king leaves Minas Morgul and perches on the ramparts to watch the army depart, the fell beast grasps one of the towers with his wing to steady himself. He also uses his wings like hands when on the ground just before his demise.

225.  As the Witch-king cries out to his army, Frodo is struck by the pain of his blade as he was in the Dead Marshes.




226.  When Pippin's following Gandalf to the base of the wall where the beacon is, they look like they're walking through a marketplace tightly packed with baskets of goods, ropes, and bundles of grains/plants hanging from above.

227.  When Pippin's climbing up to light the beacon fire, Gandalf keeps looking up to watch him -- and then looking away, not wanting to draw anyone's attention up there.  Apparently in Middle-Earth, just as in the world we live in, you can make people look up by looking up!

228.  When Pippin climbs up to the beacon, he goes up the side where he could be spotted any moment by the guards up there, but then climbs down their blind side after he lights the fire!

229.  Pippin climbing to light the beacon parallels Sam and Frodo's climb up the stairs of Cirith Ungol.

230.  There's a pulley jutting out from the roof of the beacon and extends over the cliff (for pulling the wood up).

231.  When Pippin lights the beacon and then realizes that he needs to get OFF after it is burning sort of parallels (contrasts? Foreshadows?) his leaping ONTO the pyre to rescue Faramir.

232.  Gandalf actually speaks the name of the Amon Dîn beacon before the soldier does.  He goes out onto the balcony, looks up, and whispers: "Amon Dîn."

233.  There are a chain of seven beacon-hills running between Minas Tirith and Rohan.  From east to west, they were Amon Dîn, Eilenach, Nardol, Erelas, Min-Rimmon, Calenhad and finally, on the borders of the Eastfold, the Halifirien.

234.  The beacons were above the cloud line for the greatest line-of-sight between Gondor and Rohan.

235.  The second beacon is named by a soldier of Gondor; "The beacon of Amon Dîn is lit!" And then, the next two beacons are lit. The one is lit on the Halfirien by two Rohirrim (see the red clothes), who man that beacon.

236.  Next to one of the "Beacons" that gets lit in a mountain top, you can see a little tiny wooden (or stone) hut, apparently where the observers were staying. We have our shot of magnificent mountain ranges (as in the first two films) as the beacons are lit.




237.  It is the King of Gondor who sees the beacons of Gondor and answers them.  Aragorn/Elessar is alone on the hillside and sees the fire of the beacon before anyone else has seen it.  Gondor has called, the king has answered. 

238.  Aragorn running up to Meduseld after he sees the beacon, is a visual quote of his own nicknames: 'Longshanks' or 'Strider".

239.  When Aragorn is running to sound the alarm of the lit beacons, he reaches over and hits the shield of the guard to his right as he reaches the top of the stairs.

240.  Aragorn's not wearing his sword or knife, but Théoden is wearing his sword (a time of war, the king stands ready).

241.  Théoden looks up at the banner of the white horse on green, waving bravely.  When we first saw it in TTT, it was falling in dishonor.

242.  Both Meduseld and Sam's house had nice neat piles of cut wood ready for burning (a very large one at Meduseld).

243.  +After Aragorn sees the beacons flaming, he rushes to the Golden Hall to tell Théoden. He is in a greater hurry, but it is filmed much like his return to Helm's Deep in TT after he falls in the river.  He throws open both doors each time.

244.  The same music is played when the Riders of Rohan are leaving Edoras to go to war as in the TTT when the Ents are leaving Fangorn Forest, marching to war on Isengard. (confirmed)

245.  Stybba got his small moment with Merry (who has a huge smile on his face) as they ride from Edoras for the Rohan encampment.  Stybba was the name of the pony Théoden gifted to Merry in the text.




246.  **Faramir refers to himself as being foolish when speaking with Pippin, our foolish Took.

247.  ** Pippin encourages Faramir the same way Galadriel encouraged him.

248.  Pippin is trying very hard to conceal his distaste when he kisses the Steward's Ring.

249.  Denethor accepts Pip's allegiance, he looks at Faramir when he says "disloyalty with vengeance" implying Faramir has been disloyal. 

250.  There are 4 people standing in the back of the hall behind Faramir as Pippin swears fealty to Denethor.  As Faramir starts his "conversation" with Denethor, two of these people leave.  Denethor's advisors??

251.  There's a tree pattern on the back of Denethor's chair as he eats.

252.  Everyone but the Elves always seems to have dirt underneath their fingernails.  Even the royals, and the wealthy.

253.  When Denethor admits he wishes Faramir died instead of Boromir, we see him struggle with the words.

254.  When Faramir says to Denethor, "Since you are robbed of Boromir," he's thinking that he is also robbed of his brother, something that Denethor doesn't seem to notice.

255.  The women of Gondor are mostly dark-haired and wear navy, violet and grey.  They throw down long sprigs of small white flowers before Faramir’s soldiers as they ride out of Minas Tirith.

256.  Women looking down from an upper window watching Faramir and his men headed out of the city.

257.  The horses of Gondor, at least the ones whose hooves are visible as Faramir marches out, are not shod!

258.  As Faramir and the others ride to Osgiliath again, you can see that Faramir's helmet is different from the other soldiers. This must be because of his higher rank and lineage.  His horse is the only one without a leaf shaped breastplate.

259.  Faramir and his men only have are swords and spears while the enemy has archers.  Unless they met hand-to-hand, they didn't have a chance.

260.  Faramir's saddle blanket is blue, all of the others seem to be brown.  A nice touch to mark his status.

261.  There is a shot looking down on the riders from behind.  It seems one of the horses in the bottom left is uncharacteristically out of control and the rider is desperately trying (and failing) to keep it in line.  Perhaps it's already experienced the flight/rescue from the previous battle and is filled with fear at returning.

262.  The food on Denethor's table: Cheese, cherry tomatoes, bread, fowl, grapes, wine, and strawberries.

263.  Speaking of Denethor eating with his hands–that’s not the mark of a civilized man. Later on when he talks of being burned like the heathen kings of old, with the implication that they are savages, that’s the way he is eating–like a savage, not a civilized man.  He has regressed.

264.  The citadel at Minas Tirith is like a cathedral.

265.  Minas Tirith is almost totally based on one of Alan Lee's old pictures.

266.  One of the orc archers (first and last one we see) has blood dripping down his chin in the exact same place the wine drips down Denethor's chin as he gorges himself while Faramir rides to certain death (same side of his face and everything). At the very end of the sequence, the film goes from a last shot of that orc, to a last shot of Denethor, both with red dripping down from their mouths.  It really drives the point home that they're both complicit in Faramir's 'death.'

267.  Pippin sings his song to Denethor in a very solemn and brooding tone, as if he's trying to get Denethor to realize the seriousness of the threat facing Gondor. He also places an emphasis on "evil times" in the line "We have no songs for great halls and evil times."

268.  Pippin shoots Denethor a quick, sidelong look when he's talking about not knowing what to sing in evil times.  Pip's no fool anymore.

269.  When Faramir's charging towards the orcs, there's an orc aiming an arrow towards Faramir just like Lurtz did when Boromir was defending the hobbits.  It seemed that Faramir was to meet his end just like his brother.

270.  It looks like Denethor has a starburst on his Ring and on his breast (medallion or engraving?) that looks a lot like the starburst on the Red Book of Westmarch (gift for Bilbo from Aragorn?).

271.  Pippin is wearing his elven cloak over his armor. That wouldn't be allowed in many armies.  Merry wears the armour of Rohan and Pippin wears the armour of Gondor.

272.  As Gandalf sits alone after Faramir's fall, you can hear a single bell tolling for the fallen.




273.  While the hobbits are climbing up past Minas Morgul, Gollum urges them on, saying "Come, master, come to Sméagol!" -- the exact inverse of what Frodo said to Gollum at the Forbidden Pool.

274.  When Frodo, Sam and Gollum begin to climb the Stairs, the Caradhras theme is played (because they're climbing mountains again?)

275.  **Sam refers to Gollum as Slinker and Stinker when warning him not to harm Frodo.

276.  As Frodo, Sam and Gollum climb the stair and Frodo almost falls, you can see the huge army still issuing from the gates of Minas Morgul, far below them.

277.  Frodo and Sam are sweating from the horrible climb and Gollum isn't even winded.

278.  As Gollum is on the ledge and Frodo is struggling to climb up, after the Ring slips out from Frodo's shirt and Gollum becomes transfixed with it - his lower left eyelid twitches.

279.  Sméagol seems to have a moment of genuine concern for Frodo after helping him up the stair.  "Master carries a heavy burden."

280.  +On the stairs of Cirith Ungol, Frodo is struggling to get over a ledge and Gollum sees the ring. As he reaches for Frodo, Sam tells Gollum "Don't you touch him!" This compares to Éowyn's order to the Witch King "You will not touch him!" when Théoden is crushed under Snowmane during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.

281.  +When Gollum is trying to convince Frodo that Sam is trying to take the Ring from him (while climbing Cirith Ungol), I heard echoes of Galadriel. In FotR she says:  "It is what will come to pass if you should fail. The Fellowship is breaking. It has already begun. He will try to take the Ring. You know of whom I speak. One by one it will destroy them all." Gollum says of Sam:  "He wants It. He needs It. Sméagol sees it in his eyes! Very soon he will ask you for It! You will see! The fat one will take It from you!"

282.  When Gollum is pretending to sleep, you can see the pouch on his hip with his bone fish hook stuck in the side.

283.  Sam and Frodo's blankets and clothes are torn and filthy, but their elven cloaks never show signs of wear (a homespun look).

284.  Frodo and Sam's blankets are a twill weave. They also have definite fold marks, as if they were folded and packed away damp, and Sam's has a small hole.

285.  Gollum's knees and elbows (especially the right ones) are scraped and cut from the climb on the stairs.

286.  As Gollum moves down to Sam's pack, the angle, movement and music match the first time Gollum was sneaking up on the hobbits at the beginning of TT.

287.  When Gollum throws the lembas off the cliff, you can see one of the mallorn leaves fully opened.

288.  Sam is sleeping with his sword as Gollum steals the lembas bread.

289.  All the lead characters stand on top of cliffs. Aragorn and Théoden look down on Dunharrow, Gollum, Frodo and Sam on Cirith Ungol, Gandalf and Pippin over the balcony (and the beacons).

290.  Sam tightens his belt as he wakes up, a clear sign that Sam is innocent of stealing the lembas!

291.  You can hear the Ring jingling on its chain every time you see it.

292.  Lembas bread makes tiny seed-like brittle crumbs.

293.  When Gollum calls Sam a liar, Sam flies into a rage and beats on Gollum... spittle spewing from his mouth as he hammers away.

294.  Blood starting to trickle from Gollum's nose after Sam has punched him.

295.  As Frodo collapses after stopping Sam from beating Sméagol on the stairs, Sam holds him by his arms he drops down.  If he hadn't, maybe Frodo would have fallen off the edge.

296.  Frodo's eyes are dilated with anger as he stands up and glares at Sam.  "Get away!"

297.  When Frodo tells Sam to go home, he's not at all harsh.  His voice is so gentle, but his eyes are cold (though still filled with tears).

298.  When Frodo is turning on Sam on the stairs and Gollum is crouched behind Frodo growling at Sam... you can see Andy's shadow/ silhouette through Frodo's cloak.  Not just gobs of spit, but silhouettes, too!

299.  When Frodo tells Sam to go home, the Shire theme is heard as Sam cries.

300.  Frodo's face seems to be darker, more worn and lost from the scene on when he sends Sam away.




301.  You can see the stone images of the Púkel-men when the Rohirrim camp at Dunharrow.

302.  As Théoden is riding through the muster of riders, they refer to the lands of Snowbourn (actually a river, but refers to the men from that area), Fenmarch and the Westfold... just as in the book.

303.  Legolas is standing behind Éowyn (his back to her holding his bow) when she's speaking with Éomer and Gamling about Merry and fighting (Gimli cooking at the fire next to him).

304.  There are different patterns/pictures on the Rohirrim's shields for the different factions.

305.  The soldiers rest their spears standing together throughout the encampment.

306.  When Aragorn looks down the entrance to the paths of the dead the first time, we see the spectral image of the king of the dead materialize in the entryway looking back at him.

307.  The King of the Dead lifts his hand as if to beckon him.

308.  A Rohirric guard walks to the edge of Dunharrow, looks down, and jerks his head back in surprise and confusion when he sees Elrond.

309.  As a cloaked Elrond rides up the road to Dunharrow at night, the shot lingers for a second on a strange rock that he rides past, which is shaped like a hunched figure with some slits or markings near the top. In Aragorn’s dream/vision - there is also a flash of what seems to be the same rock.

310.  Evenstar falls and smashes on the floor of the Minas Tirith citadel hall... showing his dream is linked to him returning as king there.

311.  Aragorn sleeps with his knife at hand.

312.  Théoden's tent in the encampment has a folding throne! It's a classic X-frame design that dates back (in our world) to Roman times.

313.  Théoden's floor has a lot of fur carpeting!

314.  There's a horn hanging from the corner of the tent behind Théoden when he's speaking to Éowyn at Dunharrow.  You can see it better as she's looking to the sunrise when he first starts talking with her.

315.  There are neat piles of wood for burning next to each of the fire stands/pots in Dunharrow.




316.  When Elrond brings the sword to Aragorn, the seven stars are etched into the metal.

317.  When Elrond informs Aragorn that "the light of the Evenstar is fading," we see a shot of Aragorn's necklace, which is much less shiny than it used to be.

318.  Théoden's armour is hanging on a makeshift mannequin in the corner of his tent. You can see his helmet clearly when Aragorn enters.

319.  When Elrond says to Aragorn, "There are those who dwell in the mountain" -- there's a sudden gust of wind that shakes the hangings and the door-curtain.

320.  Aragorn spurns the thought of looking to the Dead Army for aid the same way Elrond spurned Gandalf's suggestion that they must look to men for hope (in Rivendell).

321.  The Evenstar hums every time it's seen.

322.  Aragorn hesitates before taking Andúril from Elrond, and again before drawing it.

323.  There's a parallel moment when Aragorn and Théoden each raise their swords and the camera follows their gaze up the blades.  Aragorn, the blade of Andúril; Théoden, the blade of Herugrim.

324.  When Elrond tells Aragorn that he gives "hope to Men."  Aragorn's elvish name is "Estel," so could it be that there is a double entendre in Elrond's comment?  i.e. I give hope in the traditional sense and also I give "Estel" as in Aragorn (king, leader, etc.) to Men.

325.  The same music is played when Elrond gives Aragorn Andúril in RotK as when Aragorn was talking to Boromir about the White City in Lothlórien in FotR.

326.  The lines "I give Hope to men" (Elrond) "I keep none for myself" (Aragorn) are from appendix A, only it's Gilraen's (Aragorn's mother) line to Aragorn the last time she sees him.  It is also engraved in her headstone in Rivendell.

327.  The Evenstar pendant, which looks tarnished as Aragorn is told of Arwen's fading state, shines again by the time he reaches the paths of the dead.

328.  Théoden learned from Aragorn to be straightforward with his men.  In Helm's Deep, he tries to bolster them by being more positive ("hanging on by a thread")... but at Dunharrow, he admits to them that they cannot win, but they'll fight just the same.  No false hope.

329.  During Théoden/Gamling "pep" talk after Aragorn leaves for the Paths of the Dead, the expressions of the men are quite varied!

330.  When Aragorn tells Éowyn he can't give her what she wants that she *does* turn cold and depressed, at least until Théoden talks to her.

331.  As Aragorn rides toward the Paths of the Dead, we see the standing stones of the Dimholt flank his path, two by two, just as in the book.

332.  Brego runs off while Andúril's scabbard is still on the saddle.




333.  You can hear voices in the wind as Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli approach the entrance to the Paths of the Dead.

334.  As Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn approach the entrance to the Paths of the Dead, you can see that Aragorn's saddle has several bedrolls and a large bag tied to it while Arod only carries Gimli and Legolas.  He's toting the gear for all three.

335.  The hieroglyphics over the entrance: A figures standing with outstretched arms either holding two spears or blocking entrance to a doorway, the eye, a figure lying on the ground with an arrow through its middle, a horse, another figure holding out a bow standing on what looks like a Greek chariot.

336.  The "Great Eye" symbol (traitorous?) is inscribed in "Cave Drawing" fashion above the Dimholt/Paths of the Dead door, along with other such drawings.

337.  Aragorn calls out to Brego once when Brego runs off at the entrance to Dimholt.

338.  When Aragorn is inside the Paths of the Dead, he has a torch.  (taken from the wall of the tunnel?)

339.  At the City of the Dead, even the light from Aragorn's torch has a greenish tint.

340.  The dead army walks across the abyss as if it were level with the ground.

341.  The King of the Dead speaks the same lines to Aragorn that Legolas spoke before entering the paths. "The way is shut" etc. (it's the line the old man said to Brego; "the way is shut" in the book).

342.  The King of the Dead is wearing a ring on his left hand.

343.  The King of the Dead has a nose/eyes/mouth one minute, then they melt away to skeletal holes, then blend back. His facial expressions in the midst of all that were particularly well done.

344.  The ghosts in the Dead Marshes in TT are similar the Paths of the Dead ghosts.  They're both eerily green.

345.  The armor of the King of the Dead, part on his chest looks like rib bones.  Also, his skin and beard could barely been seen in the Paths of the Dead, but when Aragorn releases the Dead from their oaths, his skin and beard were more visible than the bones beneath.

346.  When Aragorn is confronting the Ghost King, you can see Gimli and Legolas *through* some of the ghosts.

347.  The dead flinch away from Aragorn's sword after they see what he does against their leader.

348.  Aragorn raises Andúril before his face before fighting the king of the dead.

349.  Legolas' arrow passes straight through the spectral king, but Aragorn not only stops the King's sword with Andúril, he grabs him by the throat as well!  Physical contact with a ghost!

350.  **There's a reflection in the water of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli as they call out to the Corsair ships.

351.  **Peter is still holding a whip (seen in TV) when he's shot and drops it before he falls.




352.  The Witch-king's fell beast blinks vertically instead of horizontally.

353.  The fell beast has yellow, rotten-looking teeth and crusty lips.

354.  Faramir's horse has an arrow in its right shoulder as it drags him through the gate.

355.  When Faramir is returned to Minas Tirith by his horse, he is pierced with arrows just like Boromir.

356.  The gate is locked with an elaborate chain and pulley at the top and 6 large beam at the bottom and it take 6 guards to open and close it.

357.  Denethor has his mail and sword on when Faramir is first brought to him (already listed as having it on at the pyre)

358.  The arrows that pierced Faramir as just as black as the ones that killed Boromir.

359.  The two arrows in Faramir are broken off and still stuck in him when his litter is brought to Denethor.

360.  While Denethor is visibly losing his mind, the scene is intercut with the walls of Minas Tirith crumbling under the trebuchet assault.  Reflects a line in the book, "The house of his reason is crumbling."

361.  Gandalf lays out Denethor then takes command of the city's defense.

362.  The guards just stand where they are and don't try to stop or react to Gandalf beating up Denethor.

363.  Not all the Nazgûl were present when Gandalf charges them on the plain.  The Witch-king hasn't arrived yet. He doesn't show his ugly face until just before the siege begins.  Not to mention that when they all swoop down on the city, they are an added distraction to an already rather huge army of all sorts of foul beasties.

364.  Gothmog makes a showing riding his own special warg.

365.  The orcs catapult the heads of fallen Gondorian rangers/soldiers over the walls to terrorize them.

366.  Gothmog's lieutenant (the one that says catapult) has a skull attached to his helmet.  He also shows up when the Corsairs of Umbar land at the docks.

367.  The Easterlings appear when the Orc army is getting closer to Minas Tirith.

368.  There are wagons loaded with boulders next to the orc's catapults.

369.  When Minas Tirith starts using their trebuchets (catapults), they are using chunks of their own broken city for ammunition.

370.  There is no sign of any mûmakil outside of Minas Tirith until after Rohan enters the fray.

371.  The trolls beating the cadence for the orc army is beating in 5/4 time - the same time as the music for the Uruk-hai music we heard in FotR and TTT.

372.  The Corsairs are ravaging the coasts; see the fires?

373.  The Witch-king certainly knows how to pick his lieutenants! Orcs are normally creatures that flee, but this one spits at the rock

374.  You can see the docks in the distance when the Nazgûl swoop down onto the city.

375.  When the Nazgûl fly to terrorize Minas Tirith, they actually go for the catapults and try to bring down the city's defence, rather than just flying around and aimlessly grabbing men and horses and causing general mayhem and panic.

376.  The main gates of Minas Tirith are covered in several rows of panels with carved relief figures standing within narrow arches, the largest figures being in the middle row.  The tall narrow arch of these panels is reflected in the city’s architecture.

377.  **When the orcs attack the gate at Minas Tirith with the smaller battering ram, there's an orc riding on the top of it cheering on the others.

378.  There are 4 trolls to each tower being pushed to the walls of Minas Tirith.  Some of them have little tufts of hair or a cap on top of their heads.

379.  You see one warg briefly attacking someone in Minas Tirith.  There are several wargs seen moving about in the long shot of the Pelennor Fields.  (confirmed)

380.  The orcs are chanting "Grond! Grond!" as the battering ram is pushed towards the gate (just like in the book).

381.  As soon as the Trolls go through gates of Minas Tirith, you can see four warg riders going through at the same time.

382.  Gandalf saves Pippin from an orc, and a minute or so later Pippin returns the favour – a nice mutual defense moment

383.  When Pippin saves Gandalf's life by killing that orc, I love to compare Gandalf's impressed and respectful "Guard of the Citadel indeed!" with his earlier sardonic tone, "You're a Guard of the Citadel now.  You have to do as you're told."




384.  Gollum manipulates Frodo into entering the tunnel, "Go in...or go back."  "I can't go back."

385.  When Gollum is leading Frodo deeper into the tunnel, his voice quickly shifts from one side to the other to confuse Frodo of which direction to go.

386.  +When Frodo is entering Shelob's lair, and realizing that something's not quite right there, he looks down, and sees that he's stepping on a lot of old bones...this echoed the Fellowship entering Moria, and realizing it wasn't "a's a tomb", as the Hobbits realize they are treading on a lot of dead dwarves.

387.  +In Shelob's lair, Frodo calls for Gollum because he thinks he has lost him. I immediately thought of Sam's frantic calling to Frodo in the cornfield in FotR.

388.  +When Frodo panics because he has lost Gollum in Shelob's lair, you hear Gollum sing "Why does it cry?" just as he did to himself when he is captured and beaten by Faramir's men in TT.

389.  At one point when Frodo is running through Shelob's Lair, there's a close-up shot of the webs and you can see what looks like a very tiny Frodo reflected in the web's shimmery surface - Frodo is off camera at that moment. IIRC this is just after Frodo says "It's sticky! What is it?" and just before he trips and falls over.

390.  There is a black cat hanging among orc and other animals in the Shelob lair. There is a bat and a magpie (bird) caught in one of Shelob’s webs.

391.  When Sam is going back down the stair, crying, his right shin is cut and blood is running down his shin.  His toes are also cut and bruised when you see the crumbs fall around his feet.

392.  As Frodo cowers in fear from Shelob, he's holding his shirt where the Ring is (as he often does), but then he hears Galadriel's voice reminding him of the phial.  "I give you the light of Eärendil."  Aid and courage doesn't come from the Ring against Shelob, but it does from the phial (the Elves and the Light of Eärendil).

393.  Frodo cries out as he holds up the phial:  "Aiya Eärendil Elenion Ancalima! (Hail Eärendil, brightest of stars!)" exactly as in the book.

394.  The star-glass only shines when it's in someone's hand.  It's not like a flashlight or a torch.  It reacts to faith and need.

395.  Shelob covers her eyes with her smaller front legs every time the phial is raised.

396.  One of the creatures tangled in the web in Shelob's lair is a moth. This could symbolize lost hope or faith, as it was a moth that summoned Gwaihir to Gandalf, as well as brought the eagles to Morannon.

397.  When Frodo is caught in Shelob's webs and Gollum goes into his little singsong chant, the second line -- "Why does it cry?" -- is delivered in exactly the same tone and rhythm as Gollum's line to Sméagol in TTT, "Why is it crying, Sméagol?" Mock sympathy.

398.  When Frodo is hanging on the web, and Gollum is taunting him, Gollum is right in front of him.  Frodo rages at Gollum as frees himself, and Gollum gets scared and disappears.

399.  Gollum can be seen escaping out the tunnel as Frodo fights the webs.

400.  Frodo loses the phial when he slides down the hole evading Shelob and loses Sting as he cuts away the web he's tangled in.  Sam shows up with both of them later, which shows how well he tracked Frodo in the dark.

401.  When Frodo cuts himself out of Shelob's web, right as he slides outside you can see him let go of Sting and leave it dangling in the web.

402.  Just after Frodo slides down the hole and drops the phial and he looks back at Shelob when she tries to get through the hole, you can see it still glowing on the ground under her.

403.  The fight outside Shelob’s Lair is the first time Frodo actually attacks Gollum rather than just being defensive.   Shows how far Frodo has sunk.  It happens again at the Cracks of Doom..

404.  Frodo tries to strangle Gollum just as Sméagol strangled Déagol. 

405.  Frodo's expression as he chokes Gollum is the same as Sméagol's when he throttles Déagol.

406.  When Frodo exits Shelob's lair and attacks Gollum, he chokes Gollum, who manages to say something like "Sméagol wouldn't hurt master - we promised."  Then on Mt. Doom, Gollum is choking Frodo and Frodo barely gets out "You swore on the precious - Sméagol promised."  In both scenes, the person being choked reminds the attacker about the "promise."   Frodo and Gollum have changed places in the two scenes.

407.  In the fights between Sméagol/Déagol and Frodo/Gollum looked as though in both cases, they had never fought with anyone before, the way they kind of just yanked each other around and grabbed at each other... it was incredibly realistic.

408.  Frodo grabs for Gollum when he falls over the cliff.

409.  After escaping betraying Sam, Shelob, Gollum's betrayal, fatigue, the Ring... all the things tearing at Frodo... when he's fighting with Gollum, pity and compassion once again takes over and Frodo tells Sméagol he must destroy the Ring for both their sakes.  (The strength of Frodo).

410.  Frodo falls onto the soft grass when he has his vision of Galadriel.  You realize how hard and cruel the lands are when it's juxtaposed with the green grass, soft sunshine, and Galadriel's shimmering calm.  He rises with the same face of resolve and determination he had when he left the shore of Parth Galen to cross the river. Galadriel appears to him herself to give him strength.  He was never alone.

411.  When Frodo's looking up at Galadriel during his vision (before he reaches for her hand), you can see her Galadie-lights in his eyes!  (the cluster of light like she has).

412.  When Frodo falls down, before the Galadriel dream sequence, it's still relatively light out (not bright sun, but as close to day light as Mordor gets).  When he comes back, it's much darker.  This means the Galadriel dream is part of a longer rest, not just a quick inspirational day dream.

413.  Notice how all through the film(s) we can hear Frodo breathing?  It's very apparent through the films and at times is quite amplified.

414.  When Frodo sees Galadriel and she reaches her hand out, you can see the back of Nenya.

415.  +Galadriel says in FotR:  "This task was appointed to you, Frodo of the Shire. If you do not find a way, no one will."  Then, as Frodo collapses after leaving Shelob's lair, he appears to be back in Lothlórien and Galadriel appears in an image and repeats it. Then she "helps" Frodo to his feet and he back in Mordor able to go on.

416.  After Galadriel's appearance, Frodo sighs a large, get-on-with-it sigh.  

417.  After Frodo escapes Shelob the first time, you can see the mithril shirt peeking out from under his other shirt (look right after the Galadriel scene and right before he gets stung).  It has slipped down below his second button, leaving his upper right chest, where Shelob stung him, exposed.

418.  Shelob also has crusty brown stuff over her left eye from the get go; it's not from being stabbed by Sam. You can see it clearly when she's wrapping Frodo, before she fights Sam.




419.  When Shelob is spinning Frodo he is totally limp as his head is bobbing back and forth and his right arm is bent at the elbow so his hand is near his face.

420.  Some of Shelob's eyes on the left side of her head are covered over with blood from Sam stabbing her.

421.  Sam is good at dodging to escape harm.  He dives under the cave troll's legs to get away, then he rolls and rolls to escape Shelob's sting.  Hobbity fighting skills.

422.  Every time Sam lands on his back with his pack on, he's got to be getting hurt by the pans and equipment.

423.  In the book after Sam's attack, Shelob's punctured body leaves a trail of slime as she retreats.  Sam's hands have green goo on them when he was trying to release Frodo from the webbing.

424.  Shelob's green blood is on Sam's clothes and spattered on Frodo's face.

425.  After Sam disposes of Shelob and he is at Frodo's side, he says, "Don't leave me here alone.  Don't go where I can't follow."  This could be considered foreshadowing that Frodo does, in fact, eventually go where Sam cannot follow.

426.  As with most spiders, the ‘wrapping’ web is not sticky, as with ‘hanging web’... and does not stick to Sam’s hands as he pulls it from Frodo’s face.

427.  Sam notices the glowing of Sting a fraction before he hears the coming of the orcs.

428.  There's a clasp on the chain that holds the Ring--explaining how Sam got it off Frodo when his head was still wrapped with the Spider web.




429.  Just before the Rohirrim appear over the hill, during the brutal fighting on the 2nd level, you will notice 4 soldier-to-orc battles on the stairwell. At the end of the scene, all 4 of the soldiers slay each of the orcs.

430.  Pippin and Gandalf approach Minas Tirith and stop at the same ridge where the Rohirrim prepare for their charge (they've come from the same direction).

431.  The sun breaks out behind the Rohirrim covering them with shafts of light just before they charge!

432.  Théoden looks down on the agony of Minas Tirith just before sounding the charge (as described in the book).

433.  There’s mud splattered on the helmets and cloaks of the Rohirrim when they form ranks before Théoden's speech, especially visible with Merry and Éowyn.  It’s been a long, hard, gallop from Dunharrow!

434.  Théoden gives his éored captains the same instructions as in the book about where to go once they pass the wall (the Rammas Echor) even though the wall isn't seen in the movie.

435.  Éowyn turns her face away when Théoden addresses the Rohan riders when he passes her way so that she may not be recognized.  (Didn't notice the hobbit sitting in front of her!)

436.  Before they charge, the riders shout "Death!" (started by Théoden—in the text, it's Éomer that begins to cry DEATH!)  They continue to cry "DEATH" as they ride!

437.  The horns of Rohan!  "And straightway all the horns in the host were lifted up in music, and the blowing of the horns of Rohan in that hour was like a storm upon the plain and a thunder in the mountains."

438.  The cry of "Death" continues even after the horses charge forward.  We hear Éomer and Merry echo it in amongst the roar of the crowd.

439.  Théoden upon Snowmane outpaces the charge of the Rohirrim!

440.  At a full gallop, Éomer switches from an overhand to an underhand grip on his spear (basically, changing from a transport or jousting hold to one more suitable for stabbing and throwing) by tossing it up and catching it in the new grip at a full gallop.

441.  Just like in TT, whenever the warring sides collide all the music stops and all we hear are the sounds of fighting (Rohirrim crashing into the line of orcs and mûmakil crashing into the riders)




442.  The White Tree Guards don't move, even when the city is under attack.

443.  Denethor had on chain mail and his sword.  The reason Denethor is always wearing mail is given in the book - he says it's to "keep his flesh from becoming weak."

444.  Faramir's clothes have been changed when he is brought to Rath Dinen.  His plate armour is gone, and he is now in chain mail and a fine robe, richly embroidered at the neck.

445.  Faramir's clothing in the funeral pyre scene are similar to Boromir's - with chain mail lower sleeves sewn onto the velvet tunic.

446.  When Pippin rushes into the tomb calling out "he's not dead," Denethor appears to be kissing Faramir's forehead in the background?

447.  The dead Kings in Rath Dinen are laid out just like we see Aragorn in the vision of his death from Two Towers.

448.  In the pyre scene when Denethor drags Pippin out of the tombs, the doors of that building are made from black obsidian and have that similar jagged edged look to the ones in Orthanc.  Both Saruman and Denethor were affected by possessing the Palantíri.

449.  When Denethor is throwing Pippin when he tries to stop the burning of Faramir, he refers to the Hobbit as "Peregrin, son of Paladin"... a nice nod by PJ to Pippin's lineage.

450.  **As the Witch-king holds up his sword and it bursts into flames, there's a vortex created in the clouds above it just as it does above Sauron's eye.  The mist and air is pulled into the vortex from all around.

451.  **Trying to protect Gandalf, Shadowfax rears and challenges the fell beast trying to protect Gandalf.

452.  When Denethor is in his madness on the pyre, his eyes roll up like Frodo and Isildur's when they're under the influence of the Ring.

453.  When Denethor gives the command to light the fire that will consume himself and his son, the four attendants holding the torches look at each other as if to say, "You do it" ... "No, you do it".

454.  Since Gandalf no longer has his staff, he snatches a spear from a guard at the entrance of the tomb.  But he immediately turns it around so the sharp end points backward. It seems he is intending to use it for whacking rather than spearing.

455.  [pre-extended dvd release] Gandalf looks weary and worn down when he arrives at Rath Dinen to save Faramir. He has dark circles under his eyes and an extremely wrinkled face. He also no longer has his staff.  It's suggested that this is after the Witch King confrontation that was cut. His appearance will make more sense in the EE.

456.  Pippin has gone from being startled by fireworks to jumping into the flames to save Faramir.

457.  You can see Pippin's foot next to Faramir's head when he wakes to see his father.  Pippin's still standing over him as protector.

458.  To save Pippin when Denethor attacks, Gandalf spurs on Shadowfax, the horse rears and knocks Denethor into the fire.

459.  Denethor was already on fire when Shadowfax kicked him onto the pyre.  His robe is starting to catch on fire when he's yelling at Pippin, and the fire is up to his waist when Shadowfax kicks.




460.  When Éomer exclaims, "Drive them to the River!" he sees the Haradrim and mûmakil. If you listen to their war chant, you will make out the word "Rohirrim." This makes it seem as if they are issuing a challenge/taunt to the Rohirrim.

461.  Rohan’s arrival keeps the main bulk of Sauron’s army from entering the City.

462.  Rohan charges to get behind the mûmakil to attack the beasts from the rear.  Although they suffer great losses, they seem to steadily bring down the mûmakil.

463.  When the mûmakil charge, one of them uses one of its tusks to knock the sword right out of a rider's hand leaving him uninjured!

464.  The Horns of the Rohirrim are later answered by the Horns of the Haradrim, and then the Rohirrim answer back again as they charge the mûmakil.

465.  Many of the oliphaunts has what looks like a giant piece of barbed wire between its tusks – useful for ploughing down the riders

466.  One of the oliphaunts has only half a tusk.

467.  The designs of the ornamental raised back pieces of the Harad chiefs plainly contain the letters "V W".  Does this mean these are the people's mûmakil?

468.  It looks like the Oliphaunts are painted with the same symbols/colours as their drivers... for clan identification?

469.  When the mûmakil-driver blows his horn, he's playing the first five notes of the Rohan theme (albeit sounding like a novice tenor sax player!).

470.  **Gamling is riding under the mûmakil next to another soldier as they fire up at its underside.  The rider beside him is trampled.  Then Gamling looks forward and sees Éomer who is looking straight at Gamling.

471.  When Éomer sees the Haradrim drive the mûmakil to step on and destroy a horse and rider...  THAT is when Éomer, of the horselords, has had enough and really KNOWS he is going to take this guy out. 

472.  While Éomer turns and takes aim at the Oliphaunt rider, several riders pass him, and you can hear them yelling directions at each other.

473.  Éomer uses four different weapons during the battle: spear, sword, bow, and a weird three-pronged thing he apparently snatched from an Orc.

474.  One of the standards painted on the mûmakil is the "black serpent upon scarlet", described in the book as the standard of the chief of the Haradrim. Éomer lobs a spear through who is presumably that chieftain. (In the book he wasn't on an oliphaunt but on horseback, and it was Théoden who killed him.)

475.  Merry takes over steering their horse under the mûmakil without direction from Éowyn.  She tells him to steer left at first, but then he rides around and through the legs on his own.

476.  Éowyn grabs an Orc's blade right from its hands as Merry drives their horse toward the mûmakil.  She slashes as the legs as they pass under bringing down the beast.

477.  The oliphaunt that Éowyn takes out by slashing at its legs squashes some poor horse underneath its belly on its way down.

478.  **Éowyn throws the spear that brings down the mûmakil.

479.  Right after Éowyn looses track of Merry in the Pelennor fields, you can see 1 rider of Rohan slay 3 orcs with 1 swing of his axe!

480.  **Merry fights and kills at least 2 orcs.

481.  Gamling has lost his helmet as he fires arrows at the mûmakil.  He also sounds the horn when Théoden calls for the charge on the mûmakil.

482.  The mûmakil all have really rocky, hard skin. When Merry stirs, you'd think he was under a rock.

483.  Like in the TT book, the mûmakil go crazy when their handlers are shot or speared. This oliphaunt goes crazy because the handler is still hanging on to the handles and is pulling him down by the ear where the leads are attached.

484.  During the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Éowyn takes down 2 Mûmakil.  She gets the first by slashing it with the swords.  The second is the one that rears up on its hind legs, and Théoden is yelling, "Bring it down! Bring it down!" The rider who throws the spear into the mûmak's hind leg has a hobbit sitting in front of him is her.

485.  The last we see of Gamling is when he shoots an arrow at the oliphaunt that topples Merry and Éowyn.

486.  When the Rohirrim are riding over the orcs (right after Pippin warns Gandalf about Denethor's plan to burn Faramir), look for the horse on the far left of the screen dragging its rider alongside, with its saddle pulled off its back.




487.  Glamdring is glowing blue as Gandalf talks to Pippin about the far green country.

488.  The smashing of the battering ram completely stops while Gandalf is talking.  They were still ramming the door, but it's as though the world around them disappears.  We're completely absorbed into what Gandalf is saying and the madness around them fades into silence.  For one fleeting moment, Pippin (and Gandalf) gain a sense of peace and comfort as they are "waiting on the edge of a battle he can't escape."

489.  Gandalf gives the description to Pippin of the end being a continuing journey from a dream Frodo had at Tom Bombadil's house which he remembers as he approaches Valinor at the end of the Grey Havens chapter.  "The grey rain-curtain turned all to silver glass and was rolled back, and he beheld white shores and beyond them a far green country under a swift sunrise."

490.  You can see Billy Boyd's pulse throbbing in his neck. It sounds strange, but it somehow elevates the moment to an even higher emotional level. Also, it seems his heart is beating pretty fast, which would be fitting.




491.  When the Witch-king attacks Théoden and is about to finish him off, the fell beast uses its wings to "crawl" along the ground.

492.  At Pelennor fields when the Witch King approaches Théoden, all the Rohan soldiers are staying back and not helping their king. The same scenario is later repeated. At the black gates when the big troll comes out to fight Aragorn, you can clearly see some soldiers standing back (out of fear?) and just watching as their King takes on the troll by himself.

493.  It takes two strokes for Éowyn to slay the fell beast.

494.  Merry's blade flashes when he strikes the Nazgûl, and then it evaporates in his hand leaving only the hilt behind... same as the blade that struck Frodo at Weathertop.

495.  When Merry stabs the Witch King in the back, he falls holding his burning (?) hand. 

496.  Éowyn's hand is affected after she stabs the Witch-king. She draws the sword away, drops it on the ground, and then falls onto her knees.

497.   Théoden's guards lie dead around him... their helm's have black tails on them.

498.  During Théoden's death scene, he opens his eyes to find Éowyn and says, "I know your face," just as he does in TT when Gandalf delivers Théoden from Saruman's spell.




499.  The Harlond dock is undamaged, it seems.

500.  The Army of the Dead has undead horses. You can see the horses sweep past or out of the Corsair ships.

501.  As the Dead arrive to “mop-up”, you can see that scores of Rohirrim are still fighting in coherent groups on the battlefield.

502.  The oliphaunt tries to swat Legolas off with its trunk and tail

503.  Legolas uses the arrows embedded in the mûmakil's hide to climb up the beast.

504.  Legolas brings down the mûmakil with a 3-arrow shot!  He learned after fighting the cave troll, and the Lothlórien bow is much more powerful.

505.  During Legolas' fight with the mûmakil, he manages to go completely around the mûmakil, touching all four legs of the beast as he climbs, beginning on one front leg, climbing the arrows on the back leg to the mûmakil's rump, throwing a few guys off the top, then swinging down to touch the other two legs before being pulled back up to the mûmakil's back by the rope he cuts.

506.  When Aragorn calls for Legolas to take down the Mûmakil, Legolas has a very interesting look on his face.  If you think back to Helm’s Deep when Aragorn yells for Legolas to take down the torch-bearing Uruk, Legolas is unable to do so, leading to the wall being breached and numerous deaths.  With Aragorn’s same call to take down the Mûmakil, Legolas is determined to succeed.  Hence, the head twitch afterwards.  “There.  Done.”

507.  While Legolas is taking out the oliphaunt, there are Dead climbing all over another oliphaunt retreating in the background.

508.  The Rohirrim follow behind the Dead Army on horseback as they sweep over the Field and head for the city.

509.  Most of the oliphaunts turn and runaway when the Witch-king is destroyed Dead Army arrives.

510.  You can see four or five mounted black figures running away from Minas Tirith back toward Osgiliath after the battle is over.

511.  The King of the Dead, in front of Minas Tirith, when Aragorn "releases" him, seems to become a bit human as we see his armour almost getting real… then he fades away totally.

512.  As Aragorn is about to release the Dead, shafts of sunlight fall across the battlefield, suggesting the triumph of good, or new hope in the darkness

513.  +In RotK, Aragorn tells the dead army to "Be at peace" when he releases them, just as he told Boromir the same in FotR. Both Boromir and the dead regained their honor by fighting for the cause of good.

514.  Immediately after Aragorn dismisses the army of the dead on Pelennor Fields Gandalf bows to him, in recognition that the army obeying him proves his kingship and that he has finally claimed his birthright.

515.  Pippin finds Merry under the orc (sees his feet sticking out) just as Gimli found Pippin (in the book) under the great troll he'd killed.

516.  When Pippin finds Merry after the battle, their lines echo the same scene in the book (which took place on the back streets of Minas Tirith.  In the film, Merry's line "Are you going to bury me?" has been changed to "Are you going to leave me?"

517.  The positions of Merry and Pippin, with one lying on his side weeping on the others lap, are reversed from after Gandalf falls, and after Frodo's "death" at Mt Doom.

518.  **Aragorn comes to heal Éowyn wearing a heavy, dark cloak as is written in the book.

519.  **The shutters on the windows Éowyn looks out in the Houses of Healing have design of the tree emblem at the top, the trunk goes the length down with leaf shapes cut through the wood.  There's also a tree image on the desk she walks past in a shrine-type design.




520.  The Cirith Ungol orcs know Shelob's M.O.  Note that the one explaining that Frodo isn't dead is a Cirith Ungol Orc; the other is of a different type. The one getting the explanation (and acting as conduit for the audience) doesn't know about Shelob.

521.  You see two distinct types of Orcs in the Tower of Cirith Ungol. The little maggoty type that's shoved down the hole, and the soldier Uruk. The big one calls the little one's sword a "knife"; clearly the smaller one was a Morgul Orc (as Sam sees in the book, they've knifed the Uruks).

522.  As we see Frodo through the vertical slit of a window in the tower, it gives a very subtle, almost subliminal, reminder of the Eye of Sauron, with Frodo in the pupil.  The pupil is the slit of window.

523.  The lantern above Frodo is made from old helmets.

524.  There is a glowing red lamp in the tower above Frodo (as in the book).

525.  The edge of Frodo's linen drawers can be seen as he lies tied in the Tower of Cirith Ungol.

526.  Frodo's Morgul blade wound was healed without the injury fully closing.  The scar shows the surface healing must have been slow and painful since it was left open (no sutures in those days) and there are streaks in the blood vessels darkened from the poison.

527.  **When the orcs are fighting the Uruk-hai at Cirith Ungol, one orc picks up a drumstick and uses it as a club.

528.  The 3-headed watchers at the tower of Cirith Ungol are just like in the books.

529.  The same architecture style at the corner-gate of Cirith Ungol seen when Sam walks under it past the Watchers has the same "indented diamond" shape found in the culvert where Frodo and Sam were sleeping before coming to the crossroads.  They must have been close to Minas Morgul/Ithil.

530.  Sam's rope is tied to his backpack while climbing up to the tower where Frodo is being stripped and tied.

531.  When Sam runs up the stairs in Cirith Ungol, his shadow and yell are amplified - as acknowledgement of the bit in the book where the Orcs have heard rumour and are terrified of a huge elven warrior coming up the stairs. (You can still hear his pans rattling)

532.  Four orcs come down the stairs to fight Sam, but he deals with only three of them when one turns and goes back up the stairs (carrying Frodo's effects).

533.  When Sam charges the 3 orcs in Cirith Ungol, he's holding Sting in his right hand and his blade from Strider in his left (not his trusty frying pan).

534.  Sam stabs the first orc with his old sword and leaves it ("That's for Frodo!"), slashes the second with Sting ("That's for the Shire!"), and shoves the third off the stairs ("And that's for my old Gaffer!")

535.  In both TT and RotK, an orc wants someone to "squeal".   In this case, its Shagrat telling Frodo to squeal in the Tower of Cirith Ungol

536.  When Sam stabs Shagrat with Sting, the blade is glowing blue; and as he dies with it still in his chest, the glow fades.

537.  The chafing of Frodo's neck from the Ring turns to sores and get larger as they continue.

538.  After Sam saves Frodo in the tower, Frodo apologizes to Sam before he worries about the Ring.   I like that :)

539.  Frodo in Cirith Ungol when he says to Sam, "I'm sorry for everything," echoes what Bilbo said to Frodo in Rivendell.

540.  When Sam explains why he took the Ring, he says: "I thought I'd lost you," echoing the words he used in the cornfield in FotR, just before telling Frodo what Gandalf said: "Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee" and when they're together in the boat, "Don't you lose him, Samwise Gamgee." A nice link back to Sam's promise, as he finally succeeds in finding Frodo again.

541.  When Frodo demands the Ring back from Sam in Cirith Ungol, the heart beat sound comes up -- same as when Sméagol kills Déagol at the beginning.

542.  The final time Frodo demands the Ring back from Sam at the top of the tower his voice changes into more like Galadriel’s, and Elvish music swells in the background.  It seems as though this is what helps Sam resist the temptation to keep the Ring. Another example of Galadriel influencing events from a distance during the War of the Ring.

543.  The Ring was whispering, "keep me" when Sam was trying to give it back to Frodo.

544.  The same thrumming sound heard when Sméagol throttles Déagol and Frodo fights Gollum for the Ring can be heard when Sam's holding the Ring out to Frodo.

545.  Frodo doesn't turn on Sam when he hesitates to give back the Ring because he knows how the Ring works on the mind.

546.  Sam is saved from his temptation of the Ring by his own custom of obedience to Frodo.

547.  In the tower of Cirith Ungol where Frodo asks Sam to give him the Ring, it echoes the beginning of the movie when Sméagol asks Déagol the same question. The first time, it resulted in murder. It speaks volumes for Frodo and Sam's friendship that it didn't end up the same way when they were placed in the same situation (subtle contrast by PJ).

548.  There is blood on Frodo's neck from carrying his 'heavy burden,' a circular scar on his chest from Shelob's sting (back of neck in the book) and a scar on his shoulder from the Morgul blade.

549.  Shelob's sting is puckered and yellowish in the middle with a Ring of inflamed skin round it.  It looks just like a much larger version of an insect sting.

550.  As Sam delivers the line about “walking through Mordor in just your skin”, a tear spills from the outer edge of his right eye.  In spite of an attempt at light-heartedness, he is deeply moved by Frodo’s pain.

551.  Frodo got his shire shirt back after being taken captive by the orcs.  Undoubtedly Sam found it when looking for something for him to wear.  "You can't go walkin' through Mordor in naught but your skin."

552.  You can hear Frodo laugh softly (or he gasps) when Sam makes his comment about more than his skin before wandering in Mordor. It sounds as though the laugh was the opening to another comment but it is cut off. Hope we hear the rest on the EE.

553.  Sam's orc armour makes him look like an oliphaunt and Frodo's makes him look like an eagle!

554.  Sam had white FUR coming out from underneath his orc mail (more coney issues?)

555.  "There's nothing for it" is spoken by Sam in Two Towers when they may have to leave the elven rope tied on the cliff, then again when Frodo and Sam are dressed as little orcs ready to start across Mordor.

556.  When Frodo and Sam climb up that hill in their orc gear, you can see the fires of Mount Doom and the fiery gaze of The Eye reflecting on the dark, black rocks, as well as on Frodo & Sam's orc gear.

557.  Sam's pans were hitched on his belt when he's in his orc armor.

558.  **When Sam and Frodo dressed in orc gear are sitting by the side of the road, there is an orc that walks by with the 'eye' symbol on his shield.

559.  **Sam took a whip-beating twice as he blocked it from Frodo.

560.  **As Frodo and Sam march with the orcs, Sam sees the weight of the Ring tearing into Frodo's neck as he falls to his knees.

561.  **When Frodo and Sam escape from the orc army and climb the trail behind the tents, Frodo collapses and Sam picks him up and helps him out of sight.

562.  **Sam turns and looks back at Frodo with Mt. Doom high behind him in the same shot as Elrond when he looked back at Isildur.

563.  **Frodo throws his orc gear into the gully, and Sam throws in his cooking gear and pack along with is orc gear.




564.  In the conference scene inside the throne room at Minas Tirith, Gimli is sitting in the late Steward's chair smoking a pipe whilst the leaders discuss their strategy!

565.  When Gandalf, Aragorn and the others are discussing their strategy in Minas Tirith, Aragorn stands quietly looking up at the statue of his forefather.  Anyone know which one it is?

566.  Over Aragorn's head is a small drawing of the Crown of Gondor as described by Tolkien himself.

567.  Legolas crosses his arms like he's holding his bow in Minas Tirith as they make their strategy.

568.  Echoes of previous lines by Gimli "What are we waiting for?" at the Council of Elrond and again in Minas Tirith.

569.  **The pupil of the Eye is not a cat’s eye pupil at all, but instead the shadow of Sauron himself. Several times you can see his feet separate, and now and then you can see the furling of his cloak as he spreads his hands.

570.  Aragorn et co. march to Mordor, you can see the burning carcasses of the mûmakil in the background.

571.  As the Rohirrim and Gondorian soldiers leave Minas Tirith for the Black Gate, for a few seconds we can see a large bonfire burning outside the city wall. The dead bodies of all the orcs, perhaps?

572.  **When Éowyn and Faramir are chatting and looking out the windows, you can see Aragorn and co. marching off to the Black gate.




573.  When the company leaves after Pelennor Fields, Minas Tirith is a blackened, crumbling mess.

574.  When the orcs are being called to the gate as the men of the West arrive, you can see the Black Gate on the far edge of the picture.

575.  When Aragorn and company are approaching the Black Gate, they ride behind the big rock outcropping where Frodo and Sam perched in TTT.

576.  Before the Rohirrim ride on to Minas Tirith, Éomer expresses doubt about Merry taking part, actually making light of his abilities ... but guess who is riding with Éomer to the Black Gate?

577.  The same Gondorian soldier waiting in front of the city gates when the trolls break in is also listening to Aragorn's "This day we fight!" before the Black Gate? Young, clean-shaven guy with big round eyes.

578.  Aragorn now has his hair partly tied back.

579.  The gate to Minas Morgul is a stylized giant mouth, with teeth over it and eyes above. The book says the gate is shaped like a hideous face and mouth.

580.  Aragorn's standard-bearer accompanies him everywhere - even when he rides to the Black Gate to challenge Sauron, the King's Standard is there beside him.

581.  **The Mouth of Sauron calls Gandalf "Old Greybeard."  During the films, Gandalf is referred to by nearly all of his names.

582.  Pippin draws his blade before Merry at the Back Gate.  He’s wised up a bit!

583.  The Dead Marshes are visible in the background of the wide shots of the Host of the West assembled outside the Black Gate, and the ensuing battle.

584.  Aragorn is wearing the pendant at the Black Gate.

585.  **Gandalf gives the shirt to Pippin, then can be seen holding him reassuringly before they turn the horses and return to the army.

586.  The troll Aragorn fights at the Black Gate is standing plain as day on the right side near the right-hand gate pillar when they show the "Aragorn...Elessar..."  It's the only non-orc in view.

587.  The shields of Gondor have trees with leaves on them, and the White Tree symbol worn by Faramir, Aragorn, etc. are without leaves!  When they lost their king and the tree withered, Gondor must have changed the symbol while the Stewards ruled.

588.  When Aragorn was going to give his speech before the black gate his sword already has blood on it.

589.  At the black gate when the Nazgûl come, you can see that the two trolls who were there to open the gate in TTT are still there. You can also see them fall from the gate when its destroyed.

590.  Before the Black gate, the good guys are in a tight circle surrounded by a larger circle of orcs etc. After the battle engages there is a wide shot where the army of the west (slightly lighter in coloration) are fighting into the large circle of orcs and it looks like a sunburst.

591.  The Ring chants the same enticement to Aragorn at the Black Gate as it did at Amon Hen.

592.  When Aragorn looks back at everyone at the black gate, before he says for Frodo, Gandalf briefly shows him the Mithril shirt.

593.  The Troll fighting Aragorn is the first one to have full armour and fights with a sword.

594.  When Gandalf looks up and sees a Nazgûl coming at him, it's exactly like the dreadful moments before Théoden's death scene; but it's after Gandalf this time.




595.  Frodo has his hobbit shirt and pants again as he's climbing Mt. Doom.  He and Sam found them after the orcs tossed them aside and wore them under the orc gear.

596.  On the rations – Sam: “I’ve rationed it. There should be enough”. Frodo: “For what?” Sam: “The journey home”.  This is echoed in reverse on the slopes of Mt Doom, as Frodo worries there will be no water for the return. Sam: “I don’t think there’ll be a return journey, Mr. Frodo.”

597.  Frodo's voice gets more and more hoarse, and water-deprived.  It gets worse and reaches its lowest point during the "wheel of fire speech."  He can barely speak then.

598.  The theme played as Frodo, Sam and Gollum are shown trudging along is the same theme played as Frodo and Sam began their journey right after Gandalf departs for Isengard. It is slower, and much more plaintive here.

599.  Sam lifting up Frodo by the hand in Mordor after the drinking the last drops of water  mirrors Galadriel lifting Frodo the same way in his vision just before Shelob gets him.

600.  Frodo flails at the air trying to evade the eye (wheel of fire) as he and Sam approach Mt. Doom (just like in the book).

601.  There's a vortex of dark clouds constantly circling over The Eye.

602.  Frodo has cuts and scratches all around his neck.  The chain he wore the Ring on was really becoming physically heavier and injuring him.

603.  When the Eye passed over Frodo in Mordor, the pupil narrowed, as though it suspected something was there and was trying to see more clearly

604.  When Sauron's Searchlight Eye catches Frodo and Sam approaching Mount Doom, Sam throws himself into the meager shelter of a rock and shouts, "Frodo, get down!" Frodo is caught in the Eye's gaze ... and just collapses. He hasn't the strength, by this point, to stand up under Sauron's scrutiny.

605.  Frodo is held down by the Eye and the thrumming is deafening.

606.  When Frodo is on his hands and knees, clawing his way up the volcano, and then after his heroic attempt he suddenly pitches forward unconscious, and you can see some drool or sweat staining the dust below his open mouth.

607.  The light from the Ring (a wheel of fire) peeks out through Frodo's shirt when he's telling Sam he can't remember the Shire.

608.  Frodo's lines that he forgot the taste of food and the sound of water echo Sméagol's at the beginning of the film that he forgot the taste of bread and the sound of trees.

609.  Gollum says, "Clever hobbits, to climb so high" which is what he says (in the book) when they're climbing the stairs of Cirith Ungol.

610.  Gollum tries to strangle Frodo on Mt. Doom, just as Sméagol strangled Déagol.

611.  When Gollum attacks while Sam is carrying Frodo, he does so in the exact same manner as in his first appearance in TTT...a hold and a bite on the neck...but where in TTT Sam is overpowered and Frodo comes to his rescue with Sting, on Mt Doom Sam can now fend off Gollum himself, and Sam is now carrying Sting...our little Sammy has gotten wiser...and Frodo is no longer involved in their struggle, being totally focused on the Ring.

612.  Gollum bites Sam on the right shoulder in TTT, and on the left shoulder in RotK




613.  Sam is running in after Frodo at Sammath Naur.

614.  The Ring of fire shines brightly in Frodo's eyes as he stands on the edge of the precipice in Mt. Doom.

615.  In Sammath Naur, as Frodo holds the Ring over the lava, we can hear a low, rumbling maniacal laugh, coming from the Ring!  It knows it has triumphed over Frodo, in the place its power is greatest.

616.  When Frodo and Sam are in the Cracks of Doom, the smoke swirls around the chamber in a circle (a Ring).

617.  In one of the big overhead shots of the scene, you can see what looks like 4 outcroppings of rock sticking out over the lava.  They look like 4 fingers, representing Sauron's hand?

618.  At Mt. Doom, Sam urges Frodo to “Just let go!” [Let go of the Ring and what it represents.]  When Frodo looks like he’s contemplating giving up, Sam urges him, “Don’t you let go.” [Hang on to hope/Love.]

619.  Elrond's words to Isildur at the Cracks of Doom: "Cast it into the fire! Destroy it!" Sam's words to Frodo: "Destroy it! Throw it into the fire!"

620.  The same pulsing sounds from the background when Sméagol kills Déagol are in the background at Mt. Doom just before Frodo claims the Ring.

621.  Sam cries to Frodo in the Sammath Naur: "Let it go!" echoing Gandalf's words to Bilbo in Bag End in FotR.

622.  At the Cracks of Doom, Frodo is crying when he was holding out The Ring, trying to resist it and, perhaps, silently begging Sam to come and save him.  When he turns back to Sam and claims The Ring, you can still see the streak of tears on his face.

623.  There's a similarity in the shot of Frodo's expression before he resolves to keep the Ring and Isildur's expression in the same scenario. Sort of with the eyes cast down and then looking up in a rather sinister way.

624.  Frodo's look, the angle, and the lighting as he claims the Ring mirrors the scene with Isildur at the crack of doom from the first movie.

625.  Frodo seems to smile the same way Isildur did when he announces that he will keep the Ring.

626.  Frodo's new-found-power at the Crack of Doom is reflected in his voice as he claims the Ring - clear and lordly (in a sinister way).

627.  The Ring laughs again just as Frodo starts to turn around in Sammath Naur to tell Sam he claims it for his own.

628.  After putting on the Ring, Frodo's footprints move forward then begin to back up when he sees Gollum sneaking up behind Sam.

629.  Outside the entrance to the chamber on Mount Doom, Sam hits Gollum on the side of the head with a rock, to defend Frodo. Gollum returns the favor when he hits Sam in the head with a rock inside the chamber, before attacking Frodo for the last time.

630.  The ominous thrumming, heartbeat sound of the Ring is the same when Frodo is holding it out over the lava as when Sméagol is throttling Déagol.  It's heard more like a heartbeat/wingbeat when Frodo's facing the Nazgûl in TT.

631.  Both Aragorn and Frodo are engaged in a fight (Aragorn with the troll, Frodo with Gollum), and they both have help trying to get to them -- you see Legolas trying to reach Aragorn, and Sam is of course there for Frodo. So, while help is there, it can't get to them -- they must fight their battles alone.

632.  Gollum pulls Frodo's finger out of his mouth, then removes the Ring from the finger.

633.  As Gollum holds up the Ring and we see his eye through the circle, you can see is face glitter where the flames reflect off the Ring and light up the sweat on his face (It looks like miniscule sparkles).

634.  When Sauron sees Aragorn at the Black Gates, he says Aragorn's name in a slightly fearful voice.  Sauron then says Elessar.

635.  Sauron tries once last attempt to seduce Aragorn... but he turns and smiles with tears in his eyes and whispers, "For Frodo" as he leads the charge, followed by Merry and Pippin!

636.  Merry fights left handed at the Morannon, since his right hand is injured.

637.  When the Nazgûl swoop down on the Captains of the West at the Black Gate, you can see the cave trolls on the gate walkway watching them fly in.

638.  The Nazgûl is swooping down on Gandalf as the other did at Théoden… then the moth flutters by and the eagle intercepts!

639.  The moth shows up signaling to Gandalf that the eagles have arrived!

640.  The Ent's marching song starts when the moth flutters by Gandalf at the Black Gate.

641.  Legolas and Gandalf can't get at Aragorn when he's being attacked by the Troll at the Black Gate.

642.  While fighting, one of the eagles fights with one of the beasts of the Nazgûl, knocking it off of his steed causing it to fall to the ground were the "real" fighting was occurring.

643.  When you look at the ground as the Nazgûl and their fell beasts fly back to Mount Doom during the Black Gate, you can see about 5 trolls pounding the soldiers.

644.  The Ring is chanting as Gollum and Frodo fight for it.

645.  As Gollum falls into the lava, the Ring preserves him as long as he is touching it, just as the Ring itself is not damaged until it has been in contact with heat of the liquid lava for a long moment. Only then does it finally succumb.

646.  As Gollum goes into the lava, he doesn't even flinch!  He's just so focused on the Ring - so giddy with possession - that's all he can see or feel.

647.  When Gollum sinks into the magma, you can see his skin scorching!  All along his left side the skin is peeled away and raw looking. 

648.  As the Ring sits on the lava, you can see it absorbing heat -- the area around it darkens!

649.  Sauron struggles within the orb of flame after the Ring was destroyed. 

650.  +The "sonic boom" from the prologue when Sauron is "destroyed" is echoed when he truly is destroyed in RotK.

651.  Frodo chooses life over the Ring as he grabs for the ledge and lets the Ring go with Gollum.

652.  In shock and pain, Frodo hangs on the cliff just as Gandalf did in Khazad-dûm. 

653.  While Frodo is hanging above the lava, and Sam is trying to save him, the lava appears blood coloured.

654.  Sam reaching for Frodo as he hangs off the cliff echoes Frodo when he rescues Sam from the Anduin in FotR.

655.  The print of the Ring lingers for an instant once the metal has melted.

656.  The writing on the Ring is the last thing to disappear. If you know the books, that makes sense since words and the oaths that they construct are the very thing that brings the Ring to its destruction.




657.  When Barad-dûr began to crumble, you can clearly see the panic in the eye of Sauron.

658.  When Aragorn gets up after the Troll moves away, there's a soldier with a black patch over his right eye just behind him.

659.  The Nazgûl have just reached Mt. Doom when it explodes and they're caught in the fallout.

660.  When the Ring is destroyed, the earth swallows up any sign of Sauron and his realm.

661.  When the Ring is destroyed, the troll that was attacking Aragorn runs off.  It was released from the power of Sauron. While it could have killed Aragorn, It did not. It was not in its own interest to fight.

662.  The guards that man the Black Gate are still on it as it crumbles into the opening ground, even the trolls that open it are still there.

663.  After the destruction of Sauron, the scene is almost exact to the original "destruction of Sauron" in FotR. An explosion and then a wave filter out throughout the lands, but it seems less potent and doesn't knock everyone down.

664.  The "explosion" was a lot more potent this time 'round.  Remember the people who were knocked down in the prologue were effectively at "ground zero" while the armies in the end of RotK were several miles away at the Black Gate.  "Ground Zero" this time was at Barad-dûr, where it was strong enough to shatter entire tower.

665.  Merry is first shown exulting at Frodo's success and then the first in anguish (he raises his sword as he sees Sauron defeated, but then as Orodruin explodes his look turns from triumphant joy to sorrow), although it is Pippin who cries and shows the most obvious despair.

666.  The last word Merry and Pippin speak is "Frodo" when they're at the Black Gate.




667.  Once free of the Ring, Frodo can see the Shire; the Brandywine River; Bag End; Gandalf's fireworks; the lights in the Party Tree... Sam can see Rosie dancing with ribbons in her hair.

668.  The explosions on Mt. Doom after the Ring is destroyed look a bit like fireworks. And then, as Sam & Frodo discuss memories from the Shire, Gandalf's fireworks are among the things mentioned.

669.  As Frodo realizes Sam is grieving for the future with Rosie that he thinks will never be, Frodo begins to weep--not copiously as Sam is weeping, but the slow, gentle, sad tears to which he is prone... for his friend.

670.  Film version: "I'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee... here at the end of all things."  Book version: "I am glad you are here with me.  Here at the end of all things, Sam."  Given the dynamics of the film's Frodo and Sam, I like the focus to be Frodo being glad to be with Sam instead of being glad that Sam's there with him... Frodo's putting Sam ahead of himself.

671.  There are tears running down Frodo’s face as he says "I’m glad to be with you… etc."

672.  Landroval and Gwaihir were so gentle when picking up Sam and Frodo, as if they were caressing a newborn baby!  Meneldor was also there.

673.  The look on Frodo's face as the eagle carries him above the lava is without a doubt the most beautiful and heartbreaking moment ever seen on film.  We see Frodo's agony over his broken body and his experience, perfectly mingled with absolute ecstasy of the release that lingers on his face.




674.  The light on Frodo waking up parallel's Rivendell waking and reuniting (healing powers?).  Gandalf was there waiting for him each time.

675.  When Frodo awakes in the huge bed, the sound of running water can be heard, echoing Frodo's "I cannot hear the sound of water" in Gorgoroth.

676.  When Frodo awakens in the Houses of Healing, his head is at the same angle last seen as he was being carried by Gwaihir, slightly tilted to his left, our right.

677.  When Frodo wakes up and sees Gandalf by his bedside, there is a nice jug or flagon of some sort on his bedside table, as well as something that looks like books.

678.  Frodo says "Gandalf?" the same way Théoden did as he came out of his trance.

679.  Frodo still has scratches on his face and Sam has a bruised chin in the bedroom scene.

680.  The way that Gandalf greets him with that hearty laugh is just like it is described in the book: "... and then he laughed, and the sound was like music, or like water in a parched land..." ... nice touch, again, by Peter Jackson.

681.  Gandalf's laugh is reminiscent of his laugh with Frodo in his first scene in the film, in the Shire, when Frodo is once again seeing Gandalf for the first time in a long while.

682.  The White tree of Gondor embroidered on Frodo's comforter when he wakes up in the Houses of Healing.

683.  When Merry and Pippin are bouncing on Frodo's bed at the houses of Healing, Frodo mouths a question- it looks like he says the word 'Forest'- to Merry who falls over comically while Pippin makes an exaggerated face and puffs out his cheeks

684.  +Echoing in the reunion scene of the Hobbits:  At Rivendell, after Frodo has been healed (as much as he ever will be) of his wounds.  Reunion of the Hobbits:  After the rescue by the Eagles, when Frodo wakes up and sees his friends.

685.  Gimli dabs at his eyes as the hunters watch the hobbits frolic.

686.  When Frodo sees Sam after he wakes up, we hear the Shire theme rather than the Fellowship theme.

687.  The final focus on the exchanged looks between Frodo and Sam in the Houses of Healing is on Sam, whose expression appears to be, "He's going to be all right!"  I grieve for him that this was partly wrong--not without more healing, I fear.




688.  The two Gondorian banners on either side of the screen have an extra symbol.

689.  Above the stars and white tree, one banner has a crescent moon (for Minas Ithil) and the other has a sun (for Minas Anor).

690.  Aragorn's crown has tree roots running throughout it as a design

691.  In the coronation scene, Faramir is wearing his armour and a blue and silver robe, and when he raises his hands to clap, you can see a blue velvet cuff with silver stars.  It's a reference to the book, when he gives Éowyn a blue cloak with stars that had been made for his long-deceased mother.

692.  In the coronation scene, as Éomer bows to Aragorn, his eyes do not leave him. Faramir lowers his eyes as Aragorn passes. Both responses seem fitting for the mens' characters and the realms they represent (and of course, both realms passing from one leader to another)

693.  The White Tree is alive and kicking, with many flowers.

694.  Legolas is wearing a crown, which indicates that he is a Prince.  In the TTT EE, Gimli calls him a "pointy-eared Elvish Princeling."

695.  +When Aragorn returns from the dead... Legolas gives him back the 'Evenstar' necklace and Aragorn says, 'Hallon le' - 'Thank you'. In FotR, at the coronation, Aragorn tells Legolas, 'Hallon le' and it may be my imagination, but it seems to me that Legolas - with a look - directs Aragorn's gaze toward the other Elves... and there is the 'Evenstar' in person.

696.  You can see the banner that Arwen made for Aragorn (in the book) to the left of the picture as he kneels before Gandalf during the coronation.  A black standard where "there flowered a White Tree, and that was for Gondor; but Seven Stars were about it, and a high crown above, the signs of Elendil."

697.  The armour, or at the very least, the breastplate that Aragorn wears at his Coronation is the same as the armour worn by Elendil when he is attacked and loses the Ring in the FotR prologue!

698.  The swan banner of Dol Amroth can be seen at the coronation scene! It's in a big wide shot, towards the right of the screen.

699.  At the coronation, Gimli stands at Aragorn's side, while Legolas is below with the other elves. He walks down the carpet with Aragorn as well, while Gandalf remains atop the steps.

700.  Aragorn is not wearing the Ring of Barahir on his left hand during his coronation.  It's probably on his right hand (King wears on right hand?) and will hopefully be explained in eedvd (not flipped shot as his scar over his lip is on the left as it should be).

701.  Gimli is the only dwarf we see at the coronation.

702.  It is Gimli who presents the crown of Gondor to Gandalf to crown Aragorn, rather than Frodo, as in the book.

703.  At the coronation ceremony all the men wear their swords on the right side rather than the left.  A token of respect during peacetime perhaps? or is it flip-screen?

704.  Aragorn is not wearing the Ring of Barahir on his left hand during his coronation.  Aragorn DOES wear the Ring of Barahir, and on the other hand: sign for peace, like the sword on the other side too?

705.  During shots of the crowd at the coronation of Aragorn, we can see Mordor on the horizon, except it is no longer stormy and boiling with fire. The sky is fair, blue with puffy white clouds.

706.  The spar or outcrop of rock that makes the Citadel's courtyard at Minas Tirith has three or four sets of regularly-spaced, triangularly-shaped, holes along the top of the rock where no people are gathered.  They look to be areas where water or snowmelt could drain off the surface, but there are also steps leading down into each of those spots, which could mean they're also used for secluded spaces to look out over the city and the lands.

707.  The translation for the song that Aragorn sang at his coronation is "Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world. "

708.  Legolas as the leader of a group of elves at the Council of Elrond, and is the leader of a group of elves at Aragorn's coronation.   We forget he's a prince of the Elves.

709.  There's a parallel between Aragorn and Legolas at Helm's Deep when Aragorn says, "Hannon le" after Leggy gives him the Evenstar, and the coronation, when Aragorn again says to Legolas "Hannon le" and then he sees Arwen.  "Hannon le" incidentally means "Thank you."

710.  The collar of Éomer's shirt is exactly the same as the nice, cleaned up collar that Théoden wore.  Burgundy standup collar with gold and black embroidery.  Apparently a garment for the King, with its heavy goldwork.  A little indicator that he is now King of the Rohirrim.

711.  I'd like to think that the young woman we see twice in Gondor is Lothiriel (sp?), who marries Éomer.  Isn't she standing behind him at the coronation?  Maybe that's where they meet?

712.  ** Legolas is wearing a crown, which indicates that he is a Prince. (In the TTT EE, Gimli calls him a "pointy-eared Elvish Princeling.")

713.  The music in FotR when we first meet Arwen is also heard at the reunion between her and Aragorn at the coronation.

714.  Arwen carries a banner and Aragorn takes it from her at the coronation scene (House of Elrond's banner?).

715.  The banner that Arwen is holding has some jewels sewn into it – just as described in the book.

716.  During the coronation, Osgiliath can be seen in the background... and it's in FAR better shape than what it was earlier, with flags or banners or something flying in the wind.

717.  When Arwen comes out from behind the banner, Elrond kind of pushes her toward Aragorn and says, "go on,' as if he's resigned to the fact that they are meant to be together.

718.  After the coronation, when Aragorn gives Arwen a kiss, he reaches up to caress her face, and his fingernails are still just the tiniest bit dirty. (Still a working king :)

719.  Aragorn was weeping as he kissed Arwen.

720.  At the coronation, Gimli looks up in wonder at the falling petals.

721.  Aragorn asks Arwen something, because she clearly says "yes" even though the ADR just has her giggling.

722.  The waistcoats the hobbits are wearing at Aragorn's coronation are new, and are made from richly brocaded fabrics, even Sam's rather plain-looking one. The pattern on Sam's fabric appears to be an Elven-like tracery of vines and leaves, suitable for the lover of plants that he is.

723.  When everyone bows to the hobbits, notice the look on each hobbit's face.  Pippin looks rather pleased with himself and happy.  Frodo looks properly serious and dignified, yet overwhelmed and a bit confused.  Sam looks rather self-conscious, overwhelmed, shy and teary-eyed.  Merry looks amazed and very moved.

724.  The hobbits are wearing their clothes from the Shire during Aragorn's coronation.  They have their shirts buttoned up all the way (very formal).

725.  After Aragorn's coronation, there's the aerial shot of Minas Tirith where we can see that Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul have similar layouts, whereas the buildings of Minas Morgul are angular and Minas Tirith's are rounded.




726.  When we fly over the map with Frodo's voice over, as Frodo says "eternally bound by friendship and love" (talking about the Fellowship, of course) the camera is over Fangorn Forest - a nice nod to Treebeard and to Legolas and Gimli going there after the War of the Ring!

727.  The shot of the map that bridges the prologue to Bilbo in Bag End, pans from Misty Mountains to Shire/the shot of the map that bridges the last scene of coronation in Minas Tirith looks like the same map only panning from Gondor.

728.  +The shot of a map. It is echoed in RotK, tracing their path from beginning to end.

729.  The same old gaffer that sneers at Gandalf and Frodo as they ride by in the cart in FotR sneers and shakes his head at the Travellers as they pass by.   He would seem to be Everard Proudfoot.   He also appears in the Green Dragon scene.

730.  It seems that there is a hobbit building a new “hobbit hole” in the scene where the hobbits have returned to the Shire on horseback.  It appears in the near background when the hobbits are riding past Mr. Proudfoot.  It is easy to see especially in the scene where Pippin says, “Hello.”

731.  Frodo is the only one with a broad smile on his face as they ride past Mr. Proudfoot.

732.  The hobbits return to the Shire wearing very fine clothing.  In particular Merry wears a richer looking Rohan outfit (rich green cape w/gold trim, deep reds for the rest of the outfit) and Merry is wearing the armour of the Rohirrim.  Pippin wears a richer looking Gondor outfit (similar to the one he wore throughout the film but it looks newer and richer in color), has a high-collared black cloak, trimmed in silver, is red underneath, and has the white tree of Gondor.

733.  +When the four hobbits come back to the Shire, the hobbit that was sweeping his front walk when Gandalf arrived for Bilbo’s party is again sweeping his walk, but this time he is making faces at the four hobbits as they ride by.

734.  The pumpkin-toting hobbit cuts Frodo off as he carries 4 drinks to his friends (as he did in FotR).  The lack of respect seems insulting (imho).

735.  In the "Green Dragon" Pumpkin Man actually says, "Watch the pumpkin!" as he almost collides with Frodo.

736.  The pumpkin man turns and gives the Travellers a disapproving look after Frodo sits down with the drinks.

737.  The Pumpkin guy keeps polishing his pumpkin with a rag as everyone makes a fuss.  A pumpkin is the big news in the Shire.

738.  When the Hobbits are back at the Green Dragon, solemnly sharing their first drink back home, you can see all four hobbits drink- Sam keeps his eyes open while drinking, and it is particularly obvious Merry and Pippin are savoring every taste of the drink.

739.  Pippin's old scarf is draped around his neck at the Dragon.

740.  Frodo, Merry and Pippin all have different looks on their faces (reactions) to Sam approaching Rosie. Pippin raises his eyebrows; Merry looks like it suddenly became hot in the Green Dragon, and Frodo looks pleased like he did when he got Sam to dance with her in FotR.

741.  Pippin is wearing his tartan waistcoat at the Green Dragon as well as Grey Havens.

742.  When the 4 Hobbits are sitting in the pub when they return to the Shire, you can see that Frodo's left index finger is missing.

743.  +The pub scene at the onset of their journey and a pub scene as they are winding down their journey. It is such a similar setting with the same people and yet Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin are so different. Sam even boldly pursues Rosie. Nice juxtaposition.

744.  When the Hobbits are back in the Green Dragon, and Sam goes over to Rosie while the camera stays on Merry and the others, we hear Rosie gasp just before Frodo laughs.

745.  The young lady Pippin smiles at when he catches the bouquet is standing with the Pumpkin Man as he polishes it.  She's also sitting at a front table during Bilbo's party in FotR.

746.  The girl next to Pippin at the wedding gives him a quick look at the Green Dragon in the scene prior.

747.  Sam holds his tankard differently than the other hobbits when they "toast," perhaps a nod to his "working class" roots.  The other 3 grab theirs by the handle, Samwise holds his around the thickest part of the mug.

748.  The keg from which Rosie draws a beer in the Green Dragon scene at the end is labeled "Golden Perch" – same as in Fellowship.

749.  Frodo's wearing more Elvish silks and pale colours as he becomes more ethereal and withdraws from the mortal world.

750.  Sam is the first of the hobbits to make a move to get back his life when he leaves the table to see Rosie.

751.  When Sam takes off for Rosie, Frodo is the only one who laughs heartily at his dear Sam... thoroughly enjoying seeing him go after his dream after sharing his despair when Sam mourned for his Rosie above the lava flow.  Frodo knew how much this moment meant to him... and what he went through to get there.

752.  Frodo wears the same vest at Sam's wedding as he does at the Grey Havens (His best perhaps?)

753.  Rosie's dress at the very end looks somewhat elaborately embroidered on the bodice with flowers. (More elaborate than her clothes in FotR, or previous scenes in RotK.)  Sam's clothing is also finer at the end of RotK than it was before.

754.  Rosie wears the same necklace at the end as she did in the Green Dragon scenes and Bilbo's birthday (a black ribbon with a little silver ornament that looks like a buckle.)

755.  Pippin gets the wedding bouquet at the marriage of Sam and Rosie. And indeed Pippin is the next to be married of the four hobbits.

756.  The young lady next to Pippin tried to catch it, and looked a little annoyed at Pippin for a split second. I think Pippin's smile at her looks a bit apologetic (and yes, I am pretty convinced it is Diamond.)

757.  The hobbit-gent standing right behind Pippin seems to catch on to what's going on right away as he smiles and looks at Pippin and the lass.

758.  Rosie wears her hair loose in all of her scenes. I noticed that many of the Hobbit women wear their hair up, or at least tied back a little bit. Even as a married lady she has not changed her hairstyle.

759.  Frodo's totally tidied up Bag End.  It looks funny uncluttered (cleaning up...getting ready to leave).

760.  Galadriel had said in TT that "In his heart, Frodo begins to understand the quest will claim his life."  While in Bag End, Frodo reflects: " your heart you begin to understand you cannot go back."

761.  As Frodo writes the Red Book in his story, the picture of a golden tree is prominent in the background. Perhaps a symbol or foreshadowing of Valinor.

762.  Frodo walking through Bag End is extremely similar in movement and camera angles to that famous scene in FotR where he's trying to figure out what to do with the Ring.  Maybe it's because in RotK he's trying to figure out what to do with himself?  That shot makes Frodo look very tragic-hero.

763.  As Frodo is sitting in Bag End writing in the Red Book, the camera pans into the room and closes in on him in the same exact fashion and angle as when Bilbo is writing in the book in the FotR EE.  What a wonderful parallel of the two hobbits writing down their adventures.

764.  When Frodo has a look at the Red Book, on the very page before the page with the Shire map, there's a little drawing of Durin's harp from "The Hobbit."  If you freeze the frame, you can even read "Durin's Harp" at its side.

765.  The poem, Galadriel’s song at Grey Havens in elvish – (on white paper in a frame) is on Frodo’s mantle in Bag End [RotK], seen to the left of the framed White Tree.

766.  The last thing Frodo writes in the Red Book of Westmarch is about Sam.

767.  Frodo and Bilbo have slightly different handwriting. Bilbo writes wavily like a spider while Frodo writes straight, without ultra-wavy letters.

768.  Frodo is writing in the book with a black feather quill.

769.  Frodo's calligraphy in the Red Book noticeably different as Bilbo's.  You can really see this when he writes "The Lord of the Rings" below Bilbo's "There and Back Again"

770.  All three book titles are mentioned throughout the films, and finish when Sam reads what Frodo has written in the Red Book of Westmarch… “The Lord of the Rings, by Frodo Baggins.”

771.  When Frodo closes the Red Book, you can see pages of notes underneath.

772.  Sam is returning two books when he visits Frodo at Bag End.

773.  Sam dresses a lot nicer in the Shire than he used to. (Maybe because he was the mayor).  He's is wearing very business-like clothing.

774.  Frodo has become more elven since returning to the Shire.  When he speaks now, his words are more drawn out, like the way Galadriel and Celeborn spoke on the flet to the Fellowship in FotR.  In the book, the elves, and some orcs said he looked elvish and had an elvish aura about him.

775.  At the very bottom of the cover of the Red Book, there are two intertwined "B's" for Bilbo Baggins.  There's also a star-like emblem resembling what Denethor had on his Ring.  Perhaps a symbol of significance to Gondor and the book was a gift for Bilbo from Aragorn.

776.  The sword that's on the wall behind Frodo in the Bag End study looks like Glamdring or Pippin's blade he carries in Minas Tirith, which is mounted and crossed with an Orc sword.  It looks like a breast of Mordor armour is above it.




777.  At the Green Dragon, there's a shift to Frodo as narrator, replacing Galadriel.  His lines are read with an Elvish intonation, drawn out and sonorous.  It's a nice added touch, and draws attention not just to how Frodo has changed, but that as narrator, he is now both telling the story and slipping outside of it.

778.  +When Gandalf rides into the Shire on the wagon at the end, its very similar to his entrance at the beginning of FotR.

779.  When Frodo is riding with Bilbo in the waggon, they both have the same look of exhaustion.

780.  While Frodo rides in the wagon with Bilbo, one of the hobbits at the front of the procession leads his horse.  As they go up a slight hill, the white-horsed hobbit at the back speeds up and takes over the others. I like to think this is Pippin.

781.  Bilbo asks to see the Ring "one last time"...parallel to the dream of Aragorn in which he sees Arwen asking to see him "one last time"...showing once again that her fate is tied to that of the Ring.

782.  Sea gulls are crying when the Company arrives at the Havens.

783.  Sam has brass buttons on his vest coat. 

784.  Frodo wears a full coat at the Grey Havens.  (All the Hobbits look a bit more formally dressed there than at the wedding.)

785.  Sam still wears his elvish brooch clasped the opposite direction of everyone else.

786.  When the hobbits are walking toward the shore at the Grey Havens, Frodo has one hand on Bilbo's arm, but Sam, ever the caretaker, is supporting Bilbo with two hands.

787.  After Bilbo bows at the Grey Havens, Elrond and Celeborn nod their head to him. Galadriel does not, but after he is on the ship, she smiles coyly at the other hobbits.

788.  Gandalf wears the elven Ring Narya openly at the Haven.

789.  Galadriel is wearing a brooch just like those the Fellowship has, except plain silver.

790.  Galadriel is smiling directly at Frodo, as a kind of invitation. Note that the very next shot is Frodo looking back at her. She knows he is planning to board the boat, though the other hobbits do not.

791.  Círdan the shipwright is standing behind Galadriel and Celeborn at the Havens (complete with long grey hair!).

792.  The elven Rings are worn on the left-hand middle finger by Galadriel and Gandalf, but Elrond wears his on his right hand middle finger.

793.  Celeborn wears an elaborate silver collar over his elven robes at the Grey Havens.

794.  Pippin, who had gotten closest to Gandalf, cries the hardest when Gandalf says he must go. I think Frodo would have cried but for the fact that he was going with Gandalf.

795.  Pippin is wearing paisley scarf in the scene at the Grey Havens. Paisley is a pattern that is very much associated with Scotland (although inspired by Indian fabrics), and is named after the town of Paisley, just outside Glasgow -- which is Billy's hometown.

796.  Pippin is wearing a waistcoat of a tartan plaid cloth. Could Ngila have done this just for Billy Boyd's Scottish heritage? Nice touch!

797.  There are neatly coiled ropes on the dock at the Havens.

798.  Celeborn is seen walking towards the boat after Galadriel. During the next shot of the boat, only one person is seen on the deck (Círdan).

799.  As Pippin pulls away from Frodo at the end, he stands at attention, as if he were in the King's honor guard.

800.  When Frodo releases Pippin from their embrace, you can see him sniff, like you do when you're trying to hold back tears, showing Frodo that they'll be alright.

801.  When Frodo is hugging him, Sam opens his eyes and gets a listening look on his face. I believe Frodo is whispering to him something along the lines of, "No further than the Havens right now, Sam, but your time may come. Because you, too, were a Ring-bearer, if only for a little while. The Elves would let you come, too, when the time is right."

802.  Frodo is gently caressing Sam's shoulder.

803.  As Frodo holds each of his friends, he waits for them to pull away first.

804.  Frodo's kiss on Sam's forehead mirrors Galadriel's kiss on his, and Aragorn's for Boromir at his death.  Frodo is now ethereal and blesses Sam the way Galadriel blessed him.

805.  After Frodo enters the ship and turns to his friends, his eyes lose their redness and his pale cheeks flush with the life he had at Bilbo's party.  Our Frodo is back, without the shadows and pain.

806.  It is essential that we see Frodo choose life so that when he sails from the Havens we know that is only with Eru's blessing that he relinquishes life on Middle-earth. I do think it is important to make his decision to sail clearly different to a impulse to suicide and that moment when he reaches for Sam's hand establishes that beyond all doubt.

807.  Merry puts his arms around Pippin’s shoulders as they view Frodo’s goodbye smile. They still have each other.  Sam stands alone holding the book of Frodo's (and Bilbo's) thoughts and treasures.  "There's room for a little more."

808.  The moment of Frodo smiling at the end before the ship departs is so very telling: Finally he is coming to peace; reassuring to his friends; he will be alright; he will miss them.

809.  When Frodo turns and looks back at his friends… smiling… his eyes ever so slightly lighten then return to normal.  His elven gift of grace alights.

810.  You can *just* make out the three silhouettes (and shadows) of the other hobbits watching it sail away. Merry & Pippin are supporting each other, while Sam is standing all on his own.

811.  The ship they sail away with resembles a swan (head and neck front), like Galadriel's boat on her farewell and Gandalf's smoke ship in FotR (with Bilbo).  The sails (or lack of them) are the only difference.

812.  There's a little 3 sign on the mailbox along the fence of Sam's house in Hobbiton.

813.  Both Two Towers and Return of the King have reflections of (or talk about) being part of a story near the end of the films.

814.  We know it’s Sam’s home when he returns from the Grey Havens because there’s a yellow door behind him (his bachelor pad!) which we see in FotR Shire scenes when he lifts the potted plant of flowers.

815.  Sam’s #3 front yard is full of plants and potted seedlings as befits master gardener.  The flowers around Sam's hobbit hole are those described in "A Long-Expected Party" as being in the garden at Bag End--nasturtiums, sunflowers, snapdragons.

816.  During Frodo's voiceover at the very end, when Samwise is coming home and greeting his children, you can see him calling his boy "Frodo".  (He mouths the words "baby brother" when he's holding Elanor and "Frodo" as he reaches his hand towards him.) I think it's nice that PJ included this bit of detail from the book that Sam named his firstborn son Frodo, and that Elijah closed the story for us.

817.  In the very last scene, as Sam walks down Bagshot Row to #3, you can see the Green Dragon beyond the hill in the distance.

818.  Sam and Rosie kiss in greeting when he comes back from the Grey Havens.

819.  Sam and Rosie's doorway has vines (etc.) engraved around the doorway (to signify a gardener lives there?)

820.  The look on Sam's face after he picks up his daughter...the look of determination...He is no longer the unconfident and scared looking Sam we saw in FotR.  His last sigh of relief/sadness but also with happiness and hope for the future. And the he closes the door, like us closing a book to a great story...I love it.

821.  The ending - ultimate geeky moment of them all: "Well I'm back." Exactly same last lines as in the book.

822.  Return of the King simply finishes with the words, "The End."   Poignant, and sad.  The first two movies do not have "The End."   They just say "Directed by Peter Jackson" and the rest of the credits.  This is the only time "The End" appears.




823.  The Alan Lee drawings behind the first sets of credits have:
        The One Ring and a lounging hobbit behind the credit for Peter Jackson as director
        A bound book behind the three script writers' names
        Some tall men (of the West?) behind the first producers' names (Barrie Osborne, I think)
        Two trolls (!!) behind a group of executive producers names (including Mark Ordesky)
        Several orcs and the Minas Morgul bridge gargoyles behind a second grouping of executive producers

824.  The credits show someone else was lost: "In memory of our dear friend Cameron Duncan."

825.  At the end of the credits, listened to the very end of the score.  Howard Shore pays obvious (to any opera fan) tribute to Richard Wagner at the close of his own great opera: the end of the score sounds exactly like the end (and so also beginning) of the Ring of the Nibelungen, under that wonderful pencil sketch of the Ring.

826.  In the closing credits, they gave credit to the Hammerhands.  Ol' Helm would be proud!

827.  Saruman is in the credit sketches! near the end of all of them, in the part where the scenery sketches turn from actors/actor groups to scenery images from ALL three films in approximately REVERSE order there is Saruman holding the palantir followed by a head sketch on the left and the interior of Orthanc on the right.

828.  **Saruman (Christopher Lee) and Gríma Wormtongue's (Brad Dourif) sketches have been added to the credits.

829.  One of the last sketches in the credits is possibly of Elijah's sister Hannah; watch just before the very end in the lower left-hand of the screen.

830.  The Ring is the first sketch you see in the credits.  It’s also the very last sketch after all the credits, on the very last frame.